Propinquity output documentation. The top-level docs are here.

The labelled_supertree directory holds the final solution trees, generated by reattaching the parts of the taxonomy which were not covered by any input tree (from ../cleaned_ott/index.html) to the grafted solution (see ../grafted_solution/index.html).

Next step: Annotate the tree; see ../annotated_supertree/index.html


The input grafted solution had 55226 leaves and 50367 forking nodes (and 0 monotypic nodes).

The input cleaned taxonomy had 2637204 leaves and 133566 forking nodes (and 80555 monotypic nodes).

2581978 leaves were added to create the solution. 3280 taxa were rejected.

The files of interest in this directory are (for large files, the link will download the file):

Non-monophyletic taxa: There are 3280 taxa from the Open Tree Taxonomy that are not monophyletic in the synthetic tree.

taxon IDnamerankMRCA# attachment points
ott723364 Lobophytum genus mrcaott11324ott11325 5
ott673585 Discosea class ott1064655 8
ott1070055 Eucerini tribe mrcaott48705ott779500 2
ott604383 Lycodinae subfamily mrcaott7522ott7532 3
ott185032 Phedimus genus mrcaott59859ott656488 4
ott846675 Desulfuromonadales order mrcaott50ott89 4
ott79400 Pseudoceratinidae family mrcaott145753ott314620 2
ott978709 Smilacaceae family mrcaott12986ott81064 3
ott913162 Gesneriaceae family mrcaott6282ott106793 2
ott1034679 Miomantini tribe mrcaott12253ott25250 2
ott815351 Orthopteroidea infraclass mrcaott791ott3873 2
ott1033801 Helicobacteraceae family mrcaott8800ott197303 4
ott62326 Calumma genus mrcaott4812ott32708 4
ott1041459 Eremobates genus mrcaott68954ott1041467 9
ott902783 Saccolaimus genus mrcaott75194ott468429 2
ott403729 Isosicyonis genus mrcaott403730ott3674360 2
ott336988 Clionaidae family mrcaott8829ott8831 3
ott336987 Cliona genus mrcaott8829ott8831 3
ott506408 Elateridae family mrcaott1653ott3038 4
ott336985 Tetillidae family ott5653643 4
ott336984 Cinachyrella genus mrcaott53258ott304833 4
ott67328 Thoracobombus subgenus mrcaott62412ott62416 2
ott264576 Aulopoidei suborder ott19307 3
ott1023962 Leucobryaceae family mrcaott14541ott124912 2
ott711178 Teline genus mrcaott33303ott71864 5
ott5246819 Discicristata no rank mrcaott276ott3357 2
ott473073 Rosoideae unplaced no rank ott731147 2
ott755535 Maytenus genus mrcaott25563ott38718 3
ott968126 Geometroidea superfamily mrcaott100ott65853 2
ott5246810 Protalveolata infraphylum mrcaott4510ott25130 2
ott139533 Methylobacteriaceae family mrcaott137ott140 2
ott469315 Hololepis subgenus mrcaott138316ott322408 3
ott1092577 Streptococcus dysgalactiae group species group mrcaott93393ott311764 2
ott347471 Pseudanthessiidae family mrcaott92628ott102494 2
ott559554 Pangieae tribe ott728327 3
ott978381 Myxidium genus mrcaott7706ott12382 6
ott269252 Amblyoponinae subfamily mrcaott97755ott149123 2
ott269254 Ectatommini tribe ott327970 2
ott490721 Spionida order ott155737 6
ott883517 Rhynchostegium genus mrcaott3217ott11313 3
ott558025 Calliactis genus mrcaott283822ott283825 2
ott687467 Saara genus mrcaott543343ott887472 2
ott940946 Megaloptidia genus mrcaott64950ott156066 2
ott599972 Brahmaeidae family mrcaott181789ott274472 2
ott682351 Parmotrema genus mrcaott8336ott52864 4
ott327971 Ponerini tribe mrcaott17752ott32553 2
ott5741519 Phyllanthoideae subfamily mrcaott3949ott61507 2
ott67325 Brosmophycinae subfamily mrcaott61951ott80330 3
ott184528 Tephritoidea superfamily mrcaott4859ott8704 3
ott184529 Hippoboscoidea superfamily ott758893 2
ott184526 Sciomyzoidea superfamily mrcaott4859ott8704 5
ott184527 Sphaeroceroidea superfamily ott133926 6
ott165617 Amazona ochrocephala species mrcaott165615ott165621 3
ott424061 Enterobacter genus mrcaott616ott1758 6
ott184521 Muscoidea superfamily mrcaott633ott48508 2
ott504361 Bostrichoidea superfamily mrcaott387ott405 3
ott939374 Kentrogonida order ott363885 5
ott325814 Enhydris genus ott1030676 4
ott325817 Lamprophis genus mrcaott48465ott286983 2
ott6058 Neocalanus genus mrcaott6062ott17168 3
ott325812 Chironius genus mrcaott10062ott31051 3
ott4716361 Preactiidae family mrcaott58282ott842104 2
ott17704 Asparagaceae family mrcaott3355ott3515 3
ott283789 Cirripectes genus mrcaott155044ott214684 2
ott451819 Poecilostomatoida order ott754178 8
ott292507 Myrmicinae subfamily mrcaott1682ott17752 9
ott818041 Mantini tribe mrcaott38907ott152389 4
ott335226 Conirostrum genus mrcaott90855ott621194 2
ott812294 testacea group species group mrcaott26987ott126938 2
ott291859 Amazilia genus mrcaott5481ott27874 7
ott176465 Picathartidae family mrcaott193904ott699623 2
ott983584 Chrysaora genus ott983585 3
ott5756415 Stomatolepadinae subfamily mrcaott206723ott845540 2
ott5756414 Cylindrolepadinae subfamily mrcaott206723ott499772 2
ott788005 Dipsas genus mrcaott59102ott59105 4
ott810417 Duboisia genus mrcaott434595ott810423 2
ott509328 Crassula genus ott509332 2
ott215717 Schismus genus mrcaott52286ott52288 2
ott1024428 Conopea genus mrcaott43613ott404546 4
ott1024429 Archaeobalanidae family ott580066 5
ott422678 Didymium genus ott1064655 8
ott793158 Thamnaconus genus mrcaott149948ott149951 2
ott196503 Hugonia genus mrcaott48292ott48300 2
ott618300 Heptapteridae family ott5548749 6
ott1023340 Oligonicella genus mrcaott152386ott190375 3
ott239839 Cyprinoidea superfamily ott1005931 9
ott323044 Anthicidae family mrcaott387ott3369 3
ott421812 Pentameris sect. Pentameris species group mrcaott255513ott526124 2
ott174827 Brucella abortus species mrcaott8443ott66329 2
ott263867 Rhizobium genus mrcaott89ott384 3
ott156580 Villadia genus mrcaott41288ott41290 2
ott51353 Phasianinae subfamily mrcaott4765ott49319 7
ott352823 Fridericia genus mrcaott117853ott420411 3
ott194286 Lithobates subgenus mrcaott14688ott514662 4
ott892425 Hemidoras genus mrcaott317866ott892422 2
ott251471 Lagenorhynchus genus mrcaott111103ott825969 4
ott314226 Lyonetiidae family mrcaott6619ott10889 3
ott237830 Kernia genus ott464774 3
ott753972 Cephalorhynchus genus mrcaott111103ott701489 2
ott567251 Ammodramus genus mrcaott5616ott6023 4
ott121333 Pristipomoides genus mrcaott121328ott124358 2
ott88376 Tadorna genus mrcaott30847ott166697 2
ott965161 Cheilodipterus genus mrcaott102059ott169691 4
ott63478 Crocus kotschyanus species mrcaott63480ott63484 3
ott980908 Bacteroides xylanisolvens species mrcaott132893ott321604 2
ott543630 Mycoplasmatales order mrcaott3599ott7030 2
ott1099017 Ophiostoma genus mrcaott992ott1737 11
ott1059386 Colydiinae subfamily mrcaott4971ott17392 2
ott977098 Velatida order ott451009 4
ott472037 Formicariidae family mrcaott3212ott27869 5
ott443267 Certhiidae family mrcaott246ott1488 4
ott930693 Rhizamoeba genus ott739234 3
ott964352 Agoninae subfamily mrcaott143730ott200662 3
ott258102 Deferribacterales order mrcaott50ott1100 3
ott90757 Veillonellaceae family ott272720 3
ott303299 Apogonichthyoides genus mrcaott38846ott70572 4
ott333107 Leucosceptrum genus mrcaott284543ott333118 2
ott814881 Batomys genus mrcaott631025ott931919 2
ott308942 Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus subspecies mrcaott3204ott3205 10
ott303356 Anthosactis genus mrcaott7012ott214124 3
ott199517 Strabomantinae subfamily mrcaott2199ott175682 4
ott364571 Phyllomedusa genus mrcaott15631ott42992 2
ott5442265 Botrypus genus mrcaott33066ott113198 2
ott348162 Stichaeidae family mrcaott7510ott9658 2
ott967304 Gruiformes order mrcaott246ott5021 7
ott5442262 Sceptridium genus mrcaott113196ott189665 2
ott813038 Rousettus genus mrcaott15293ott20425 2
ott332969 Zygaenidae family mrcaott15471ott81393 2
ott112946 Charadrius genus ott313123 4
ott108832 Phaeomegacerotoideae subfamily ott133086 2
ott497960 Rhinantheae tribe mrcaott1016ott25224 6
ott756417 Templetonia genus mrcaott46797ott46798 3
ott635474 Lysimachia genus mrcaott10680ott55194 3
ott526902 Lecointea genus mrcaott128144ott526901 2
ott867725 Xyloryctidae family mrcaott35093ott146593 3
ott662724 Ancorinidae family ott169343 4
ott191524 Physalacria genus mrcaott191525ott215509 2
ott628457 Bunopus genus mrcaott628454ott955873 2
ott5755389 Chirostyloidea superfamily mrcaott12778ott37561 4
ott711170 Metilia genus ott501106 3
ott493328 Ophiocolea genus mrcaott493326ott522593 2
ott358083 Heterotremata subsection ott358080 5
ott634876 Nebela genus mrcaott135696ott148251 4
ott2111 Gorgonocephalidae family ott368802 2
ott634875 Hyalosphenia genus mrcaott346718ott514194 2
ott634872 Hyalospheniidae family mrcaott61627ott113246 4
ott767768 Paratrigona genus mrcaott29840ott551041 2
ott939421 Cystobacteraceae family mrcaott18030ott60668 2
ott342715 Myotis lucifugus species mrcaott307132ott864246 2
ott420997 Calcarius genus mrcaott420995ott948132 2
ott335513 Alopiinae subfamily mrcaott73662ott73666 2
ott335512 Galeoidea superorder mrcaott17080ott73662 14
ott777153 Auchenipterinae subfamily ott609235 4
ott226442 Coursetia caribaea species mrcaott60761ott114489 5
ott935899 Calobota genus mrcaott83372ott257460 3
ott195711 Ditrichaceae family mrcaott1769ott87462 9
ott195710 Dicranaceae family mrcaott1769ott86147 7
ott232404 Trogossitinae subfamily ott765498 3
ott65143 Chriolepis genus mrcaott65158ott3637436 2
ott828681 Sepsidae family mrcaott4859ott8704 3
ott1074259 Lepidopodinae subfamily mrcaott34827ott109918 2
ott893836 Ophiomyxina suborder ott197637 2
ott763848 Penares genus mrcaott164227ott763845 3
ott764826 Peromyscus genus mrcaott18770ott76407 6
ott187371 Tyrannidae family mrcaott3212ott26175 7
ott648245 Moorea bouillonii species mrcaott63436ott116606 4
ott848130 Hydropisphaera genus mrcaott48ott4399 4
ott675118 Papilionoidea superfamily mrcaott146ott6210 2
ott545827 Primula genus mrcaott10687ott21908 4
ott211907 Petrolisthes genus ott211908 5
ott417179 Aspicarpa genus mrcaott24891ott36020 4
ott898705 Fideliinae subfamily ott135469 2
ott536059 Salacia genus mrcaott75686ott156380 3
ott897067 Drepanoidea superfamily mrcaott100ott15746 2
ott658904 Anthothelidae family mrcaott3689ott3692 5
ott658905 Scleraxonia suborder mrcaott3689ott3692 9
ott751445 Apogoninae subfamily ott823203 8
ott658902 Holaxonia suborder ott507945 6
ott675117 Pyraloidea superfamily mrcaott100ott146 2
ott209219 Micromeria genus mrcaott4689ott19091 3
ott1059615 Hyaloscyphaceae family ott51652 5
ott987614 Draba genus mrcaott378ott4073 4
ott407981 Heliconius erato species mrcaott184964ott366825 2
ott112090 Lactobacillus iners species mrcaott116311ott792482 3
ott630990 Sciurinae subfamily mrcaott43432ott125718 2
ott410725 Oenanthe lugubris species mrcaott931169ott5266900 2
ott92635 Lichomolgus genus mrcaott92623ott92625 2
ott1087602 Dasychalina genus mrcaott9622ott56952 4
ott386111 Ceratophrys genus ott777188 2
ott5787640 Aethroidea superfamily mrcaott89927ott389941 2
ott417717 Chaerephon genus mrcaott435174ott482055 4
ott1087131 Hypnales order mrcaott3217ott119318 19
ott55853 Brachyceridae family mrcaott401ott199885 2
ott997632 Aequoreidae family mrcaott442ott425701 4
ott697185 Liturgusinae subfamily mrcaott12249ott15196 5
ott172209 Coronella genus mrcaott331713ott1020856 2
ott158309 Rhizobiaceae family mrcaott89ott4091 4
ott630358 Coprococcus genus mrcaott3848ott68255 4
ott722754 Paralichthyidae family mrcaott497ott14276 5
ott863006 obscura subgroup species subgroup ott863004 2
ott587224 Gerrhonotus genus mrcaott314604ott479795 2
ott1097649 Dianthidium genus mrcaott418078ott1096736 2
ott314004 Psammocinia genus mrcaott96529ott114800 3
ott46679 Lepidogrammitis genus mrcaott46683ott681481 3
ott28278 Anisolabidoidea superfamily mrcaott12588ott106878 3
ott987728 Eutima genus mrcaott117176ott229364 2
ott342253 Aliciidae family mrcaott7012ott42913 2
ott241778 Phacus genus ott5257402 3
ott237354 Scorpaenidae family mrcaott9589ott62791 4
ott651335 Scenedesmaceae family mrcaott185ott599 4
ott838933 Phrygilus genus mrcaott4088ott9377 6
ott123083 Phloeodictyidae family mrcaott90326ott90341 5
ott123086 Oceanapia genus mrcaott90326ott90341 3
ott987726 Conopora genus mrcaott96491ott350444 2
ott430108 Selenomonas genus mrcaott47335ott60000 3
ott217363 Amorphoscelis genus mrcaott20109ott547376 2
ott752292 Porphyromonadaceae family mrcaott13148ott24305 4
ott1119 Amazona oratrix species mrcaott400198ott550597 2
ott1118 Amazona auropalliata species mrcaott400198ott550597 2
ott822744 Gammaproteobacteria class ott844192 26
ott521835 Eupodotis genus ott966318 2
ott359066 Sisymbrium genus ott86304 2
ott553100 Carcharhiniformes order mrcaott17080ott19944 12
ott1007865 Acentrogobius genus mrcaott23324ott23334 3
ott55618 Hypostomus genus mrcaott22071ott50101 2
ott353573 Spirochaeta genus mrcaott1878ott3482 2
ott851023 Charmosyna genus mrcaott58941ott749199 2
ott5602008 Verongimorpha subclass mrcaott11579ott19326 4
ott824335 Hippospongia genus mrcaott502630ott689049 3
ott983578 Semaeostomeae order ott5287560 2
ott243733 Stachyris genus mrcaott3358ott19370 6
ott380565 Sibynomorphus genus mrcaott380562ott380563 3
ott25008 Hadropterus subgenus mrcaott177443ott751793 3
ott782819 Laomedea genus mrcaott33385ott57797 3
ott1042316 Cereus genus mrcaott7012ott519644 3
ott699229 Rhabditinae subfamily mrcaott10063ott14290 2
ott6860 Arthronema genus ott225495 3
ott571117 Nanomantinae subfamily mrcaott20113ott659236 2
ott704052 Limnothrix redekei species ott225495 5
ott141361 Ormocarpum genus mrcaott42457ott42459 2
ott571118 Iridopterygidae family mrcaott12249ott12253 7
ott901000 Myxilla genus mrcaott16797ott16803 5
ott843908 Metacordyceps genus mrcaott48ott134518 3
ott843906 Ophiocordyceps genus ott184550 7
ott413454 Carabidae family ott829184 2
ott390152 Cochlearia genus ott309271 3
ott5147106 Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia subgenus mrcaott345ott8051 9
ott594479 Enterococcus genus mrcaott1125ott2267 5
ott287233 Drosophila sulfurigaster species ott237805 2
ott430362 Anthophora genus mrcaott470ott37226 3
ott324575 Alcaligenaceae family mrcaott89ott90 5
ott748486 Oxypilinae subfamily mrcaott20107ott68640 2
ott748485 Acromantinae subfamily mrcaott12249ott12253 10
ott360767 Auliscomys genus mrcaott91085ott150621 2
ott394011 Funambulini tribe mrcaott10477ott97818 2
ott1040647 Browallia genus ott13853 2
ott33137 Chlidanotinae subfamily ott116636 2
ott5246821 Longamoebia order ott1064655 4
ott5246822 Flabellinia subclass ott1064655 5
ott5800417 Hynobius subgenus Hynobius subgenus mrcaott108672ott133980 2
ott929195 Rhabdocaulon genus mrcaott105003ott203960 3
ott643103 Alexandrium genus mrcaott8394ott61975 2
ott417950 Pan troglodytes species ott417957 2
ott5455840 Blechnopsis genus mrcaott12478ott5149094 2
ott795206 Dryopteris glabra species mrcaott341516ott947163 2
ott75173 Peropteryx genus mrcaott75160ott75171 2
ott635867 Xenorhina genus mrcaott27653ott27655 3
ott35692 Desulfohalobiaceae family ott35706 2
ott185020 Orostachys genus mrcaott56181ott56183 3
ott466490 Terebellida order mrcaott24ott2010 3
ott509085 Meessiinae subfamily ott596629 3
ott658344 Micronycteris genus mrcaott9379ott201782 2
ott212024 Narcomedusae order mrcaott431ott7706 3
ott15229 Euphylliidae family mrcaott150ott15231 4
ott668404 Bubaridae family ott588758 7
ott212022 Trachymedusae order mrcaott431ott117362 4
ott216745 Actinostrobus genus mrcaott32699ott32701 2
ott946090 Rondeletieae tribe mrcaott2192ott4081 3
ott571642 Rickettsiales order mrcaott89ott277 3
ott708552 Colocasieae tribe mrcaott19094ott311813 3
ott5852568 Thraupinae subfamily mrcaott4088ott9377 7
ott905438 Sertulariidae family mrcaott6501ott255685 7
ott34907 Drosophila genus ott396616 11
ott947328 Vespoidea superfamily ott206138 3
ott621719 Vireoninae subfamily mrcaott27870ott27872 3
ott94666 Olethreutini tribe mrcaott14111ott20832 3
ott565277 malvids no rank ott5316182 2
ott5248084 Erysipelotrichaceae no rank mrcaott4061ott167751 2
ott6019054 Brocchinioideae subfamily ott627035 2
ott176458 Passeroidea superfamily mrcaott246ott4820 56
ott331731 Ginglymostomatidae family mrcaott17080ott24097 3
ott215722 Pseudopentameris genus mrcaott655ott52290 2
ott489748 Endocoelantheae suborder mrcaott119905ott135925 2
ott509334 Pachyphytum genus mrcaott41285ott185022 2
ott634420 Bacilli class mrcaott47ott53 23
ott509336 Sedum genus mrcaott4115ott120798 14
ott126543 Gonyaulacales order mrcaott5244ott8394 6
ott489215 Cebidae family mrcaott2025ott93900 2
ott5308467 Ptisana genus mrcaott7854ott934205 2
ott473448 Echeveria genus mrcaott41285ott497455 8
ott214986 Tricholaema genus mrcaott153261ott214989 2
ott717862 Schizopetaleae tribe mrcaott25486ott56298 2
ott215452 Leiodidae family mrcaott405ott22731 3
ott485515 Thorectidae family mrcaott11576ott11579 18
ott761488 Fervidobombus subgenus mrcaott61355ott62418 7
ott73241 Huia genus mrcaott14406ott585763 3
ott216633 Phytolaccaceae family mrcaott34160ott121323 3
ott343048 Stenomatinae subfamily mrcaott3234ott4942 3
ott792363 Caesalpinieae tribe mrcaott2644ott39651 14
ott234336 Squatiniformes superorder ott78477 2
ott244258 Alcyonacea order ott507945 15
ott234484 Chrysauginae subfamily mrcaott37919ott58262 2
ott271578 Rattus genus mrcaott8118ott106786 3
ott204667 Scorpaenodes genus mrcaott62791ott204668 2
ott813550 Protoperidinium genus mrcaott45527ott205099 3
ott5756312 Thalestrinae subfamily ott604252 3
ott173067 Atherurus genus mrcaott173065ott220326 2
ott5232950 Stevenieae tribe mrcaott19815ott46881 4
ott563230 Kyphosidae family ott5554915 2
ott486681 Gyrinomimus genus mrcaott349351ott353814 2
ott1086553 Otus genus mrcaott2907ott17176 6
ott940181 Myobatrachidae family mrcaott7464ott21502 3
ott925638 Galearctus genus mrcaott67715ott94637 3
ott666118 Thaumatomonas genus mrcaott24865ott122812 2
ott862941 Ancistrinae subfamily mrcaott22071ott73902 4
ott133916 Muscomorpha infraorder ott555807 4
ott1026107 Mycale genus mrcaott16787ott16789 4
ott104186 Anthophorinae subfamily mrcaott470ott37226 6
ott910675 Pyraustinae subfamily ott271925 3
ott157574 Latrunculiidae family mrcaott16787ott71332 4
ott56478 Trichostrongylinae subfamily ott516800 4
ott586290 Pseudopentaceros genus mrcaott120435ott240484 2
ott157573 Negombata genus mrcaott157570ott763488 2
ott626091 Pterophoroidea superfamily mrcaott146ott10883 3
ott648313 Microcoleus vaginatus species mrcaott46619ott70660 3
ott626097 Calliduloidea superfamily mrcaott43864ott118668 2
ott1008047 Mycetophilidae family mrcaott6301ott18813 2
ott174965 Pseudoeurycea genus mrcaott14842ott14851 2
ott938413 Columbidae family ott363030 6
ott1084485 Hexacorallia subclass mrcaott150ott8420 2
ott597633 Bredemeyera genus mrcaott19264ott128496 3
ott1050551 Psychidae family mrcaott100ott29260 3
ott950041 Phorbas genus mrcaott53792ott74158 5
ott925567 Pontederia genus ott399488 3
ott707995 Zopherinae subfamily mrcaott4971ott126377 4
ott875562 Acacieae tribe mrcaott2644ott9304 17
ott695641 Madascincus genus mrcaott101331ott410692 3
ott409117 Acanthizidae family mrcaott246ott5929 6
ott838112 Caryophylliidae family mrcaott150ott15231 17
ott740045 Alsophis genus mrcaott4565ott374833 3
ott275659 Cisticolidae family mrcaott1488ott5805 6
ott203000 Semiliquidambar genus mrcaott51524ott202999 2
ott437766 Nucras genus mrcaott20283ott257069 3
ott110825 Siboglinum genus mrcaott45097ott110824 2
ott789468 Cerinomyces genus mrcaott357ott37080 3
ott478988 Hemionitis genus mrcaott5086ott260542 3
ott142221 Hansenia genus mrcaott31282ott37965 2
ott873212 Acrophorus genus mrcaott293155ott708027 2
ott127239 Molossops genus mrcaott130215ott633522 2
ott362824 Uromastyx genus ott639699 2
ott157409 Isididae family mrcaott3692ott87416 7
ott810820 Sphingomonadaceae family ott800600 2
ott97690 Ilyonectria genus mrcaott48ott67231 3
ott810826 Rhodospirillaceae family mrcaott143ott5364 3
ott5755394 Podotremata section ott935379 2
ott355345 Pteroglossus azara species mrcaott263560ott355349 2
ott821363 Dicranales order mrcaott1769ott86147 9
ott711763 Altingia genus mrcaott51521ott51524 3
ott170794 Eurydactylodes genus mrcaott170789ott170795 2
ott274231 Luscinia genus mrcaott1566ott20498 2
ott618937 Bambusa genus ott5759308 2
ott362465 Bairdiella genus mrcaott761907ott771147 2
ott271598 Praomys genus mrcaott23039ott42170 2
ott121278 Thlaspideae tribe mrcaott4679ott4691 4
ott504156 Forficuloidea superfamily mrcaott12588ott106878 5
ott790991 Dyscophinae subfamily mrcaott43274ott155669 2
ott25 Cytophagaceae family ott427259 4
ott897901 Boinae subfamily mrcaott58974ott340768 2
ott154832 Loktanella genus mrcaott721ott17837 4
ott730453 Melophorini tribe mrcaott150180ott446162 2
ott867724 Xyloryctinae subfamily mrcaott35093ott146593 3
ott486825 Microcoleus genus mrcaott594ott3166 7
ott857207 Yersinia pestis species mrcaott44421ott67972 3
ott338562 Vogtia genus ott934504 2
ott664817 Plutellidae family mrcaott100ott6619 6
ott578357 Hierophis genus mrcaott147456ott670171 2
ott765499 Scirtoidea superfamily mrcaott25898ott25905 2
ott827685 Adenogramma genus mrcaott124978ott124980 2
ott712325 Megalopta genus mrcaott156066ott156070 2
ott195706 Mniaceae family mrcaott5529ott14539 3
ott195707 Bryales order mrcaott1066ott1769 5
ott770100 Lithurgus genus ott770104 2
ott1090531 Staphylococcus epidermidis species mrcaott109201ott109202 3
ott141625 Hierodulella genus mrcaott109026ott141613 2
ott765495 Cucujoidea superfamily ott684692 13
ott6372457 Kishinouyea genus mrcaott3680339ott3680342 3
ott765496 Tenebrionoidea superfamily mrcaott387ott3369 10
ott449186 Ophryotrocha genus mrcaott143298ott206025 3
ott584136 Schlumbergera genus ott801077 2
ott764839 Meriones genus mrcaott79088ott89262 2
ott65133 Mithracidae family ott358080 4
ott297931 Harposporium genus mrcaott6669ott247530 2
ott656489 Rosularia genus mrcaott134389ott134396 3
ott764837 Gerbillinae subfamily ott816256 5
ott277617 Crypthelia genus mrcaott96491ott96493 3
ott816832 Rhizosmilia genus mrcaott15231ott93236 3
ott1090844 Pseudobalistes genus ott36225 3
ott436741 Goniophlebium genus mrcaott46687ott75629 4
ott436744 Polypodiodes genus mrcaott75629ott75646 4
ott1070004 Mycoplasmataceae family mrcaott3599ott7030 2
ott1019052 Pandorea genus mrcaott167661ott1019054 3
ott757914 Leptolyngbya genus mrcaott355ott1337 16
ott365545 Enteromonadidae family mrcaott23962ott75503 2
ott50834 Coxiella genus mrcaott719ott729 2
ott5543317 Nomioidinae subfamily mrcaott156079ott473381 2
ott50839 Anaplasma marginale species mrcaott337567ott366811 2
ott566400 Halopteris genus mrcaott6503ott145052 2
ott566403 Plumularia genus ott566406 3
ott154946 Triplonchida order mrcaott10154ott13059 2
ott509845 Asio genus mrcaott526158ott595225 2
ott727914 Gnathophyllidae family mrcaott47834ott939923 2
ott909557 Squatinidae family ott78477 2
ott273190 Amphiglossus genus mrcaott69659ott135745 2
ott1026498 Triakidae family mrcaott19944ott748408 3
ott889058 Sepedonium genus mrcaott48ott4399 3
ott43431 Hylopetes genus mrcaott43432ott348556 4
ott90733 Emoia genus mrcaott21770ott58965 4
ott186830 Boidae family mrcaott58974ott340768 2
ott716784 Heleococcum genus ott184550 2
ott117583 Euhesma genus ott949497 3
ott142402 Sacculina genus mrcaott47716ott251974 3
ott645012 Heptapterus genus mrcaott129838ott205351 2
ott981297 Amphimedon genus mrcaott9622ott56952 3
ott189766 Menidia genus mrcaott189767ott226659 2
ott790143 Fossombronia genus mrcaott126784ott251829 2
ott890366 Diapriidae family mrcaott13583ott922550 2
ott765133 Chromulinales order mrcaott6033ott15572 5
ott5919904 Gomphrenoideae subfamily mrcaott122020ott151506 4
ott891182 Pentameris airoides species mrcaott52296ott358122 2
ott211356 Microgale genus mrcaott82081ott153398 2
ott155128 Enterosora genus mrcaott9782ott123694 4
ott978496 Gobionellus genus mrcaott273382ott427197 2
ott1001033 Coreopsis genus ott57535 2
ott393345 Valeriana genus mrcaott5222ott135852 3
ott487759 Halictus genus mrcaott6354ott188795 2
ott974191 Languriidae family mrcaott14504ott14506 3
ott5247946 FamilyI no rank ott225495 17
ott5247947 FamilyII no rank mrcaott355ott1337 6
ott510893 Gracillariinae subfamily ott741184 2
ott697193 Caliridinae subfamily mrcaott12249ott12253 2
ott117565 Enoplia subclass ott395057 4
ott877862 Costus guanaiensis species mrcaott303113ott303115 3
ott131998 Ficedula genus mrcaott22300ott284708 3
ott336856 Brachynomada genus ott217333 2
ott595605 Jamesonia genus mrcaott74304ott74305 6
ott131990 Muscicapidae family mrcaott246ott1488 15
ott545454 Perdita genus ott545455 2
ott45940 Blepharidattini tribe mrcaott157602ott414370 2
ott148585 Othinosmia genus mrcaott24559ott723527 3
ott639304 Thalestridae family ott604252 3
ott219787 Hieroxestinae subfamily mrcaott54997ott163491 3
ott886453 Platypezidae family mrcaott997ott377813 2
ott103935 Higginsia genus ott588758 3
ott168724 Garveia genus mrcaott45501ott168723 3
ott494974 Eumida genus mrcaott258820ott329405 2
ott1076894 Psoralea genus ott563859 2
ott890101 Suksdorfia genus mrcaott338856ott365315 3
ott313124 Charadriiformes order mrcaott5272ott57823 3
ott188569 Ballota genus mrcaott107009ott188567 2
ott61620 Heleoperidae family mrcaott50794ott61625 2
ott189905 Separatobombus subgenus mrcaott189902ott240573 2
ott445868 Parulidae family mrcaott4088ott5616 10
ott761494 Pionopsitta genus mrcaott165400ott238140 3
ott445866 Thraupidae family mrcaott4088ott5616 37
ott25013 Ericosoma subgenus mrcaott104319ott137378 3
ott25011 Imostoma subgenus mrcaott177439ott177455 2
ott379311 Fasciospongia genus mrcaott38423ott50486 3
ott175438 Umbridae family ott216172 2
ott1034656 Buteogallus genus mrcaott33798ott326513 3
ott508438 Hemiergis genus mrcaott387302ott508432 2
ott61621 Heleopera genus mrcaott50794ott61625 2
ott736267 Nostoc carneum species mrcaott31540ott89736 3
ott819379 Frieseomelitta genus mrcaott400601ott819387 2
ott1051607 Myodes genus mrcaott42889ott42900 3
ott1043319 Steiropteris genus mrcaott33266ott567409 4
ott1038312 Listeria monocytogenes species mrcaott6297ott10816 5
ott658613 Epiactis genus ott1084481 6
ott282090 Propionibacteriales order mrcaott73ott8022 2
ott754133 Sterigmostemum genus mrcaott124062ott577358 2
ott738878 Dictyonellidae family mrcaott118188ott145573 7
ott76861 Caridina genus mrcaott11825ott11829 8
ott143664 Scolecida subclass ott155737 11
ott143667 Palpata subclass ott155737 10
ott5246833 Filasterea class mrcaott3436ott375259 2
ott913617 Paramuricea genus mrcaott3695ott6561 2
ott800404 Thermotogaceae family ott374163 2
ott6073238 Hebe species group mrcaott15060ott15067 4
ott781784 Gobioidei suborder ott5554918 23
ott831078 Sigmodontinae subfamily mrcaott739ott38053 9
ott965190 Sipunculidea infraclass ott377817 2
ott559211 Monilinia genus ott51652 2
ott315828 Habia genus mrcaott23955ott972933 2
ott144715 Lindsaea genus mrcaott46023ott83299 2
ott659190 Nassauvieae tribe mrcaott43449ott71763 2
ott229369 Eirenidae family mrcaott442ott33385 8
ott5248725 Proteromonadea class ott76206 2
ott712841 Paralepididae family mrcaott9853ott31302 3
ott149963 Eichhornia genus mrcaott149964ott149967 2
ott1057357 Trichostrongylidae family ott516800 4
ott736314 Palaemonetes genus mrcaott41512ott382629 3
ott484086 Torquigener genus mrcaott136856ott479668 3
ott5246946 Catenulisporales order mrcaott23107ott57835 2
ott1025751 Onuphidae family mrcaott42379ott140961 3
ott1060566 Leithiinae subfamily mrcaott664079ott1038448 2
ott982238 Pultenaea genus mrcaott12268ott18359 2
ott275131 Chordeilinae subfamily mrcaott51270ott51276 3
ott418870 Arcoscalpellum genus mrcaott313212ott413057 5
ott275134 Caprimulgus genus mrcaott51270ott80196 6
ott5548744 Citharinoidei suborder mrcaott12192ott63492 2
ott275137 Chordeiles genus mrcaott275136ott322686 2
ott288170 Sessea genus mrcaott43632ott171401 2
ott793223 Drosophila malerkotliana species ott1069156 2
ott708545 Zantedeschieae tribe mrcaott3987ott93537 2
ott776536 Airinae subtribe ott5759324 3
ott776534 Agrostidinae subtribe mrcaott1808ott1816 2
ott823205 Apogon genus mrcaott38846ott165698 7
ott4125911 Eublepharidae family mrcaott78156ott91457 2
ott969668 Clavicipitaceae family ott184550 10
ott531308 Dacryopinax genus mrcaott37080ott37508 4
ott708382 Dictyonella genus mrcaott118188ott119464 3
ott352616 Sagartiidae family mrcaott7012ott172195 10
ott6369474 Caryophyllia subgenus Caryophyllia subgenus mrcaott93236ott159380 7
ott781910 Mirafra genus ott662954 3
ott4431975 Munjua genus mrcaott4429301ott4431976 2
ott526587 Rhodiola genus mrcaott4115ott581648 4
ott867533 Blennioidei suborder ott5557280 3
ott302330 Parazoanthidae family ott708619 4
ott52763 Pseudoxanthomonas genus mrcaott1715ott13247 2
ott641038 Eumetazoa no rank ott691846 2
ott163927 Endomychidae family mrcaott12180ott52329 3
ott759526 Discachaeta subgenus mrcaott705013ott902612 3
ott331723 Orectolobiformes order mrcaott17080ott24097 2
ott913186 Thermoanaerobacterales order mrcaott47ott3311 8
ott6100838 Euphorbia subsect. Florispinae species subgroup mrcaott28703ott38554 3
ott306327 Tetrapterys genus mrcaott15752ott162016 3
ott989565 Sagartiogeton genus mrcaott7012ott172195 3
ott1025132 Paeonia officinalis species mrcaott87293ott163404 2
ott16968 Sigmoidotropis genus mrcaott16974ott16981 2
ott593279 Dictyosphaerium genus mrcaott629ott10013 4
ott831494 Etropus genus mrcaott88518ott257080 3
ott758898 Diopsoidea superfamily mrcaott4859ott749367 5
ott215115 Acanthella genus mrcaott215114ott297063 4
ott651296 Catunaregam genus mrcaott651304ott651308 2
ott288350 Leioproctus genus mrcaott24950ott82375 6
ott5231960 Coscinaraeidae family mrcaott49072ott300525 3
ott104185 Nectriaceae family ott184550 16
ott1000109 Haloragodendron genus mrcaott127113ott323576 2
ott687386 Pteris genus mrcaott5078ott400263 6
ott204673 Scorpaeninae subfamily mrcaott9589ott62791 5
ott326637 Lycianthes genus ott484910 2
ott515461 Acanthuriformes order mrcaott497ott3549 2
ott600910 Arremon genus mrcaott101225ott501790 4
ott921121 Sarcophyton genus mrcaott11324ott11325 5
ott326633 Witheringia genus mrcaott3686ott91979 4
ott697186 Oligonicinae subfamily mrcaott15196ott20106 4
ott519355 Zonalictus subgenus ott574660 3
ott814267 Tabanoidea superfamily ott133925 2
ott10727 Eptesicus genus mrcaott10323ott11548 6
ott386741 Iresine genus mrcaott122020ott151506 2
ott872368 Geniotrigona genus mrcaott184250ott734563 2
ott363389 Cercozoa phylum ott6929 2
ott588918 Glaciecola genus mrcaott1233ott31463 2
ott48471 Diplopterygium genus mrcaott287026ott667480 3
ott850166 Gonyaulacaceae family mrcaott5244ott8394 6
ott1089666 Clinus genus mrcaott168607ott168611 2
ott961470 Aimophila genus mrcaott5616ott6023 6
ott1024716 Nitrospiraceae family mrcaott6117ott104297 2
ott631007 Spermophilus genus mrcaott10477ott359117 2
ott761236 Virgilia oroboides species ott761235 2
ott335862 Agelasidae family mrcaott50319ott98192 3
ott734783 Plagiothecium genus mrcaott3663ott3664 2
ott839072 Dracocephalum genus mrcaott132782ott132784 2
ott734781 Plagiotheciaceae family mrcaott3663ott15015 3
ott6019451 Vrieseinae subtribe ott627035 3
ott159867 Trigonisca genus mrcaott52417ott501027 3
ott595844 Pterigynandraceae family mrcaott3217ott3668 5
ott298527 Pyramidoptereae tribe mrcaott1673ott14171 3
ott662723 Stelletta genus ott169343 4
ott298525 apioid superclade no rank mrcaott1673ott5166 8
ott13862 Cestroideae subfamily ott473827 6
ott13861 Petunioideae subfamily mrcaott2380ott107096 2
ott13867 Solanoideae subfamily ott473827 11
ott370816 Ploceinae subfamily mrcaott11712ott53644 4
ott153410 Bartramiaceae family mrcaott1066ott1769 5
ott153411 Bartramia genus mrcaott148633ott153406 3
ott288752 Diplotropis genus mrcaott48190ott201821 2
ott326124 Eremocosta genus mrcaott68954ott326125 2
ott258160 Astronesthinae subfamily mrcaott47469ott190410 2
ott1084167 Gnaphalieae tribe ott1084160 4
ott487040 Deltocyathus genus mrcaott150ott15231 4
ott409105 Nectria genus ott184550 9
ott1039945 Liophryne genus mrcaott4884ott21519 4
ott683449 Alphaproteobacteria class mrcaott89ott79418 19
ott4126067 Dipsadidae family mrcaott1662ott4565 11
ott514645 Sericata genus mrcaott312062ott312064 2
ott838100 Euphyllia genus mrcaott267034ott313607 2
ott838102 Oculinidae family mrcaott15231ott3675868 3
ott494020 Fusigobius genus mrcaott28071ott37546 2
ott295736 Aquilegia ottonis species mrcaott295734ott820139 2
ott5756413 Platylepadinae subfamily mrcaott206723ott845546 2
ott46389 Phyllobacteriaceae family mrcaott89ott2460 4
ott5551467 Berycimorphaceae no rank ott108719 3
ott752158 Stylaster genus mrcaott23448ott23450 5
ott364550 Rana genus mrcaott14688ott295557 5
ott631170 Illadopsis genus mrcaott72518ott334360 2
ott744265 Anabaena iyengarii species mrcaott157777ott157778 2
ott929128 Colubroidea superfamily mrcaott1662ott106872 27
ott812291 tripunctata group species group mrcaott26987ott121253 4
ott931695 Enoplea class ott395057 4
ott157412 Chrysogorgiidae family mrcaott18246ott19602 5
ott724856 Salpiglossideae tribe ott473827 2
ott910202 Alticola genus mrcaott42889ott63110 2
ott557712 Stephanocyathus genus mrcaott54425ott159374 3
ott5673284 Coelastrea genus mrcaott18935ott34489 3
ott5673286 Paramontastraea genus mrcaott50365ott266602 2
ott744791 Muscicapa genus mrcaott1566ott35326 3
ott1016918 Squalimorphii no rank ott78477 6
ott322033 Hormotilopsis genus ott311484 2
ott436357 Pipinae subfamily ott465087 2
ott891377 Ptilodactylidae family mrcaott57939ott1091345 3
ott581434 Phaeosphaeriaceae family ott466678 3
ott5730400 Macrura Reptantia suborder mrcaott1246ott449922 2
ott274733 Coronatae order ott5653665 2
ott251324 spoon tarsi subgroup species subgroup mrcaott264598ott264605 3
ott229288 Sapindales order ott5316182 3
ott1085010 Bacillus thuringiensis species mrcaott24249ott43654 9
ott562409 Taenitis genus mrcaott5078ott63507 3
ott567698 Chrysomelidae family ott765489 3
ott799910 Psitteuteles genus mrcaott7113ott3600339 2
ott337623 Candidatus Liberibacter genus mrcaott89ott4091 2
ott721270 Asteriidae family mrcaott2304ott17646 5
ott817640 Tangara genus mrcaott69807ott238925 3
ott765137 Sarcotragus genus mrcaott38423ott50486 2
ott817642 Saltator genus mrcaott4088ott9377 4
ott583653 Fundulus genus ott656691 3
ott340592 Macrouridae family mrcaott5855ott185096 4
ott5553753 Eupercaria no rank mrcaott497ott7815 3
ott730430 Gephyromantis subgenus Gephyromantis subgenus mrcaott12012ott85163 3
ott941618 Polychaeta class ott155737 8
ott697649 Propionibacteriaceae family mrcaott73ott8022 3
ott350422 Trichodesma genus ott6062534 3
ott685703 Oceanicola genus mrcaott721ott16466 4
ott210342 Androsace genus mrcaott650ott6336 5
ott1070587 Glaucidium genus mrcaott178693ott277290 2
ott354187 Cylindrocladiella genus mrcaott8105ott21057 2
ott1015243 Saguinus genus mrcaott2025ott146657 3
ott436736 Chlorurus genus mrcaott5050ott208888 2
ott316053 Sphindidae family mrcaott121233ott151178 2
ott267501 Gnatholepis genus mrcaott7815ott23328 2
ott373941 Crella genus mrcaott53792ott74158 3
ott944604 Penaeoidea superfamily ott212710 4
ott6100836 Euphorbia sect. Anthacanthae species group mrcaott28703ott90335 4
ott6100835 Athymalus subgenus mrcaott28703ott90335 4
ott818822 Epizoanthus genus ott708619 3
ott675211 Phaeoceros genus ott133082 2
ott414606 Hymenopodidae family mrcaott12249ott12253 13
ott414609 Amorphoscelidae family mrcaott12249ott12253 4
ott559983 Brucella ceti species mrcaott317057ott821221 2
ott364603 Lutjaninae subfamily mrcaott7429ott39890 3
ott1015464 Labiatoides species group mrcaott88301ott88305 3
ott490870 Musoniella genus mrcaott289294ott956850 2
ott5249086 Gleocapsa no rank mrcaott109475ott185678 2
ott833243 Leucotrichum genus mrcaott451208ott451223 2
ott130695 Trimeresurus genus mrcaott6519ott26866 2
ott81890 Compsomelissa genus mrcaott28972ott81891 3
ott3680330 Eleutherocarpida suborder ott1003853 4
ott397144 Viverridae family mrcaott6940ott19397 3
ott1026622 Prosaptia genus mrcaott155127ott678293 5
ott5264061 higher_core_Lamiales no rank mrcaott248ott1016 6
ott1075295 Babina genus mrcaott114ott14688 4
ott281374 Pseudomonas genus mrcaott89ott90 5
ott959215 Monacanthus genus ott191025 3
ott959213 Cantherhines genus mrcaott61403ott745653 2
ott641030 Hydrozoa class mrcaott431ott7706 6
ott561211 Chalinula genus mrcaott9622ott56952 3
ott322928 Nomadinae subfamily mrcaott27277ott88586 2
ott721473 Trachypithecus genus mrcaott43798ott118937 2
ott753375 Ruegeria genus mrcaott721ott1687 2
ott1016685 Egernia genus mrcaott122992ott406223 3
ott1021930 Calliophis genus mrcaott3192ott677289 2
ott1016683 Lipinia genus mrcaott13351ott322756 4
ott828157 Leptobrachium genus mrcaott47769ott73643 2
ott763420 Alepisauroidei suborder mrcaott9853ott9858 4
ott5247952 FamilyI no rank mrcaott28920ott42824 4
ott1073969 Pelobacter genus mrcaott5585ott11138 4
ott5247950 FamilyII no rank mrcaott355ott594 5
ott771087 Prochlorococcus marinus species mrcaott4646ott79672 6
ott771085 Prochlorococcus genus mrcaott4646ott109481 4
ott5838427 Cossulinae subfamily mrcaott8541ott20873 3
ott486581 Rhizophysa genus ott263068 2
ott631696 Eolepadidae family mrcaott191800ott283984 2
ott424211 Phanerophlebiopsis genus mrcaott44711ott274678 4
ott5838425 Hypoptinae subfamily mrcaott15801ott118665 3
ott486586 Halistemma genus mrcaott15308ott15310 3
ott343024 Barygenys genus mrcaott4884ott27650 3
ott87625 Tiliqua genus mrcaott155775ott218197 2
ott569816 Puniceicoccales order ott793486 2
ott1002407 Nama genus ott5738655 2
ott435194 Hexanchus genus mrcaott147241ott435193 2
ott487693 Lactobacillus acidophilus species mrcaott103681ott103682 3
ott663880 Xenocyprioides genus mrcaott26750ott663867 2
ott554302 Camponotus genus mrcaott5523ott31947 3
ott506315 Aphidini tribe ott434115 2
ott955367 Halichoeres genus ott501484 6
ott316304 Graptopetalum genus mrcaott195386ott305870 4
ott326807 Dermocystidium genus ott5248823 2
ott840097 Camptosema genus mrcaott579ott5468 4
ott152041 Calantica genus ott313209 3
ott233898 Dromiidae family ott233895 2
ott114472 Gila genus mrcaott88755ott88760 2
ott799152 Thamnophilidae family mrcaott27869ott134530 3
ott1064050 Desulfotomaculum genus mrcaott2035ott3286 2
ott776709 Arthrobotrys genus ott293786 3
ott270501 Liomys genus ott379332 2
ott698055 Dictyodendrillidae family mrcaott101111ott249754 2
ott1090496 Staphylococcus aureus species mrcaott4291ott4292 12
ott495361 Rhacodactylus genus mrcaott40067ott391885 3
ott863011 suzukii subgroup species subgroup mrcaott35517ott218759 4
ott796441 Symphyodontaceae family mrcaott110242ott270126 2
ott78782 Goniodomataceae family mrcaott8394ott20754 2
ott619466 Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida subspecies mrcaott154148ott359436 2
ott584932 Hesperapis genus mrcaott76247ott153921 2
ott5147127 Euphorbia sect. Pacificae species group mrcaott345ott33275 3
ott413471 Philodendroideae subfamily mrcaott3983ott80062 6
ott674925 Aeschynomene genus mrcaott42457ott50070 4
ott241620 Deparia genus mrcaott48708ott321565 5
ott707069 Dibamus genus ott939017 2
ott287748 Pachydactylus genus mrcaott38608ott69284 3
ott425252 Strigocuscus genus mrcaott44497ott312917 3
ott613878 Bombycillidae family mrcaott5934ott33425 3
ott5147128 Euphorbia unplaced no rank ott864036 16
ott139501 Ammomanes genus mrcaott140581ott207743 3
ott105596 Festuca genus ott107346 3
ott5747118 Kanieae tribe mrcaott2665ott258948 2
ott488160 Pauxi genus mrcaott188774ott385229 2
ott353358 Hormathia genus mrcaott283822ott283829 3
ott113471 Aphanopodinae subfamily ott804461 2
ott636211 Meehania genus mrcaott7193ott636209 3
ott975163 Geoemydinae subfamily ott975162 2
ott1056243 Antiperyphus subgenus mrcaott7103ott88789 2
ott793713 Hestiasula genus mrcaott423898ott435770 2
ott1035571 Saxifraga genus mrcaott26027ott61060 3
ott736329 Palaemonidae family ott83264 6
ott38492 Asplenium genus ott127293 5
ott291802 Suaeda genus mrcaott5200ott14522 3
ott745141 Eublepharinae subfamily mrcaott78156ott91457 2
ott701443 Arachniodes genus mrcaott44711ott72816 7
ott736321 Pleocyemata suborder ott169205 3
ott193657 Epithemia genus mrcaott193658ott491476 2
ott1065596 Habromys genus mrcaott253422ott567289 2
ott353518 Pellorneum genus mrcaott26168ott243729 2
ott826350 Stevenia genus mrcaott46881ott251913 3
ott860945 Psychodomorpha infraorder mrcaott107ott6635 5
ott935179 Sphaerostilbella genus mrcaott31179ott155480 2
ott860947 Blephariceromorpha infraorder ott661378 2
ott192254 Cleridae family mrcaott12184ott37035 3
ott661655 Tropheini tribe mrcaott10827ott120322 2
ott860943 Carinotetraodon genus mrcaott120277ott586599 2
ott981715 Hedwigiaceae family mrcaott1066ott1769 3
ott637313 Colletidae family mrcaott470ott1174 4
ott119081 Melanerpes genus mrcaott90562ott122919 2
ott5857353 Leiothlypis genus mrcaott85251ott430151 2
ott1000260 Linum genus mrcaott112353ott161528 4
ott706536 Pylaisiadelphaceae family mrcaott3217ott5049 6
ott621897 Thryophilus genus mrcaott18313ott18322 2
ott1085574 Aroideae subfamily mrcaott3983ott222046 4
ott921280 Sordariomycetes class ott184550 22
ott1085576 Lasioideae subfamily mrcaott80062ott798668 2
ott1061599 Corapipo genus mrcaott319674ott775796 2
ott883411 Bothidae family mrcaott497ott88518 2
ott246580 Lophocoleineae suborder mrcaott541ott62688 3
ott246586 Jungermannia genus mrcaott6563ott29633 3
ott652342 Taphozous genus ott581454 3
ott302325 Parazoanthus genus mrcaott8306ott34595 3
ott246588 Scapaniaceae family mrcaott2063ott6563 4
ott202606 Burkholderia mallei species mrcaott304993ott368005 3
ott377926 Hyphomicrobiaceae family mrcaott89ott226 2
ott509350 Nephelomys genus mrcaott739ott24854 2
ott213447 Molothrus genus mrcaott93045ott213448 2
ott722537 Raspailia genus mrcaott50317ott74537 4
ott1011499 Dicruridae family mrcaott246ott4820 4
ott586404 Hirtodrosophila genus ott396616 3
ott44559 Sciurognathi suborder ott864593 2
ott868944 Rogeria genus mrcaott36578ott483963 3
ott44557 Hystricognathi suborder mrcaott38834ott84064 3
ott1034143 Pteropus seychellensis species mrcaott379794ott508054 2
ott789473 Ditiola genus mrcaott37080ott37508 3
ott467186 Entamoebida family ott509189 3
ott5279927 uncultured no rank mrcaott355ott1337 4
ott636370 Uroptychus genus mrcaott364350ott584096 4
ott67160 Hydrophiidae family mrcaott3192ott677289 4
ott300544 Bathymasteridae family ott34155 2
ott244270 Alcyoniidae family mrcaott3689ott3692 13
ott5554914 Uranoscopiformes order mrcaott5050ott9661 2
ott283664 Cacicus genus mrcaott86894ott125175 3
ott5554910 Pempheriformes order mrcaott497ott7815 3
ott767772 Partamona genus mrcaott193585ott280782 2
ott1048699 Termitoidae order ott920179 2
ott672221 Blephariceroidea superfamily ott661378 2
ott332373 Macronomia genus mrcaott226845ott332374 2
ott194413 Geitlerinema genus mrcaott594ott3166 6
ott534101 Abrodictyum genus mrcaott64542ott116064 2
ott966314 Ardeotis genus mrcaott521837ott607272 2
ott997378 Rubioideae subfamily ott1014022 7
ott100035 Typhlopoidea superfamily ott186816 2
ott1085172 Yponomeutidae family mrcaott6619ott22623 6
ott678333 Dendropsophini tribe mrcaott177ott22852 2
ott932212 Schonnherria subgenus mrcaott19646ott351522 3
ott166265 Blastomussa genus mrcaott15231ott49072 3
ott648488 Merismopedia genus mrcaott355ott4646 5
ott864936 Arthropteris genus mrcaott8526ott427585 2
ott852139 Curculionidae family mrcaott401ott413 3
ott692789 Syrrhophus subgenus mrcaott27473ott182201 3
ott1051167 Acrocephalinae subfamily mrcaott1488ott5805 10
ott617799 Agelaius genus mrcaott93045ott213454 3
ott946104 Perditomorpha genus mrcaott44599ott44601 3
ott298517 Pleurospermeae tribe mrcaott1673ott62938 4
ott1048100 Dichorisandra genus mrcaott121ott543882 2
ott391887 Carlia genus mrcaott53934ott165407 2
ott825748 Pleurospermum genus mrcaott1673ott62938 3
ott968122 Ennominae subfamily ott968124 3
ott13855 Cestreae tribe ott473827 4
ott370800 Sporophila genus mrcaott7060ott20533 4
ott134471 Acinetobacter genus mrcaott555ott556 4
ott3599122 Xenicus genus mrcaott3599123ott3599125 2
ott497585 Ctenocolletes genus ott402638 2
ott204731 Francolinus genus mrcaott4765ott151684 8
ott1084157 Inuleae tribe mrcaott8262ott20452 3
ott710305 Lipotriches genus mrcaott226845ott866683 2
ott60642 Liquidambar genus mrcaott51521ott62530 2
ott329883 Dendropicos genus mrcaott123173ott151678 2
ott63513 Anogramma genus mrcaott63507ott74304 4
ott199520 Strabomantidae family mrcaott2199ott175682 3
ott635958 Euryarchaeota phylum ott996421 4
ott781622 Dioscorea genus ott781627 2
ott886449 Limoniidae family mrcaott6635ott38943 2
ott563855 Millettieae tribe mrcaott579ott5515 8
ott589414 Bacillaceae family mrcaott47ott53 9
ott563857 Phaseoleae tribe ott39538 18
ott563856 Mirbelieae tribe mrcaott5091ott12268 4
ott563851 Sophoreae tribe ott39538 16
ott686641 Scarus genus mrcaott5050ott14311 2
ott990307 Goniopora genus ott413310 3
ott740936 Serpocaulon genus mrcaott28818ott447156 2
ott462829 Cyclopoida order mrcaott12421ott92630 6
ott1088743 Arthrospira fusiformis species mrcaott43559ott151316 5
ott881276 Pterophoridae family mrcaott146ott10883 3
ott511967 Arachnida class mrcaott343ott948 2
ott5846217 Aparallactinae subfamily mrcaott2991ott187476 3
ott5673291 Deltocyathidae family mrcaott150ott15231 3
ott5673290 Anthemiphylliidae family mrcaott15231ott191140 3
ott821348 Funariaceae family mrcaott7813ott86154 2
ott589633 Nectamia genus mrcaott102059ott169691 3
ott956825 Actinomyces genus mrcaott5510ott15919 2
ott821347 Funariales order mrcaott7813ott454749 3
ott211114 Aceros genus mrcaott6895ott889017 4
ott684688 Elateriformia infraorder ott684689 3
ott5653628 Bubarida order ott588758 10
ott622873 Eurylaimidae family mrcaott26175ott184248 2
ott463196 Pedunculata order ott580066 6
ott463195 Sessilia order ott580066 16
ott79859 Procambarus genus mrcaott54564ott54565 3
ott5653621 Clionaida order mrcaott8829ott25808 2
ott5653622 Desmacellida order mrcaott8829ott25808 2
ott5653623 Tethyida order ott588758 5
ott5653624 Suberitida order ott588758 9
ott1039842 Thermopsideae tribe mrcaott579ott5457 4
ott1039843 Swartzieae tribe ott39538 8
ott920401 Catocalinae subfamily mrcaott1655ott3242 3
ott1039846 Trifolieae tribe mrcaott1749ott496549 4
ott238518 Hapalopeza genus mrcaott20108ott238519 2
ott373841 Cyathea genus ott864943 16
ott778417 Stelechocarpus genus mrcaott102366ott102376 3
ott290354 Parrya genus mrcaott4671ott4681 2
ott463177 Sylvia genus mrcaott11419ott101238 2
ott624831 Neodon genus mrcaott131164ott544111 3
ott160291 Cottidae family ott5558359 4
ott81266 Pacmophena subgenus mrcaott349096ott574946 2
ott5920024 Chenopodiaceae family mrcaott5200ott16365 3
ott81268 Notholopha subgenus mrcaott7103ott499253 2
ott75756 Paracorallium genus ott338821 3
ott316048 Caladieae tribe mrcaott3983ott222046 2
ott843531 Pseudanabaena genus ott225495 10
ott459937 Spelaeornis genus mrcaott246ott1488 3
ott124998 Scleroptila genus mrcaott49310ott124995 3
ott464775 Microascales order ott184550 7
ott61351 Bombus genus mrcaott470ott11707 5
ott316046 Aglaonemateae tribe mrcaott81315ott418286 2
ott169722 Octodontidae family mrcaott198654ott260940 2
ott907844 Thalassoma genus mrcaott47325ott102998 2
ott290280 Crepidomanes genus mrcaott64554ott290294 2
ott290289 Antrophyum genus mrcaott9733ott27586 2
ott414340 Rallidae family mrcaott7145ott32324 3
ott260293 Carpediemonas genus mrcaott7072ott431515 3
ott27565 Symphyogyna genus mrcaott82773ott108923 2
ott1015470 Pseudoveronica subgenus mrcaott15060ott15067 2
ott720807 Leucoagaricus genus mrcaott10981ott10990 4
ott860970 Miletini tribe mrcaott69794ott3142576 3
ott27369 Algyroides genus mrcaott80028ott738461 2
ott3601781 Setopagis genus mrcaott272734ott884254 2
ott402892 Stauroneis genus mrcaott148810ott187183 2
ott939936 Psarocolius genus mrcaott86894ott277659 2
ott944610 Benthesicymidae family mrcaott60155ott134418 2
ott521371 Epinephelinae subfamily mrcaott12872ott15492 2
ott641007 Leptochilus genus mrcaott23167ott114059 3
ott945740 Campanulariidae family mrcaott33385ott144192 5
ott3599375 Leiothrichidae family mrcaott3358ott7487 5
ott334388 Sarcophaga genus ott334379 5
ott536362 Necromys genus mrcaott39189ott91853 3
ott5664756 Bolosominae subfamily ott758624 3
ott806710 Heteralepadidae family mrcaott231050ott413050 2
ott1016673 Sphenomorphus genus mrcaott5156ott10840 9
ott486577 Rhizophysidae family ott263068 2
ott1016679 Ablepharus genus mrcaott5156ott10840 3
ott920576 Taeniacanthus genus mrcaott834287ott877908 2
ott496073 Ramphotyphlops genus mrcaott56992ott56995 7
ott707544 Ophidiidae family ott224059 3
ott260363 Aechmea genus mrcaott502ott17925 6
ott617629 Aegithalidae family mrcaott246ott4820 3
ott834382 Clathria genus mrcaott71333ott145754 5
ott969837 Pelecaniformes order mrcaott9830ott86672 4
ott382914 Squalius genus mrcaott29792ott86034 2
ott75504 Cyanoloxia genus mrcaott75499ott486842 2
ott102448 Arecoideae subfamily mrcaott4575ott18255 2
ott124223 Stenella genus mrcaott124224ott155492 5
ott155781 Morethia genus mrcaott71370ott155780 2
ott811615 Enneapterygius genus mrcaott80341ott453018 2
ott28241 Nephropidae family ott443203 2
ott474102 Diacalpe genus mrcaott293155ott384250 2
ott201380 Lioscincus genus mrcaott47598ott1021869 4
ott872124 Pipra genus mrcaott128718ott872123 2
ott254277 Yponomeutoidea superfamily mrcaott100ott6619 6
ott661671 Haplochromini tribe mrcaott4822ott7106 4
ott997622 Limnomedusae order mrcaott431ott442 3
ott460871 Acanthuridae family mrcaott47507ott47509 2
ott5941577 Colocasiomyini tribe ott127994 3
ott414588 Litoria genus ott245328 5
ott33893 Botryosphaeria genus ott641496 3
ott5460 Clathrotropis genus mrcaott5462ott5473 3
ott466736 Desulfurococcaceae family mrcaott19089ott41915 3
ott1050974 Thermomonosporaceae family mrcaott487ott1403 2
ott553734 Platylepadidae family mrcaott206723ott845540 4
ott464992 Cricetulus genus mrcaott100858ott465012 2
ott685276 Melanobatrachinae subfamily mrcaott4884ott21335 2
ott974222 Bothrideridae family mrcaott232419ott233211 2
ott927673 Euryoryzomys genus mrcaott739ott24854 2
ott742790 Coris genus mrcaott17070ott168445 3
ott547261 Anomodontaceae family mrcaott3217ott96420 6
ott407064 Aspius genus mrcaott41137ott631520 2
ott790988 Genyophryninae subfamily mrcaott4884ott21519 8
ott232135 Vibrio cholerae species mrcaott1145ott34768 7
ott375198 Cryptantha genus mrcaott25419ott25430 2
ott924244 Psittacantheae tribe mrcaott20991ott162863 3
ott148494 Senna hirsuta species mrcaott147116ott285070 2
ott594447 Enterococcus faecalis species mrcaott8126ott14326 9
ott736087 Geophis genus mrcaott59101ott736086 2
ott168894 Ancylostomatoidea superfamily mrcaott46769ott214048 2
ott335515 Galeomorphii superorder mrcaott11147ott17080 14
ott113807 Conopidae family mrcaott8704ott75144 2
ott1011209 Passeridae family mrcaott4083ott95302 7
ott2958796 Austrobalanidae family mrcaott43613ott630775 2
ott168892 Ancylostomatidae family mrcaott46769ott214048 2
ott213050 Sphacelariales order ott48614 2
ott492991 Geobacter genus mrcaott5585ott55524 3
ott904024 Vigna genus mrcaott16972ott16974 3
ott304507 Hylodes genus mrcaott254160ott254170 2
ott1016257 Suta genus mrcaott136564ott136565 2
ott624768 Leucopternis albicollis species mrcaott8285ott8292 3
ott70638 Physospermopsis genus mrcaott1673ott62938 4
ott804703 Timea genus mrcaott99621ott675484 2
ott559515 Cochlearieae tribe ott309271 2
ott559514 Iberideae tribe ott309271 2
ott767087 Yuhina genus mrcaott246ott4820 4
ott420994 Nectariniidae family mrcaott3364ott3370 3
ott823077 Selineae no rank mrcaott1673ott5166 6
ott223101 Vexillifera genus mrcaott4514ott80357 3
ott1024374 Gymnomitriaceae family mrcaott2063ott6563 3
ott83286 Claravis genus mrcaott28925ott604964 2
ott5810198 Americhelydia no rank ott5800401 2
ott815711 Lybius genus mrcaott153261ott291636 2
ott5248878 Escherichia-Shigella no rank mrcaott616ott1318 5
ott1097120 Trachylinae subclass mrcaott431ott7706 5
ott1096748 Atorellidae family ott5653665 2
ott1096749 Lychnorhizidae family mrcaott12510ott348331 3
ott424023 Enterobacteriaceae family ott844192 9
ott851311 Phocoena genus ott851308 2
ott5574828 Picophagea class mrcaott6033ott4029553 2
ott860957 Ptychopteromorpha infraorder mrcaott448ott168961 2
ott253722 Hymedesmia genus mrcaott53792ott145565 5
ott189960 betsileo group species group mrcaott118639ott118647 2
ott66275 Nitrospirales order mrcaott6117ott104297 2
ott682806 Haemophilus influenzae species mrcaott22009ott139569 6
ott755156 Vibrio mimicus species mrcaott3600ott421640 2
ott212498 Cyrtopodion genus mrcaott144030ott406919 2
ott5781965 Scalpellinae subfamily mrcaott313212ott413057 3
ott5781964 Neolepadinae subfamily mrcaott191800ott283984 2
ott642554 Cylindrophis genus mrcaott44995ott431364 3
ott484043 Trachelomonas genus mrcaott4961ott42148 3
ott26559 Edwardsia genus mrcaott119905ott285926 2
ott668221 Karenia genus mrcaott93910ott220427 2
ott5781969 Meroscalpellinae subfamily mrcaott313212ott413057 4
ott610352 Salangidae family mrcaott9650ott34699 3
ott5308767 Cephalotrichum genus mrcaott70972ott87121 2
ott161886 Microcionidae family mrcaott71333ott145754 3
ott47050 Christella genus mrcaott33266ott330907 4
ott246591 Jungermanniineae suborder mrcaott541ott62688 7
ott47055 Amauropelta genus mrcaott47058ott797149 4
ott11369 Loricariinae subfamily mrcaott11359ott11376 2
ott815402 Dasybombus subgenus mrcaott29739ott189902 2
ott400232 Odontaspididae family mrcaott73662ott73672 2
ott400235 Carcharhinidae family mrcaott19944ott69503 4
ott11363 Hypostominae subfamily mrcaott22071ott73902 5
ott749767 Citharidae family ott749769 2
ott84889 Genista genus mrcaott8026ott8027 6
ott570657 Lucernariidae family mrcaott23368ott78727 3
ott570656 Haliclystus genus mrcaott23368ott78728 2
ott457630 Aquarana subgenus mrcaott14688ott14703 2
ott404713 Coniophoraceae family ott1012685 2
ott741854 Scincella genus mrcaott39910ott215211 2
ott1007619 Leptodontaceae family mrcaott11727ott12603 4
ott879338 Bacteroides ovatus species mrcaott132893ott222737 3
ott5846360 Passerellidae family mrcaott5616ott6023 9
ott957241 Omphalodes genus mrcaott25419ott82993 3
ott296245 Hypancistrus genus mrcaott188617ott242545 2
ott915104 Ctenitis genus mrcaott18537ott479761 4
ott383201 Asterolinon genus mrcaott650ott383202 2
ott707875 Empididae family mrcaott5639ott7667 3
ott800604 Rhodobacterales order mrcaott89ott721 7
ott300572 Ehretia genus mrcaott118347ott164460 2
ott412519 Calonectria genus ott184550 11
ott185324 Phyllodytes genus ott206403 3
ott238425 Miniopterus schreibersii species mrcaott319315ott366155 2
ott177574 Pallavicinia genus ott237153 3
ott173050 Neomorphidae family mrcaott212182ott780440 2
ott153757 Conopoidea superfamily mrcaott8704ott75144 2
ott133922 Xylophagomorpha infraorder mrcaott6086ott15484 2
ott133923 Aschiza section ott951146 2
ott133924 Stratiomyomorpha infraorder mrcaott13469ott206772 2
ott762742 Sideritis genus mrcaott18578ott49516 4
ott927429 Marchantiales order mrcaott15887ott177579 2
ott648888 Santalales order mrcaott19688ott65063 2
ott913092 modified mouthparts group species group ott688699 2
ott504857 Diellia genus mrcaott504846ott504848 2
ott787982 Kirchenpaueria genus ott315304 2
ott543070 Anthocercis genus mrcaott134184ott232452 3
ott391260 Feirana no rank mrcaott53500ott466952 2
ott893833 Ophiomyxidae family ott197637 2
ott82927 Aeonium canariense species mrcaott31402ott61166 2
ott160603 Aeromonadaceae family ott767314 2
ott355482 Citrobacter genus mrcaott616ott1758 5
ott687299 Crenicaratini tribe mrcaott6221ott8411 3
ott26170 Trichastoma genus mrcaott26168ott28218 3
ott234764 Hypocrella genus mrcaott5992ott12691 6
ott433687 Ecnomiohyla genus mrcaott110534ott127770 2
ott1088192 Oleeae tribe mrcaott11341ott15055 2
ott299697 Homaliodendron genus mrcaott3217ott11727 3
ott992408 Favia genus mrcaott50355ott192004 2
ott623031 Polymastia genus ott623032 4
ott89184 Heteroxyidae family ott588758 5
ott98116 Sulfolobus genus ott828129 2
ott1068266 Selenidera genus mrcaott316538ott485268 2
ott109210 Deltaproteobacteria class mrcaott50ott6117 9
ott906629 Cyanocorax genus mrcaott39825ott60460 2
ott940319 Neotorularia genus mrcaott4677ott38835 3
ott444690 Nyctimystes genus mrcaott7476ott241145 3
ott769675 Anthoceros genus ott164382 3
ott572734 Orectolobus genus ott572732 2
ott1001600 Halictini tribe mrcaott6354ott33395 8
ott770742 Spironucleus genus mrcaott23962ott75502 2
ott1041335 Chloroflexi phylum mrcaott22888ott44842 2
ott658280 Hyobanche genus mrcaott1016ott1452 3
ott180553 Cyanobium genus mrcaott4646ott5687 9
ott250743 Somniosidae family mrcaott24489ott69179 4
ott250746 Dalatiidae family mrcaott24489ott69179 3
ott303880 Topsentia genus ott588758 4
ott515622 Phaeoptyx genus mrcaott464529ott475667 3
ott904624 Cestrum genus mrcaott171401ott171403 2
ott5653630 Stelligeridae family ott588758 2
ott294063 Garrulax genus mrcaott3358ott7487 6
ott94323 Nautiliaceae family ott457116 2
ott1057561 Myomyscus genus mrcaott23039ott170803 3
ott534536 Rhabdoweisiaceae family mrcaott1769ott78134 4
ott247220 Melittinae subfamily mrcaott76245ott76248 2
ott177755 Chilomycterus genus ott557117 2
ott949441 Golfingiida order ott377817 2
ott994462 Podocrella genus mrcaott734250ott994460 2
ott431494 stem eudicotyledons no rank ott431495 2
ott731798 Hylaeus genus mrcaott24941ott81710 4
ott747316 Eriocnemis genus mrcaott136662ott943089 2
ott70747 Lecanicillium genus mrcaott6659ott8226 9
ott4668955 Cyclodorippidae family ott38068 2
ott1012174 Periphyllidae family mrcaott469088ott1010197 2
ott609242 Bagridae family ott5548749 6
ott954299 Istiophorus genus ott280949 2
ott5626899 Yersinia pseudotuberculosis complex species group mrcaott44421ott214970 3
ott764194 Boophis goudoti group species group mrcaott47213ott111675 2
ott44805 Synodontidae family ott19307 2
ott863077 Brassiceae tribe mrcaott4679ott4691 3
ott268502 Agelas genus mrcaott50319ott98192 2
ott631604 Japalura genus mrcaott19772ott177326 4
ott97790 Navia genus ott6019319 2
ott428460 Majoidea superfamily ott358080 4
ott746400 Pterobryaceae family mrcaott3217ott14534 6
ott1090810 Depressariinae subfamily mrcaott3234ott4942 3
ott297962 Strepsichordaia genus mrcaott102925ott689066 2
ott1080286 Myotis blythii species mrcaott569193ott743482 2
ott704062 Planktothrix pseudagardhii species ott290809 2
ott924248 Gaiadendreae tribe mrcaott20991ott59474 2
ott704067 Limnothrix genus ott225495 6
ott41539 Doryopteris genus mrcaott17696ott119646 7
ott373105 Dipsastraea genus mrcaott18935ott34489 4
ott142386 Pentameris genus mrcaott52290ott255513 3
ott1077003 Lysinibacillus genus mrcaott9147ott9959 2
ott66726 Rhododendron genus ott687688 2
ott289066 Messor genus mrcaott35465ott36213 5
ott69590 Pleopeltis genus mrcaott8536ott68532 8
ott761078 Sphecodosoma genus mrcaott226848ott761077 2
ott859313 Comanthosphace genus mrcaott284548ott859311 2
ott925626 Petrarctus genus mrcaott14033ott67715 3
ott810649 Munida genus ott757798 4
ott68437 Aerococcaceae family mrcaott217ott1456 4
ott261573 Cornulariidae family ott507945 2
ott261572 Stolonifera suborder ott507945 8
ott927289 Platyrrhinus genus mrcaott132184ott232380 2
ott1015445 Mops genus mrcaott435174ott482055 5
ott720813 Leucocoprinus genus mrcaott76427ott163796 2
ott93178 Polypodiales order mrcaott784ott48460 2
ott898706 Fidelia genus ott155447 2
ott730558 Coeranoscincus genus mrcaott418263ott444934 2
ott907017 Crocus reticulatus species mrcaott11796ott11802 2
ott85594 Rhodobacter genus mrcaott3861ott12290 3
ott458709 Drosophila subgenus Drosophila subgenus mrcaott3952ott26987 9
ott736328 Macrobrachium genus mrcaott1396ott1397 3
ott131364 Hylini tribe mrcaott3289ott40328 4
ott977324 Melpomene genus mrcaott148290ott199256 2
ott449550 Amycolatopsis genus mrcaott11491ott15997 3
ott445276 Benthamiella genus mrcaott162209ott383965 3
ott989246 Plectosphaerellaceae family ott184550 4
ott322277 Phalacrocorax genus ott969838 4
ott889045 Murinae subfamily mrcaott102ott283439 24
ott6063178 Trichodesmeae tribe ott6062534 2
ott453736 Neckera genus mrcaott12603ott78310 2
ott5744623 Zizaniinae subtribe ott415723 2
ott175267 Phoca genus mrcaott22064ott664062 2
ott414932 Mielichhoferia genus mrcaott48398ott154857 2
ott842309 Trochocyathus genus mrcaott150ott15231 3
ott751446 Zoramia genus mrcaott38846ott230341 3
ott631422 Enterococcus casseliflavus species mrcaott161789ott202326 2
ott630461 Tetragonula genus mrcaott108773ott573111 2
ott2839787 Neopeltidae family mrcaott164227ott2839800 2
ott1043279 Tylenchida order mrcaott1958ott2229 3
ott5424357 Dorylaimia subclass ott395057 3
ott237312 Azoarcus genus mrcaott4788ott4789 2
ott351000 Hapalosiphon genus mrcaott42824ott52876 3
ott43570 Echinoida order ott669472 5
ott450451 Tongoloa genus mrcaott70622ott529048 3
ott685100 Ictonyx genus mrcaott111024ott1061038 2
ott5064696 Chalcodryidae family mrcaott54229ott5064698 2
ott1075167 Pellaea genus mrcaott5086ott17698 15
ott578646 Nodularia genus mrcaott1972ott2228 9
ott79055 Etheostoma subgenus Etheostoma subgenus mrcaott96976ott208732 3
ott175686 Anomospermum genus mrcaott124723ott175692 2
ott149373 Calycophorae suborder ott711116 4
ott5799341 Cyclodorippinae subfamily ott38068 2
ott657620 Rhopilema genus ott369199 2
ott885601 Crocus biflorus species mrcaott11791ott11796 6
ott520961 Nautiliales order ott457116 2
ott136034 Riparia genus mrcaott16185ott16194 3
ott623140 Syntrophobacterales order mrcaott50ott140429 3
ott790992 Asterophryinae subfamily mrcaott4884ott27650 5
ott737324 Hamamelidaceae family mrcaott2464ott51521 4
ott393262 Cerapachyinae subfamily mrcaott7438ott5553505 5
ott122715 Coriobacteriaceae family mrcaott47ott50 4
ott25289 Euclidieae tribe mrcaott4677ott47430 3
ott74034 Mobiluncus mulieris species mrcaott93516ott639233 2
ott764400 Colubridae family mrcaott1662ott2991 15
ott28348 Carduelis genus mrcaott6366ott6375 6
ott237403 Nannomys subgenus ott1068778 2
ott155686 Cacosternum genus mrcaott115352ott155681 2
ott237404 Pyromys subgenus ott1068778 2
ott721225 Tigrigobius genus mrcaott9506ott44902 3
ott245329 Hylinae subfamily mrcaott177ott17126 4
ott231672 Acetivibrio genus mrcaott47ott104960 4
ott888714 Drynaria genus mrcaott41521ott371125 3
ott434005 Asteriscus genus mrcaott197890ott245278 2
ott1021 Rhigozum genus mrcaott1016ott505628 2
ott707237 Xylocopinae subfamily mrcaott470ott17851 2
ott5666735 Phlegmariurus genus mrcaott45183ott45185 5
ott804711 Prosuberites genus mrcaott50317ott253716 3
ott376748 Cornufer genus mrcaott270630ott320888 3
ott530997 Blepharocalyx genus mrcaott9519ott9523 3
ott624771 Leucopternis genus mrcaott8285ott33798 5
ott238842 Gomphocarpus genus ott5518228 4
ott1001048 Cocculus genus mrcaott292975ott346181 3
ott5340833 Schoeniclus genus mrcaott28339ott516969 4
ott767276 Parachlamydiaceae family mrcaott114246ott154405 2
ott535794 Kassina genus mrcaott369244ott462982 3
ott1068896 Bacillus genus mrcaott47ott53 11
ott5553756 Syngnathiaria no rank mrcaott13581ott105919 2
ott1068893 Bacillales order mrcaott47ott53 9
ott318651 Pyrgomantis genus mrcaott15215ott318650 2
ott477675 Chasmocranus genus mrcaott129838ott205351 3
ott6009872 Doodia genus mrcaott30448ott253626 4
ott707132 Tillandsia genus mrcaott29174ott29177 3
ott207725 Boletales order ott1012685 8
ott470454 Haemophilus genus mrcaott4621ott4622 6
ott912175 Rhipsalis teres species mrcaott200696ott200698 2
ott815958 Mastigamoebidae family mrcaott902342ott958215 2
ott113253 Cichlinae subfamily ott661652 2
ott353718 Thamnophis genus mrcaott50497ott96823 2
ott614459 Zamiaceae family mrcaott11392ott83825 2
ott479633 Auriglobus genus mrcaott479634ott3631193 2
ott695690 Bellardia genus mrcaott76694ott83798 2
ott477452 Entomoneis genus mrcaott115630ott193658 3
ott796113 bristle tarsi subgroup species subgroup mrcaott264598ott314820 3
ott314141 Astragalus genus mrcaott11248ott11250 5
ott1082272 Drosophila pseudoobscura species ott863001 2
ott796115 split tarsi subgroup species subgroup ott251321 2
ott825758 Peucedanum genus mrcaott1673ott1678 4
ott419068 Ophiocordycipitaceae family ott184550 10
ott419069 Cordycipitaceae family ott184550 12
ott132686 Gerres genus ott132684 3
ott5999849 Vibrio oreintalis group species group mrcaott55138ott124752 3
ott1035575 Heuchera genus mrcaott67930ott67934 4
ott287089 Haloclavidae family mrcaott58282ott278329 3
ott98322 Rhipsalis dissimilis species mrcaott98326ott98327 2
ott163919 Erotylidae family mrcaott14504ott14506 3
ott560307 Acacia genus mrcaott2644ott9304 20
ott846870 Manuleeae tribe mrcaott31493ott34571 2
ott6158879 Rana subgenus Rana subgenus mrcaott14688ott295557 4
ott850425 prasinophytes class ott979501 2
ott15464 Sphinctomyrmex genus mrcaott7438ott7439 4
ott467878 Certhiinae subfamily mrcaott25638ott157232 2
ott243249 tripunctata subgroup IV species subgroup mrcaott26987ott121253 3
ott959450 Marasmius genus ott817243 2
ott119211 Buteo genus mrcaott8285ott33791 4
ott5762539 Eugenia group no rank mrcaott9519ott9525 4
ott308750 Scombridae family mrcaott12213ott24509 3
ott15312 Agalmatidae family mrcaott15308ott15310 4
ott137782 Chromatiaceae family mrcaott103ott1562 4
ott119447 Hymeniacidon genus mrcaott8829ott25808 5
ott119446 Halichondriidae family ott588758 10
ott1007602 Leskeaceae family mrcaott3217ott11137 11
ott33313 Podalyria genus mrcaott33311ott162664 2
ott216470 Cnemaspis genus mrcaott1771ott24889 4
ott441950 Alcanivoracaceae family mrcaott103ott1562 4
ott315301 Sertularia genus mrcaott58252ott58259 5
ott767690 Buthraupis genus mrcaott433922ott593412 4
ott292628 Tropidocyathus genus ott272118 2
ott897565 Ulodidae family mrcaott156994ott4620222 2
ott262724 Cladobotryum genus mrcaott48ott3264 5
ott897566 Zopheridae family mrcaott387ott3369 4
ott363646 Mastigiidae family mrcaott117206ott1096742 2
ott292621 Anthemiphyllia genus mrcaott15231ott191140 4
ott711863 Carpodacus genus mrcaott6366ott157599 7
ott333692 Meuschenia genus mrcaott149948ott149951 3
ott618886 Myrmicini tribe mrcaott5525ott8038 5
ott58189 Melyridae family ott765498 3
ott644816 Taeniacanthidae family mrcaott92633ott834287 4
ott934535 Spongiphoridae family mrcaott12588ott106878 4
ott748479 Hymenopodinae subfamily mrcaott12253ott268496 2
ott759408 Automolus genus mrcaott23742ott138187 6
ott1098174 Actinobacillus genus mrcaott4621ott4622 5
ott652344 Buchnereae tribe mrcaott1016ott1452 6
ott234192 Cylindrophiidae family mrcaott44995ott431364 2
ott543067 Ophidioidei suborder ott224059 2
ott672497 Tachinidae family mrcaott646ott4023 2
ott549560 Aplysinopsis genus mrcaott38423ott549559 2
ott662240 Serranus genus mrcaott44903ott44904 2
ott1023734 Eurycea genus mrcaott133627ott133636 2
ott12832 Calothrix genus mrcaott355ott1337 7
ott556831 Gaudichaudia genus mrcaott24891ott195340 3
ott418137 Lasiini tribe mrcaott4706ott35466 4
ott472800 Chaetocercus genus mrcaott11009ott18711 2
ott63403 Awaous genus mrcaott23328ott45176 2
ott11450 Dennstaedtia genus mrcaott11456ott13596 3
ott1098759 Coturnix genus mrcaott80414ott602029 3
ott258604 Ophiurina suborder mrcaott26594ott60289 2
ott74640 Periclimenes genus ott6188076 6
ott3914740 Chamaesyce subgenus ott864036 21
ott418138 Camponotini tribe mrcaott4706ott5523 3
ott1039984 Carolliinae subfamily mrcaott9379ott201779 2
ott1018234 Zenarchopteridae family mrcaott6991ott427485 2
ott1068482 Tropidophiidae family mrcaott1662ott35603 3
ott977097 Asterinidae family mrcaott4288ott84519 2
ott699165 Streptococcus agalactiae species mrcaott48312ott48313 2
ott1027080 Lactobacillus jensenii species mrcaott295260ott339639 2
ott458953 Lasioglossum genus mrcaott11822ott112402 5
ott5406007 Euplectellinae subfamily mrcaott99580ott154406 2
ott583848 Asclepias genus ott5518228 4
ott458954 Seladonia genus mrcaott188795ott188796 2
ott782619 Astilbe genus mrcaott26027ott61060 2
ott1093476 Tenebrionidae family mrcaott6437ott14237 3
ott810647 Galatheidae family mrcaott36155ott37298 3
ott68439 Lactobacillales order mrcaott217ott1456 17
ott714629 Epidendroideae subfamily ott568878 3
ott469825 Vaillantia subgenus mrcaott152341ott340825 2
ott759510 Leptasthenura genus mrcaott213263ott239633 2
ott806709 Dendrogastridae family ott1085215 2
ott909340 Cerapachyini tribe mrcaott7438ott5553505 6
ott692696 Echimyidae family mrcaott60787ott82578 3
ott582710 Difflugina suborder mrcaott50794ott61625 6
ott662403 Lasiopodomys genus mrcaott427965ott5925533 2
ott503060 Barnadesia lehmannii species ott515698 2
ott75255 Emberizini tribe mrcaott4088ott5616 6
ott238735 Baeckea genus mrcaott107148ott107159 2
ott619373 Aplysinidae family mrcaott11579ott117515 3
ott300742 Aphaenogaster genus mrcaott35465ott57359 2
ott975972 Etmopterus genus mrcaott11147ott12069 3
ott4713188 Lovenellidae family mrcaott442ott33385 4
ott288417 robusta group species group mrcaott15290ott15291 2
ott5690822 Radiogrammitis genus mrcaott123686ott697850 7
ott288413 mercatorum subgroup species subgroup mrcaott104619ott167983 2
ott288412 quinaria group species group mrcaott86637ott181306 2
ott181892 Squaliformes order mrcaott11147ott12069 5
ott6369758 Flabellum subgenus Flabellum subgenus mrcaott120341ott144960 4
ott1054198 Surirella genus mrcaott321877ott371139 2
ott509352 Hylaeamys genus mrcaott739ott24854 2
ott757629 Clausocalanidae family mrcaott29522ott396485 2
ott587223 Cladrastis genus mrcaott5457ott264484 2
ott587436 Brasilonema genus mrcaott355ott140749 2
ott348065 Cynipinae subfamily ott483924 2
ott827228 Chloromyxidae family mrcaott7706ott285443 2
ott23043 Taterillus genus mrcaott79088ott404792 2
ott878840 Gloeothece genus mrcaott7054ott12204 4
ott997978 Philydor genus mrcaott23742ott138187 8
ott970874 Noctuinae subfamily mrcaott6725ott7379 2
ott45648 Pectobacterium genus mrcaott103ott1442 4
ott685640 Boletaceae family ott1012685 9
ott557615 Pithoascus genus mrcaott12794ott52324 4
ott770143 Trimma genus mrcaott147856ott170362 2
ott507367 Melaleuca genus ott5747115 3
ott1027100 Sphaerospora genus ott412089 2
ott34246 Lycodes genus mrcaott34255ott66124 2
ott1027103 Tarachodidae family mrcaott12249ott12253 10
ott687300 Geophagini tribe mrcaott6221ott8411 3
ott885838 Heliotropium genus ott5728206 2
ott173811 Protoxerini tribe mrcaott152097ott152101 2
ott614519 Polyprionidae family mrcaott162856ott454618 2
ott250174 Schoenobiinae subfamily mrcaott22028ott49119 2
ott5890754 Deferribacteres no rank mrcaott50ott1100 2
ott5690824 Mycopteris genus mrcaott135049ott759935 4
ott883413 Pleuronectiformes order ott5553751 2
ott277145 Rhodospirillales order mrcaott143ott295 4
ott152352 Hemiasterellidae family ott588758 4
ott5248781 Gymnodiniphycidae no rank ott5246809 7
ott1088767 Chroococcidiopsis genus mrcaott355ott3678 3
ott589579 Omaliinae group no rank mrcaott405ott407 3
ott386499 Favites genus mrcaott18935ott28681 6
ott817769 Pseudomys genus mrcaott50168ott399973 5
ott788518 Pelletiera genus mrcaott383202ott970634 2
ott821618 Aureoboletus genus mrcaott4100ott42929 5
ott140580 Eremopterix genus mrcaott636366ott3597518 2
ott611807 Erebidae family mrcaott1655ott2624 3
ott669652 Burkholderia ambifaria species mrcaott55779ott260328 2
ott960164 Duttaphrynus genus mrcaott53745ott79432 2
ott525145 Xenophrys genus mrcaott18818ott205327 3
ott474761 Maxomys genus mrcaott474763ott606407 2
ott831481 Mertensophryne genus mrcaott53733ott202711 2
ott1026618 Lellingeria genus mrcaott9782ott9793 5
ott1026615 Micropolypodium genus mrcaott123686ott155126 3
ott67198 Citharichthys genus mrcaott257080ott654485 2
ott302900 Coccocypselum genus mrcaott69681ott302902 2
ott1026612 Calymmodon genus mrcaott123686ott155126 3
ott785185 Penelopides genus mrcaott6895ott6906 2
ott492335 Blattoidea superfamily ott920179 2
ott679525 Costus genus ott679527 3
ott559884 Fornicata no rank ott2927065 4
ott1080297 Hypsugo genus mrcaott11548ott30809 4
ott97314 Melozone genus mrcaott6023ott97315 3
ott414579 Physalaemus genus mrcaott72626ott210639 2
ott174187 Thespinae subfamily mrcaott12249ott15196 4
ott174184 Photininae subfamily mrcaott15217ott20112 3
ott57088 Myrocarpus genus mrcaott57090ott359844 2
ott174188 Tarachodinae subfamily mrcaott15215ott68637 8
ott17587 Meandrinidae family mrcaott50354ott50367 2
ott71326 Podospongiidae family mrcaott8829ott25808 4
ott71327 Poecilosclerida order mrcaott8829ott25808 14
ott471198 Acrochordoidea superfamily mrcaott1662ott106872 2
ott71329 Lissodendoryx genus mrcaott16797ott16803 5
ott297199 Imparfinis genus mrcaott129838ott205351 4
ott256502 Parrotia genus mrcaott256506ott256513 2
ott665185 Diglossa genus mrcaott23956ott79993 2
ott24552 Atoposmia genus mrcaott24551ott545695 2
ott87619 Lacerta genus mrcaott24281ott135370 3
ott600685 Cryomorphaceae family ott1082712 2
ott384895 Enoplida order mrcaott10154ott14737 2
ott313132 Caprimulgiformes order mrcaott5481ott51270 3
ott1083674 Pedobacter genus mrcaott6722ott6723 2
ott56599 Marchantia genus ott765246 2
ott87617 Eumeces genus mrcaott320985ott387305 2
ott43569 Echinacea superorder ott669472 3
ott218153 Rhamdia genus mrcaott123331ott123333 2
ott508710 Isodictyidae family mrcaott16787ott71332 3
ott43567 Echinidae family mrcaott360ott26831 4
ott1075152 Pterois genus ott204660 2
ott776703 Ardisia genus ott47346 3
ott171392 Juanulloeae tribe mrcaott74560ott171395 3
ott431734 Molytinae subfamily mrcaott413ott15327 2
ott359817 Esperiopsidae family mrcaott16787ott71332 3
ott580151 Melanocorypha genus mrcaott110606ott156647 3
ott513426 Artibeus glaucus species mrcaott130225ott556347 2
ott61626 Heroini tribe ott687285 2
ott675223 Crocus vernus species mrcaott63476ott332480 2
ott661672 Limnochromini tribe mrcaott4822ott25786 3
ott893787 Nostoc genus mrcaott1972ott2228 11
ott823470 Callogorgia genus ott84508 3
ott259942 Sylviidae family mrcaott246ott4820 12
ott76932 Rhogeessa genus mrcaott76914ott76933 2
ott188958 Pottiales order ott821346 5
ott17811 BOP clade no rank mrcaott252ott655 2
ott755481 Ulvophyceae class mrcaott185ott599 2
ott270440 Sternopygidae family mrcaott444ott634726 2
ott921123 Sinularia genus mrcaott161824ott334770 2
ott5557313 Macrouroidei suborder mrcaott5855ott185096 2
ott5557314 Gadoidei suborder ott114162 3
ott974494 Eriolarynx genus mrcaott240240ott315007 2
ott456804 Lepidopora genus ott590280 6
ott431932 Gastroptychus genus mrcaott364350ott653787 4
ott769488 Danafungia genus mrcaott120337ott120343 2
ott360356 Propionibacterium acnes species ott360373 3
ott209281 Actinobacteraeota no rank mrcaott47ott50 4
ott241305 Cynipidae family ott483924 2
ott10961 Aethridae family mrcaott89927ott389941 2
ott63880 Osmiini tribe mrcaott12651ott723510 6
ott63881 Hoplitis genus mrcaott14552ott14556 3
ott430311 Tetraponera genus ott256687 2
ott4117133 Pattonomys genus mrcaott215382ott264064 2
ott5069 Monogramma genus mrcaott9724ott9727 4
ott709972 Axinella genus ott588758 6
ott136331 Chaetalictus subgenus mrcaott10469ott154413 3
ott19212 Sordariomyceta no rank ott184550 22
ott376756 Platymantis genus ott5926147 4
ott554575 Microcystis novacekii species mrcaott86480ott86484 2
ott727884 Chrysomus genus mrcaott125474ott364339 3
ott170604 Grammomys genus mrcaott398629ott400681 2
ott206228 Thalurania genus mrcaott18677ott270246 3
ott82575 Stegnogramma genus mrcaott52458ott172842 3
ott389378 Petrosiidae family mrcaott9622ott56952 7
ott389379 Petrosia genus mrcaott9622ott56952 5
ott726379 Stromatinia genus mrcaott3913ott485228 2
ott530250 Seiridium genus mrcaott105382ott173690 2
ott445856 Lactobacillaceae family mrcaott4345ott4988 8
ott318649 Tarachodes genus mrcaott15215ott430887 3
ott570037 Dontostemon genus mrcaott4671ott49411 2
ott767673 Emberizinae subfamily mrcaott4088ott5616 29
ott353526 Pomatorhinus genus mrcaott25606ott25608 3
ott795495 Stephanocyathus subgenus Stephanocyathus subgenus mrcaott54425ott159374 3
ott164652 Mus subgenus Mus subgenus ott1068778 2
ott536354 Agalma genus mrcaott15314ott536353 2
ott5249079 Cylindrospermosis no rank mrcaott1972ott1976 4
ott5406009 Corbitellinae subfamily ott758624 4
ott1035588 Saxifragaceae family ott5316182 7
ott47740 Scouleriaceae family mrcaott1769ott454747 2
ott284450 Puniceicoccaceae family ott793486 2
ott235797 Lithoglyptidae family ott363893 2
ott19367 Macronous genus mrcaott19368ott174119 3
ott19365 Alcippe genus mrcaott1488ott3358 5
ott1060092 Lotononis genus mrcaott102045ott102800 2
ott155230 Trebouxiophyceae class mrcaott185ott599 5
ott155232 Dendrocolaptidae family mrcaott12255ott99177 5
ott5809618 Epialtinae subfamily mrcaott13379ott212900 4
ott783816 Paragymnopteris genus mrcaott75460ott360406 2
ott584496 Crocus gargaricus species mrcaott11791ott11796 2
ott293051 Pyrgomatidae family mrcaott129220ott465532 2
ott533097 Cycloramphidae family mrcaott65695ott254163 2
ott1005127 Pimpinella genus mrcaott1673ott5166 4
ott976837 Gnathoprosopis subgenus mrcaott24941ott331039 2
ott363181 Bythitidae family mrcaott61951ott80330 4
ott363180 Bythitoidei suborder mrcaott61951ott80330 4
ott1098618 Oriolus chinensis species mrcaott114674ott636501 2
ott296263 Bonneviella genus mrcaott296260ott296264 2
ott478664 Cranioleuca genus mrcaott3214ott29992 4
ott278050 Douglasia genus mrcaott6338ott215491 4
ott1060671 Monotrete genus mrcaott23432ott498451 2
ott299567 Scomberomorini tribe mrcaott48242ott53653 2
ott781900 Spizocorys genus mrcaott156647ott781897 2
ott4057529 Haematonectria genus ott184550 3
ott934540 Syzygium genus ott5747108 2
ott514824 Eleutherodactylus subgenus Eleutherodactylus subgenus ott889366 7
ott91081 Phyllotis genus mrcaott91085ott113707 3
ott295685 picture wing clade no rank mrcaott32496ott63100 2
ott292638 Amphispiza genus mrcaott6023ott243614 3
ott590498 Cyrtandra ootensis species mrcaott17741ott590500 2
ott309295 Blautia genus mrcaott80103ott125004 4
ott252435 Methanocaldococcaceae family ott565091 2
ott678300 Ctenopteris genus mrcaott9782ott123686 4
ott284927 Aspidomorphus genus mrcaott3192ott67154 2
ott284925 Toxicocalamus genus mrcaott3192ott16151 3
ott284924 Notechinae subfamily mrcaott3192ott16151 7
ott5800483 Indosylvirana genus mrcaott6996ott130110 2
ott408493 Myobatrachoidea superfamily mrcaott7464ott104946 4
ott485821 Pelobatidae family ott485820 2
ott937563 Acanthophiinae subfamily mrcaott3192ott6128 5
ott309100 Craniella genus mrcaott84637ott356170 3
ott734790 Hypnaceae family mrcaott3217ott3663 18
ott12800 Scopulariopsis genus mrcaott12794ott12795 12
ott415197 Lasioglossum subgenus Lasioglossum subgenus mrcaott112402ott182776 2
ott595805 Raspailiidae family ott588758 10
ott479958 Antiperyphanes subgenus mrcaott88789ott170156 3
ott656906 Sessiliflorae suborder ott507947 3
ott586087 Herbstia genus mrcaott13379ott212900 3
ott504672 Camelineae tribe mrcaott19798ott31487 2
ott412400 Edwardsiidae family mrcaott119905ott723767 3
ott614715 Saurodactylus genus mrcaott148543ott333617 2
ott605303 Acidovorax genus mrcaott95ott559 2
ott5345858 Ceratocystis genus ott184550 7
ott678998 Brygoomantis subgenus mrcaott29289ott41958 3
ott240538 Palaeoptera subclass ott1048707 2
ott256085 Epialtidae family mrcaott13379ott212900 4
ott928035 Ovabunda genus mrcaott298941ott437938 2
ott610398 Fusobacterium periodonticum species mrcaott186454ott278998 2
ott683406 Betaproteobacteria class mrcaott89ott90 5
ott620030 Dictyocline genus mrcaott606451ott957685 2
ott28961 Ptilinopus genus mrcaott17146ott28962 6
ott563315 Calliergonaceae family mrcaott52670ott155569 2
ott308741 Gobiidae family mrcaott7815ott9211 23
ott284630 Amietophrynus genus mrcaott10759ott26609 4
ott45502 Hydractiniidae family ott444336 3
ott918271 Kudoa genus mrcaott12382ott18892 3
ott548799 Bryaceae family mrcaott5529ott11723 3
ott631135 Sertularella genus mrcaott18481ott58252 3
ott469833 Oligocephalus subgenus ott814725 4
ott734459 Stomiidae family ott701557 4
ott631133 Symplectoscyphus genus mrcaott6501ott135113 3
ott856399 Euphorbia sect. Monadenium species group mrcaott345ott8051 3
ott616744 Capitellida order mrcaott24ott51599 3
ott5759094 Galeorhininae subfamily mrcaott19944ott748408 3
ott5759095 Triakinae subfamily mrcaott29729ott47455 2
ott655830 Leucogyrophana genus mrcaott109ott1939 4
ott254777 Mannheimia genus mrcaott4621ott4622 3
ott655283 Onoserideae tribe ott46248 2
ott918270 Kudoidae family mrcaott12382ott18892 3
ott191580 Bacteroides genus mrcaott13148ott19172 6
ott597614 Paracolletinae subfamily mrcaott470ott1174 6
ott225270 commelinids subclass mrcaott121ott334 2
ott619449 Prayidae family mrcaott15308ott110785 4
ott129260 Olindiidae family mrcaott431ott442 3
ott863888 Phaeomegaceros genus ott133086 2
ott301605 Mormopterus genus mrcaott130215ott131230 4
ott687363 Botrychium genus mrcaott33066ott113196 3
ott640557 Cardinalini tribe mrcaott4088ott23955 7
ott925398 Cheilinus genus mrcaott100791ott120301 3
ott960307 Benthamiellieae tribe ott473827 2
ott336756 Limnodynastes genus mrcaott143661ott276278 2
ott87893 Pimelodidae family mrcaott884ott3261 4
ott402514 Aeonium arboreum species mrcaott492395ott634433 2
ott6063005 Omphalodeae tribe mrcaott25419ott82993 2
ott427898 Picoides genus mrcaott45511ott55488 3
ott520288 Hapalomantinae subfamily mrcaott12249ott20109 3
ott5759325 Poeae Chloroplast Group 1 (Aveneae type) no rank mrcaott672ott6874 3
ott1032749 Stigmaphyllon genus mrcaott195425ott631194 3
ott5759322 Triticinae subtribe ott693954 4
ott340318 Tectaria genus mrcaott18529ott18533 7
ott612081 Campanulinidae family ott981800 5
ott5819794 Rhinonycteridae family mrcaott31956ott221782 2
ott537393 Arthrospira indica species mrcaott43559ott674323 3
ott214115 Labridae family ott501484 8
ott1015192 Milvago genus mrcaott438657ott438664 3
ott76254 Dasypodaini tribe mrcaott76247ott76251 3
ott187642 Physonectae suborder ott711116 3
ott339932 Cosmospora genus mrcaott9155ott9179 2
ott968359 Cerambycidae family mrcaott11244ott21732 3
ott931942 Poecilanthe genus ott1090344 2
ott130147 Sciomyzidae family mrcaott8704ott8840 4
ott698027 Helicobacter genus mrcaott8800ott8803 3
ott13852 Anthracothorax genus mrcaott125767ott294131 2
ott748480 Chrysomantis genus mrcaott12253ott274537 2
ott724264 Nodularia spumigena species mrcaott1972ott2228 7
ott648437 Pseudantechinus genus mrcaott74729ott379181 4
ott1057431 Palpiphitime genus mrcaott143300ott665754 2
ott1084470 Anthopleura genus mrcaott58282ott73924 5
ott485472 Pleodorina genus mrcaott130653ott162121 3
ott515153 Paridae family ott1041547 4
ott338350 Sophophora subgenus mrcaott4410ott86627 2
ott448551 Afrotyphlops genus mrcaott448541ott448544 2
ott427864 Bryanae superorder mrcaott1066ott1769 10
ott557203 Hymenidium genus mrcaott1673ott62938 3
ott145121 Syngnathoidei suborder mrcaott13581ott105919 3
ott145120 Syngnathiformes order mrcaott13581ott105919 2
ott6062557 Cynoglosseae tribe mrcaott25419ott347429 2
ott431234 Staphylinidae family mrcaott405ott407 5
ott442500 Lycium genus ott484918 2
ott406277 Micranthes genus mrcaott78738ott78764 2
ott464783 Pseudallescheria genus mrcaott108958ott140836 3
ott590514 Polypodium genus mrcaott8532ott23149 17
ott464780 Microascus genus mrcaott12794ott12795 10
ott686906 Phloeostichidae family mrcaott387612ott5052857 2
ott686904 Silvanidae family mrcaott409ott52349 3
ott8597 Sparganium erectum species mrcaott120800ott452423 2
ott195649 Athyrium genus ott526834 5
ott627081 Physaraceae family mrcaott15654ott35076 3
ott686908 Cryptophagidae family mrcaott409ott136419 2
ott640561 Icteridae family mrcaott29804ott99175 9
ott93172 Angiopteris genus mrcaott7848ott7850 2
ott840747 Oligochaeta subclass ott563197 2
ott4695 Aonyx genus mrcaott4709ott310488 2
ott174191 Vatinae subfamily mrcaott12253ott15215 4
ott276608 Chalcopsitta genus mrcaott276605ott417918 2
ott200260 Ligusticum genus mrcaott1673ott14159 4
ott828979 Luffariella genus mrcaott114788ott828978 2
ott784827 Elachistidae family mrcaott3234ott4942 6
ott322239 Tiaropsidae family mrcaott54550ott570025 2
ott675478 Terpios genus ott588758 3
ott71331 Coelosphaeridae family mrcaott16797ott16803 7
ott502095 Napothera genus mrcaott381513ott381518 4
ott486652 Mediodactylus genus mrcaott48224ott406928 2
ott440559 Odorrana genus mrcaott114ott14375 2
ott174825 Brucella genus mrcaott7339ott28970 5
ott700837 Prumnopitys genus mrcaott76520ott154872 2
ott587933 Beryciformes order ott108719 3
ott594781 Amolops genus mrcaott114ott43298 2
ott943201 Lutjanus genus mrcaott7429ott7434 3
ott112389 Osirini tribe mrcaott15193ott15238 3
ott606945 Tethyidae family mrcaott99621ott152347 2
ott955418 Gaga genus mrcaott63515ott387669 2
ott840290 Colostethus genus mrcaott7257ott58996 2
ott172866 Peridiniales order mrcaott4510ott5244 8
ott172867 Gonyaulax genus mrcaott26865ott67592 3
ott843522 Oscillatoria genus mrcaott594ott3166 12
ott5998854 Erwiniaceae family mrcaott103ott9270 6
ott81906 Allodape genus mrcaott17851ott28972 3
ott897164 Torrubiella genus mrcaott6659ott8226 5
ott818861 Anteholosticha genus mrcaott2981ott194283 2
ott580143 Noblella genus ott446314 3
ott875962 Aizopsis genus mrcaott300985ott526579 3
ott1016357 Dermanura genus mrcaott130225ott658640 2
ott417669 Thrinacophorinae subfamily mrcaott50317ott74537 3
ott5669404 Bonneviellidae family mrcaott296260ott296264 2
ott893791 Aphanizomenon genus mrcaott1976ott6932 5
ott5669409 Subsessiliflorae suborder ott507947 3
ott378121 Peltinae subfamily mrcaott232402ott473419 3
ott417667 Raspailiinae subfamily ott588758 7
ott177069 Turdoides genus mrcaott3358ott177063 2
ott223337 Madagalictus subgenus mrcaott10469ott78784 3
ott5479013 Berberidoideae no rank ott297866 3
ott394961 Eulemur fulvus species ott394968 3
ott92496 Lysmata genus mrcaott1396ott22196 3
ott5479016 Ranunculoideae subfamily mrcaott2441ott15423 2
ott136492 Tapeinidium genus ott859080 2
ott589416 Planococcaceae family mrcaott3174ott3911 3
ott371735 Sesioidea superfamily mrcaott100ott9946 4
ott338823 Corallium genus ott338821 2
ott371736 Zygaenoidea superfamily mrcaott3239ott5088 5
ott371731 Apoditrysia no rank mrcaott100ott24148 11
ott3600667 Leucocarbo genus mrcaott9831ott323108 2
ott399757 Celestus genus mrcaott130800ott362568 3
ott371732 Obtectomera no rank mrcaott100ott146 9
ott959165 Balanidae family mrcaott43613ott630775 10
ott221427 Leposoma genus mrcaott15139ott15141 2
ott974160 Latridiidae family mrcaott12180ott30063 3
ott728529 Capicola genus mrcaott76247ott447360 2
ott824737 Ctenochaetus genus mrcaott47507ott250276 3
ott851918 Ingeae tribe mrcaott8878ott8880 4
ott817403 Platysteiridae subfamily mrcaott21003ott252028 3
ott5787486 Ibacinae subfamily mrcaott14033ott64913 2
ott192009 Macroglossinae subfamily ott574742 4
ott89832 Typhlops genus mrcaott56992ott57760 3
ott286811 Neisseria gonorrhoeae species mrcaott233491ott403878 3
ott5147186 Euphorbia sect. Aphyllis species group mrcaott46545ott46547 2
ott380472 Teuthida order ott854107 2
ott5247948 FamilyI no rank ott225495 23
ott118084 Draconinae subfamily mrcaott19772ott926037 4
ott118085 Dermacoccaceae family mrcaott4529ott7892 2
ott1097484 Cunila genus mrcaott23346ott105003 5
ott5147188 Euphorbia subsect. Macaronesicae species subgroup mrcaott46545ott46547 2
ott990738 Phaeobacter genus mrcaott11362ott15051 4
ott213792 Dryopsis genus mrcaott21809ott87321 3
ott541149 Atelomycterus genus mrcaott541140ott541147 2
ott1082137 Regina genus mrcaott13129ott235161 3
ott722171 Lastreopsis genus mrcaott293153ott1005821 2
ott880663 Sarritor genus mrcaott143730ott200662 3
ott910233 Enterococcaceae family mrcaott1125ott2267 5
ott253712 Paratimea genus mrcaott145568ott253713 2
ott106660 Tournefortia genus mrcaott6398ott6399 2
ott189953 Lygosominae subfamily mrcaott58965ott227421 3
ott779640 Phakellia genus ott588758 3
ott1090340 Dalbergieae tribe mrcaott579ott3942 5
ott1090347 Galegeae tribe mrcaott579ott5723 4
ott5227833 Dilophonotini tribe ott5227729 2
ott19372 Actinodura genus mrcaott300218ott353117 2
ott505512 Ptenochirus genus mrcaott113380ott200150 2
ott235777 Emydura genus mrcaott2982ott136733 2
ott335053 Diplosalis genus mrcaott435818ott534244 2
ott430873 Arthrobacter genus mrcaott175ott176 2
ott57862 Elapidae family mrcaott3192ott677289 7
ott767325 Pseudomonadaceae family mrcaott89ott90 6
ott202137 Gomphrena genus mrcaott154813ott202145 2
ott1097399 Tockus genus ott489457 2
ott360760 Chelemys genus mrcaott36152ott360758 2
ott1009864 Hylocharis genus mrcaott5481ott11001 6
ott275989 Chlorophyceae class ott979501 7
ott947452 Pottiaceae family ott821346 5
ott353468 Petiveriaceae family mrcaott174030ott174038 2
ott856839 Proceratiini tribe ott269250 2
ott102922 Lendenfeldia genus mrcaott102526ott114782 2
ott720204 Sicalis genus mrcaott20546ott491045 2
ott102924 Phyllospongia genus mrcaott102925ott114786 3
ott102927 Hyrtios genus mrcaott19317ott38423 4
ott571566 Subergorgiidae family mrcaott3689ott178661 3
ott114168 Gadus genus mrcaott56885ott56889 2
ott421883 Pseuduvaria genus mrcaott72717ott72719 2
ott457660 Axinyssa genus ott588758 4
ott329629 Sternopygoidei suborder ott216180 3
ott239844 Cobitoidea superfamily ott1005931 3
ott514859 Aglaomorpha genus mrcaott41521ott321875 2
ott58255 Dynamena genus mrcaott58252ott58259 3
ott792630 Suberitidae family ott588758 8
ott288092 Haplochromis genus mrcaott4822ott4823 2
ott4732941 Hypoderris genus mrcaott4732942ott5324274 2
ott47714 Lernaeodiscidae family mrcaott47716ott167281 3
ott777388 Homopus genus mrcaott265491ott464467 3
ott5693480 Onuphinae subfamily mrcaott42379ott140961 3
ott878347 Laminariales order mrcaott2379ott3345 5
ott493179 Trachichthyidae family mrcaott24515ott261743 2
ott950043 Crellidae family mrcaott53792ott74158 3
ott549367 Didymoglossum genus ott915107 5
ott292489 Saurida genus ott292490 2
ott593330 Pectinia genus mrcaott34489ott383577 2
ott792622 Chrysococcyx genus mrcaott550039ott690366 2
ott309111 Cuninidae family mrcaott65478ott320486 2
ott652298 Galium glabrescens species mrcaott78333ott951406 2
ott37185 Desulfovibrio genus ott385234 2
ott135924 Aiptasia genus ott1084481 4
ott658345 Mimon genus mrcaott78017ott780064 2
ott603783 Microchiroptera suborder ott574724 2
ott36120 Aeonium genus mrcaott31402ott31404 3
ott1044814 Amblyodipsas genus mrcaott501365ott1044807 2
ott968162 Pristidactylus genus mrcaott139667ott382357 3
ott244300 Chaos genus mrcaott68587ott244307 2
ott623136 Syntrophaceae family mrcaott140429ott226723 2
ott365901 Lagopsis genus mrcaott116381ott327549 3
ott385968 Cronobacter genus mrcaott616ott10565 2
ott240810 Clarias genus ott828985 2
ott956727 Paranaitis genus mrcaott88838ott122381 2
ott50313 Pseudovates genus mrcaott50309ott192338 2
ott2836202 Candidaspongia genus mrcaott102526ott2836201 2
ott181523 Bombini tribe mrcaott470ott11707 4
ott349023 Notantherinae subtribe mrcaott20991ott162863 2
ott1028017 Heterophasia genus mrcaott25700ott155396 2
ott71212 Schizoeaca genus mrcaott71225ott213260 3
ott349025 Ligarinae subtribe mrcaott20991ott213661 2
ott173159 Mycalidae family mrcaott16787ott16789 4
ott231280 Carybdea genus ott879293 3
ott4724259 Atripliceae tribe ott4724258 3
ott160831 Oplurus genus ott391944 2
ott770096 Dasypodainae subfamily ott584922 3
ott208246 Hypsilurus genus mrcaott116307ott208245 2
ott208244 Lophognathus genus mrcaott32641ott353659 3
ott655479 Hyoscyamus genus mrcaott434585ott434587 2
ott365693 Verticillium genus ott184550 4
ott724182 Celeus genus mrcaott149816ott218452 3
ott415031 Scombrinae subfamily mrcaott12213ott24509 4
ott5838426 Cossinae subfamily mrcaott8541ott20873 4
ott415033 Sardini tribe mrcaott48242ott53658 2
ott556107 Chordariaceae family mrcaott2379ott3345 3
ott5838422 Zeuzerinae subfamily mrcaott3239ott5088 3
ott860401 Synallaxis genus mrcaott173117ott355999 4
ott146025 Phymatopteris genus mrcaott8532ott214069 6
ott229290 Cornales order mrcaott27233ott44289 2
ott758892 Carnoidea superfamily ott133926 7
ott327766 Xerus genus mrcaott327763ott373581 2
ott812216 Nomioides genus mrcaott156079ott473381 2
ott562126 Vachellia genus mrcaott8606ott17129 3
ott686779 Octomeris genus mrcaott6742ott686786 2
ott761268 Ruminococcaceae family mrcaott47ott104960 3
ott884763 Anchusa genus mrcaott27104ott27107 5
ott1085825 Coursetia genus mrcaott37541ott165635 3
ott859881 Alepocephalidae family ott120101 2
ott725335 Cophixalus genus mrcaott4884ott5968 4
ott204199 Parachlorella genus mrcaott629ott10013 3
ott741639 Neotyphodium genus mrcaott5992ott5993 9
ott712188 Hemiancistrus genus mrcaott22071ott73902 3
ott781536 Emballonura genus mrcaott73572ott426050 2
ott562411 Schizaea genus ott687381 2
ott63606 Sargocentron genus ott63599 4
ott966231 Scolecitrichidae family mrcaott17171ott27995 2
ott459979 Galagoides genus mrcaott173071ott202831 2
ott340305 Blechnum genus mrcaott12478ott340299 6
ott658160 Atticora genus mrcaott16185ott136026 3
ott35792 Hydractinia genus ott444336 3
ott990299 Agariciidae family mrcaott150ott50358 3
ott340301 Dryopteridaceae family mrcaott9790ott18537 14
ott826805 Acromantis genus mrcaott12253ott192341 5
ott627015 Zingiberales order mrcaott121ott334 3
ott627012 Marantaceae family mrcaott121ott334 3
ott444267 Brunfelsia brasiliensis species mrcaott444269ott773461 2
ott1088899 Cyclosorus genus mrcaott33266ott47056 4
ott588768 Spongillidae family ott5975692 3
ott373646 Ochrobactrum genus ott828127 3
ott372269 Bodianus genus mrcaott45802ott98446 3
ott534678 Taliepus genus mrcaott13379ott46780 3
ott3866459 Stenogrammitis genus mrcaott20918ott20920 2
ott588762 Spongilla genus ott5975692 2
ott588763 Haliclona genus mrcaott9622ott56952 8
ott588764 Chalinidae family mrcaott9622ott56952 9
ott951142 Eremoneura no rank mrcaott107ott5639 2
ott112266 Sphecodes genus ott473385 2
ott909069 Microtoena genus mrcaott107007ott899232 2
ott5518223 Oxypetalinae subtribe mrcaott20644ott46146 2
ott402233 Pyrrosia genus mrcaott75642ott214079 2
ott1082459 Sphingobacteriia class mrcaott1100ott4863 2
ott1078302 Deconychura genus mrcaott99177ott1036906 2
ott411992 Javania genus mrcaott120341ott144960 3
ott644860 Diacarnus genus mrcaott8829ott25808 3
ott164321 Cichlasomatini tribe ott687285 2
ott840750 Haplotaxida order ott563197 2
ott1000832 Erwinia genus mrcaott4133ott5858 2
ott5254185 Dolichospermum circinale species mrcaott16849ott20937 3
ott999737 Acantharctus genus mrcaott14033ott94633 3
ott111607 Munidopsis genus mrcaott12778ott32449 4
ott933224 Hypeninae subfamily mrcaott1655ott19597 2
ott1078788 Malacocincla genus mrcaott26168ott381513 3
ott828948 Plethodontohyla genus mrcaott106640ott131210 2
ott1032752 Sphedamnocarpus genus mrcaott410050ott569465 2
ott535652 Pseudoleskea genus mrcaott3217ott11137 3
ott5442540 Melanopsaceae family ott641496 2
ott348045 Martes genus mrcaott4697ott80402 2
ott98525 Metathelypteris genus mrcaott98522ott414100 4
ott733987 Dendrocopos genus mrcaott45511ott55488 4
ott430262 Siphonostomatoida order mrcaott12421ott12437 2
ott4138515 Ossancora genus mrcaott267798ott571686 3
ott82293 Methylobacterium genus mrcaott137ott140 3
ott430268 Maxillopoda class ott985906 5
ott863078 Arabideae tribe mrcaott378ott4073 4
ott23159 Phymatosorus genus mrcaott23149ott23167 3
ott885274 Syntrophomonadaceae family mrcaott47ott19087 3
ott620629 Dicranidae subclass ott821346 6
ott365309 Mitella genus mrcaott67930ott67934 8
ott947094 Vibrisseaceae family ott51652 3
ott806703 Apini tribe mrcaott11707ott26937 2
ott1007164 Lyssacinosida order mrcaott3989ott99568 2
ott6019058 Bromelioideae subfamily mrcaott502ott21899 5
ott1984 Trichormus genus mrcaott1972ott2228 3
ott832033 Mesaspis genus mrcaott257654ott257655 3
ott53202 Oenochrominae subfamily mrcaott7111ott28598 2
ott172859 Cyamoninae subfamily mrcaott8829ott25808 3
ott707236 Ceratina genus mrcaott470ott17851 3
ott68588 Amoeba genus mrcaott68587ott244302 2
ott507124 Estrildidae family mrcaott4083ott52094 4
ott693246 Moerckia genus ott636628 2
ott175815 Yaotriton subgenus ott456815 2
ott1077213 Alopiidae family mrcaott73662ott73672 3
ott1077214 Alopias genus mrcaott73662ott73666 2
ott937884 Tetrapediini tribe mrcaott470ott15193 2
ott974777 Sagartia genus mrcaott7012ott73939 3
ott754083 Beauveria genus ott184550 6
ott604035 Cheiloclinium genus mrcaott156380ott230568 2
ott997380 Cinchonoideae subfamily mrcaott2192ott4081 4
ott5669438 Acanthopathinae subfamily mrcaott10566ott10567 2
ott5669439 Aphanipathinae subfamily mrcaott26816ott80609 3
ott867950 Lucanidae family mrcaott36388ott39449 2
ott480145 Zoanthus genus mrcaott8306ott40305 2
ott42376 Anabaenopsis elenkinii species mrcaott49975ott49976 2
ott2958598 Yamaguchiella genus mrcaott140028ott426156 3
ott112483 Rhizangiidae family mrcaott250725ott266041 3
ott630299 Microhylinae subfamily mrcaott43274ott55429 3
ott205649 Nitrospirae phylum mrcaott6117ott104297 2
ott306765 Estrildinae subfamily mrcaott24017ott105913 3
ott238419 Myotis genus mrcaott6790ott31968 3
ott136483 Saccoloma genus ott1048672 2
ott1068900 Atopobium genus ott5580964 2
ott226307 Agonidae family mrcaott143730ott160287 3
ott1030845 Silicofilosea no rank mrcaott15830ott24865 2
ott899254 Theloderma genus mrcaott6995ott66128 3
ott890072 Diplodactylidae family ott190153 5
ott851921 Mimoseae tribe mrcaott579ott2644 8
ott100709 Helicobasidium genus ott4094815 2
ott136462 Perdicinae subfamily mrcaott4765ott151684 10
ott630435 Tropidurinae subfamily ott608975 4
ott136461 Gymnangium genus ott889785 2
ott4669103 Eumunididae family mrcaott12778ott37561 3
ott1061416 Nicandreae tribe mrcaott3686ott74546 2
ott974313 Paloue genus mrcaott82399ott342927 2
ott1061418 Physaleae tribe mrcaott3686ott155108 8
ott736372 Tretanorhinus genus mrcaott50147ott59101 3
ott933512 Clostridium genus mrcaott47ott53 7
ott783460 Methanomicrobia class mrcaott737ott7396 2
ott565811 Timaliidae family mrcaott246ott32658 25
ott685321 Plebeia genus mrcaott473ott477 2
ott565817 Sturnidae family mrcaott2175ott218735 4
ott78177 Hyperolius genus mrcaott40386ott40479 2
ott192758 Heliodoxa genus mrcaott192748ott398909 2
ott895065 Strongyloidea superfamily mrcaott46769ott198806 3
ott55919 Falcipennis genus mrcaott55929ott80426 2
ott4057394 Thyronectria genus mrcaott372215ott397617 2
ott501372 Cymbella genus mrcaott24379ott40472 2
ott579569 Chilimelissa genus mrcaott126625ott670344 2
ott681483 Lepidomicrosorium genus mrcaott216865ott341444 3
ott574822 Gempylidae family mrcaott24509ott24770 3
ott959170 Isabellaria genus ott980818 3
ott645894 Zygophlebia genus mrcaott155130ott185587 2
ott317400 Castilleja genus mrcaott8683ott8874 3
ott259855 Baptisia genus mrcaott181566ott233084 2
ott488150 Mitu genus mrcaott385229ott488151 2
ott391126 Volvox genus mrcaott130653ott162121 3
ott19305 Chlorophthalmidae family mrcaott9853ott1057264 2
ott792362 Cassieae tribe mrcaott579ott45621 3
ott368771 Planktothrix agardhii species mrcaott3044ott22865 4
ott605288 Acanthurus genus mrcaott47507ott467300 3
ott368779 Anabaena genus ott225495 27
ott678075 Apocrita suborder mrcaott87ott27715 4
ott152045 Scalpellidae family mrcaott6742ott413459 3
ott701509 Characidae family mrcaott1070ott1201 3
ott767334 Alteromonadales order mrcaott103ott555 8
ott1083518 Plexauridae family ott507945 8
ott997555 Camaridium genus mrcaott3759ott130712 5
ott84513 Antipathidae family mrcaott10566ott10567 4
ott212169 Cuculidae family ott212171 6
ott717916 Aciculata infraclass mrcaott24ott6914 7
ott89830 Lycodon genus mrcaott69221ott284090 2
ott237677 Ruizantheda genus mrcaott237672ott458393 2
ott16696 Clostridiales order mrcaott47ott19087 20
ott16694 Lachnospiraceae family mrcaott217ott1456 10
ott1007988 Trigonella genus mrcaott38042ott139477 2
ott16698 Clostridia class mrcaott47ott3311 22
ott239438 Anisolabididae family mrcaott106878ott239454 3
ott884134 Corallimorphidae family ott905399 2
ott1069519 Crescentia genus mrcaott167685ott496256 2
ott234345 Pristiophoriformes superorder mrcaott12069ott24489 2
ott234342 Pristiophorus genus mrcaott12069ott24489 3
ott234343 Pristiophoridae family mrcaott12069ott24489 3
ott776130 Coryphaenoides genus mrcaott30583ott30612 2
ott212181 Eudynamys genus mrcaott119216ott212175 3
ott212187 Falconiformes order mrcaott246ott1858 2
ott147214 Psychotria genus mrcaott9289ott18178 3
ott376152 cardini subgroup species subgroup ott1035517 2
ott195930 Acalyphoideae subfamily ott914245 4
ott195939 Hyperdermium genus mrcaott992ott6659 3
ott6369565 Trochocyathus subgenus Trochocyathus subgenus mrcaott150ott15231 3
ott758895 Syrphoidea superfamily mrcaott107ott633 2
ott758894 Acalyptratae no rank ott133926 8
ott758897 Ephydroidea superfamily mrcaott1874ott18966 2
ott5252062 Pseudomonas aeruginosa species mrcaott32654ott53273 2
ott153714 Opomyzoidea superfamily ott133926 15
ott257936 Barbus genus mrcaott2200ott14758 3
ott769509 Pleuractis genus mrcaott120337ott120343 2
ott759434 Thompsonella genus mrcaott41285ott41286 2
ott337964 Ctenopterella genus mrcaott123686ott155126 3
ott1005034 Microsciurus genus mrcaott160623ott902076 3
ott661792 Tupinambis genus mrcaott363217ott844252 2
ott292326 Helodiaceae family mrcaott74591ott683206 2
ott6100840 Euphorbia ser. Meleuphorbia no rank mrcaott28703ott181678 2
ott146853 Euechinoidea subclass ott669472 3
ott1038708 Bionectriaceae family ott184550 8
ott755115 Campethera genus mrcaott724169ott3600210 2
ott507941 Carybdeidae family ott879293 3
ott43847 Rutaceae family ott5316182 3
ott238418 Tadarida genus mrcaott130215ott190910 3
ott284760 Zamenis genus mrcaott1662ott5341354 2
ott669573 Hylophilus genus ott604017 5
ott323128 Byturidae family mrcaott323126ott323279 2
ott50307 Thespidae family mrcaott12249ott15196 7
ott134473 Moraxellaceae family mrcaott555ott556 4
ott656255 Anabaenopsis genus mrcaott1972ott2228 5
ott815260 Tortricini tribe ott930088 3
ott776732 Desmacella genus mrcaott8829ott25808 3
ott753967 Euamoebida order ott599085 5
ott858281 Dives genus mrcaott264496ott264500 2
ott858280 Curaeus genus mrcaott125474ott264487 3
ott699152 Streptococcus pneumoniae species mrcaott9465ott13868 14
ott326743 Monanthes genus mrcaott31402ott58800 3
ott728070 Phasianidae family mrcaott4765ott151684 3
ott1094628 Myxogastria class ott1064655 9
ott327613 Phalanger genus ott323239 4
ott262407 Gobiobotia genus mrcaott231ott24463 3
ott181532 Emphorini tribe mrcaott15242ott44598 3
ott639652 Ichthyophis genus ott639653 3
ott421898 Burkholderia pseudomallei species mrcaott16429ott232095 7
ott908049 Mirbelia genus mrcaott12268ott89966 2
ott5455765 Parapolystichum genus mrcaott293153ott851440 2
ott150943 Aulorhynchidae family mrcaott150932ott591249 2
ott45522 Lecithoceridae family mrcaott3234ott4942 3
ott248067 Proteobacteria phylum ott844192 49
ott238526 Cladiella genus mrcaott205177ott223060 3
ott756131 Sturnira luisi species mrcaott526954ott526955 2
ott667487 Gleichenia genus ott667485 4
ott761633 Sporothrix genus mrcaott24231ott39147 4
ott4716412 Actinernidae family mrcaott119905ott135925 3
ott717541 Arcellinida order mrcaott50794ott61625 5
ott989797 Planktothrix rubescens species ott290809 4
ott322057 Caryophyllia genus mrcaott93236ott159380 7
ott924446 Aspidochirotacea subclass mrcaott3338ott169873 2
ott841807 Forficulina suborder ott567692 6
ott590271 Anthoathecata order ott444336 4
ott705462 Diderma genus ott1064655 7
ott906671 Meandrina genus mrcaott50354ott50367 2
ott975946 Plagiolepidini tribe mrcaott4706ott5523 3
ott931539 Onoseris genus ott46248 2
ott90188 Hemigaleidae family mrcaott19944ott90191 2
ott314992 Leucophysalis genus mrcaott3686ott264832 2
ott657788 Porpoloma genus ott162651 4
ott1084079 Drombus genus mrcaott17363ott23324 3
ott266098 Cacospongia genus mrcaott50814ott114792 3
ott5478967 Menispermoideae subfamily ott964065 5
ott333274 Megalurinae subfamily mrcaott246ott4820 3
ott193358 Ptereleotrinae subfamily mrcaott17381ott36673 3
ott583962 Retortamonadidae family mrcaott8124ott176240 2
ott5478968 Tinosporoideae no rank mrcaott3783ott505648 2
ott759995 Indigofera genus mrcaott44910ott44913 2
ott4947615 Oreothlypis genus mrcaott85251ott430147 2
ott967339 Schilbeidae family mrcaott801ott2356 4
ott60126 Ceratiidae family ott583640 3
ott60127 Ceratioidei suborder ott583640 3
ott1088042 Cerapachys genus mrcaott7438ott7439 5
ott588158 Lyngbya majuscula species mrcaott116606ott130166 2
ott4131496 Crithagra genus mrcaott328908ott455546 2
ott27008 Burkholderiales order mrcaott89ott90 4
ott512328 Crocus serotinus species mrcaott165883ott512330 2
ott725560 Chrysophyceae class mrcaott6033ott15572 3
ott45677 Procericambarus subgenus ott927957 2
ott565122 Methanococcus genus ott565089 2
ott950174 Pinidae subclass mrcaott237ott8444 2
ott248845 Clinopodium genus mrcaott23346ott54685 7
ott837785 Aschersonia genus mrcaott5992ott12691 7
ott142343 Faecalibacterium prausnitzii species ott745083 2
ott597443 Libocedrus genus mrcaott597441ott669291 2
ott479994 Thyroscyphus genus mrcaott271834ott3683562 2
ott597938 Tenthredinidae family mrcaott1057ott12020 2
ott152388 Tropidomantinae subfamily mrcaott20113ott71705 4
ott998129 Haplospiza genus mrcaott99662ott998130 2
ott880228 Xestospongia genus mrcaott305408ott359834 2
ott935382 Nidaliidae family mrcaott3689ott11547 5
ott1059278 Atherinopsinae subfamily ott1074732 2
ott177886 Irciniidae family mrcaott38423ott50486 3
ott177885 Ircinia genus mrcaott96529ott337576 2
ott372706 Canis genus mrcaott47497ott113383 2
ott758213 Basileuterus genus mrcaott5620ott85245 5
ott547260 Cryphaeaceae family mrcaott3217ott14534 6
ott372252 Tetratomidae family mrcaott38993ott874740 3
ott812230 Marattia genus mrcaott7848ott7854 3
ott1008294 asterids subclass mrcaott248ott27233 3
ott1084895 Mesoclemmys genus mrcaott19159ott508309 2
ott989688 Nitidulidae family mrcaott14635ott75505 2
ott680014 Tetraclita genus mrcaott140028ott426156 4
ott1080797 Callitris genus mrcaott32699ott32701 3
ott971930 Macrothelypteris genus mrcaott204821ott535550 2
ott359190 Fowleria genus mrcaott38846ott475652 2
ott981228 Tectariaceae family mrcaott8526ott9790 7
ott316295 Hylotelephium genus mrcaott56183ott270680 2
ott918273 Multivalvulida order mrcaott12382ott18892 3
ott901831 Malurus genus mrcaott35023ott650063 2
ott635217 Corvoidea superfamily mrcaott246ott5929 23
ott970404 Callosciurinae subfamily mrcaott10477ott97818 2
ott120280 Tetraodon genus mrcaott23432ott95340 3
ott840760 Spongia genus mrcaott38423ott50486 5
ott445235 Rhynchophora genus mrcaott36471ott410037 2
ott476605 Hylocryptus genus mrcaott213261ott550133 3
ott970408 Xerinae subfamily mrcaott10477ott259084 2
ott823080 Pimpinelleae no rank mrcaott1673ott5166 5
ott420265 Guettardeae tribe mrcaott14521ott15692 2
ott590278 Distichopora genus mrcaott177764ott228953 4
ott277594 Rhabditoidea superfamily mrcaott1429ott14315 4
ott1078797 Minla genus mrcaott155396ott300218 4
ott923108 Mustela genus ott131160 2
ott347099 Chlamydomonadales order ott979501 4
ott924445 Aspidochirotida order mrcaott3338ott18332 2
ott123826 Helicobacter pylori species mrcaott56585ott56586 3
ott848777 Thermodesulfobiaceae family mrcaott3311ott174747 3
ott374096 Salvia genus ott498490 5
ott131924 Diogenidae family mrcaott21959ott102412 3
ott189235 Hilarimorphidae family ott555807 3
ott963508 Certhidea genus mrcaott419363ott589949 2
ott434997 Tabebuia genus mrcaott35617ott84091 3
ott141058 Rhipsalis floccosa species mrcaott98326ott98327 3
ott474609 Paragiopagurus genus mrcaott19988ott474607 2
ott260131 Melomys genus mrcaott66763ott66767 2
ott985419 Dialictus subgenus mrcaott11822ott38920 5
ott2840923 Guitarridae family mrcaott8829ott25808 3
ott985418 Evylaeus subgenus mrcaott11822ott186838 8
ott713365 Automolus rubiginosus species mrcaott550133ott550135 2
ott450143 Scyliorhinidae family mrcaott17080ott19944 5
ott254284 Gelechioidea superfamily mrcaott3234ott4942 3
ott1026790 Sinocarum genus mrcaott1673ott5166 3
ott356987 Osmia genus mrcaott152750ott214441 2
ott321614 Mezoneuron genus mrcaott33732ott35434 3
ott410490 Myxogastromycetidae subclass ott1064655 9
ott1077224 Hexanchidae family ott32032 2
ott1010436 Chloropeta genus mrcaott44217ott177564 3
ott816846 Astrocoeniidae family mrcaott150ott15231 4
ott138524 Scopelarchidae family mrcaott9853ott115070 2
ott847606 Ostorhinchus genus mrcaott102059ott169691 5
ott646175 Leptosphaeria genus mrcaott1320ott17296 3
ott636856 Crocus cancellatus species mrcaott11796ott11802 2
ott352248 Oxycheilinus genus mrcaott100791ott120301 3
ott604021 Vireo genus mrcaott27870ott27872 3
ott790716 Pseudokeronopsis genus mrcaott413608ott522866 2
ott122995 Bellatorias genus mrcaott19374ott968130 2
ott612540 Cuspidothrix issatschenkoi species mrcaott69676ott69677 3
ott884638 Ansonia genus mrcaott69348ott69876 3
ott450708 Prosopisteron subgenus mrcaott24941ott174993 7
ott23269 Halanaerobiales order mrcaott47ott50 3
ott167666 Conidiobolus genus ott887960 2
ott167665 Ancylistaceae family ott887960 2
ott49930 Ctenoplectra genus ott977504 2
ott746390 Neckeraceae family mrcaott3217ott59012 8
ott355183 Cheilodactylus genus ott930712 2
ott410920 Ctenomyidae family mrcaott38834ott198654 2
ott797590 Amblyeleotris genus mrcaott45156ott99409 2
ott163172 Glyphipterigidae family mrcaott53351ott65935 3
ott174848 Flavobacterium genus mrcaott1457ott1505 3
ott21940 Carapinae subfamily ott21938 2
ott118661 Callidulidae family mrcaott43864ott118668 2
ott109527 Lafoeidae family mrcaott442ott16926 3
ott748885 Clostridiaceae family mrcaott47ott53 7
ott109522 Hebellidae family mrcaott442ott6501 3
ott48621 Ectocarpales order mrcaott2379ott3345 3
ott558419 Megaerops genus mrcaott146346ott375229 2
ott1072273 Niedenzuella genus mrcaott588032ott765053 2
ott745589 Centroscymnus genus mrcaott139131ott655655 2
ott1005930 Cyprinidae family ott1005931 9
ott897333 Oxudercinae subfamily mrcaott18802ott222948 3
ott483914 Proctotrupoidea superfamily mrcaott1216ott13585 3
ott132809 Coriobacteriales order mrcaott47ott50 4
ott661363 Nematocera suborder ott661378 4
ott859097 Quasipaa genus mrcaott53539ott142640 2
ott182522 Smilium genus ott313209 3
ott88189 Nanorana genus mrcaott53500ott53539 3
ott5669422 Acontiaria superfamily ott1084481 14
ott234863 Dacrymycetaceae family ott17233 6
ott5669419 Endomyaria superfamily ott1084481 12
ott234864 Dacrymyces genus ott17233 12
ott5669425 Thenaria infraorder ott1084481 21
ott5669424 Athenaria infraorder ott1084481 9
ott555349 Leptosphaeriaceae family mrcaott1320ott17296 2
ott83789 Bartsia genus mrcaott1452ott76704 3
ott323592 Philonotis genus mrcaott28760ott104373 2
ott663618 Coronulidae family mrcaott206723ott845540 3
ott863768 Galago genus mrcaott173071ott271531 2
ott499782 Cylindrolepas genus mrcaott206723ott499772 2
ott5246930 SubsectionIV no rank ott225495 17
ott5246931 SubsectionI no rank ott225495 23
ott178482 Ursus genus mrcaott10732ott153282 2
ott5246934 SubsectionII no rank mrcaott355ott594 4
ott5246935 SubsectionV no rank mrcaott28920ott42824 4
ott412096 Bivalvulida order ott412089 5
ott368766 Dolichospermum flos-aquae species mrcaott1976ott6932 7
ott997381 Ixoroideae subfamily mrcaott2192ott9287 8
ott153816 Hypomyces genus ott184550 9
ott663617 Tetraclitidae family mrcaott140028ott2958587 3
ott968531 Oreophryne genus mrcaott114107ott114112 2
ott508441 Glaphyromorphus genus mrcaott91533ott308473 2
ott916753 Sphaeropleales order ott979501 4
ott868253 Stachys genus ott534796 9
ott508448 Ophioscincus genus mrcaott418263ott1085100 2
ott453727 Myuriaceae family mrcaott3217ott11313 3
ott318762 Davallia genus ott864938 5
ott697631 Fistulinella genus mrcaott4352ott11239 3
ott216181 Gymnotidae family mrcaott444ott216168 2
ott1020130 Psittacidae family ott1020133 7
ott639647 Typhlonectidae family mrcaott154777ott154780 2
ott751934 Herbertus genus ott126770 2
ott846939 Sterrhinae subfamily mrcaott10014ott11170 2
ott520611 Nolinoideae subfamily mrcaott3355ott3515 3
ott663611 Chthamalus genus mrcaott6742ott52164 7
ott446118 Gonothyraea genus mrcaott33385ott57797 3
ott942667 Myoxocephalus genus ott5558359 3
ott439415 Pachycephalidae subfamily mrcaott246ott5929 9
ott446112 Eucheilota genus mrcaott442ott33385 4
ott127343 Drepanocladus genus mrcaott26356ott26358 2
ott647446 Oecophoridae family mrcaott3234ott4942 5
ott443192 Pestalotiopsis genus mrcaott1383ott3673 2
ott152600 Dontostemoneae tribe mrcaott4671ott18406 3
ott5321236 Pseudotectaria genus mrcaott1056039ott5478558 2
ott47736 Hedwigiales order mrcaott1066ott1769 3
ott767546 Terpsichore genus mrcaott9782ott123694 6
ott683254 Peramelidae family ott852221 2
ott5455754 Oreogrammitis genus mrcaott123686ott697850 5
ott293159 Sorolepidium genus mrcaott22750ott22758 2
ott1048542 Catenaria genus mrcaott235997ott263558 2
ott638609 Lacertinae subfamily mrcaott10058ott20283 6
ott5246132 Nucletmycea no rank ott332573 2
ott36107 Notiochelidon genus mrcaott16185ott136026 4
ott412692 Oedemeridae family mrcaott14239ott48820 3
ott989664 Bourreria genus mrcaott59815ott67532 2
ott494458 Galatheoidea superfamily mrcaott12778ott32449 3
ott133420 Scrippsiella genus mrcaott6511ott32008 2
ott258647 Nototheniidae family mrcaott15200ott56123 2
ott839765 Acroceridae family mrcaott13469ott61651 3
ott603925 Sittidae family mrcaott25638ott157232 2
ott134748 Spinulosacea superorder ott451009 4
ott258883 Bougainvilliidae family mrcaott23448ott45501 5
ott1098399 Morindeae tribe mrcaott9232ott9237 3
ott1040533 Diplaziopsis genus ott680693 2
ott741572 Stactolaema genus mrcaott214972ott374076 2
ott494050 Flammeovirgaceae family mrcaott4495ott4998 4
ott488332 Polycheles genus mrcaott449922ott493040 2
ott1098395 Psychotrieae tribe mrcaott4439ott16457 5
ott469318 Catonotus subgenus mrcaott26366ott39821 3
ott533096 Alsodidae family mrcaott22583ott44382 4
ott425652 Hymenasplenium genus mrcaott268281ott655725 3
ott1012875 Polytrichastrum genus mrcaott118326ott145724 3
ott96218 Deveximentum genus mrcaott63918ott89838 2
ott63598 Neoniphon genus mrcaott63608ott63614 2
ott495945 Melitturgini tribe mrcaott103197ott447363 2
ott342902 Dactylellina genus mrcaott132803ott148083 2
ott294127 Campylopterus genus mrcaott5481ott11001 4
ott667493 Polystichum genus mrcaott22750ott22758 3
ott247673 Euglyphidae family mrcaott15830ott15841 2
ott332972 Limacodidae family mrcaott3239ott3244 2
ott1098400 Lasiantheae tribe mrcaott63127ott139292 2
ott250735 Astrangia genus mrcaott250725ott266041 3
ott826618 Ceratocystidaceae family ott184550 7
ott98664 Paxillaceae family mrcaott18577ott43603 2
ott705459 Lepidoderma genus mrcaott5765ott36347 3
ott5544022 Magnadigita subgenus mrcaott82143ott112284 2
ott985075 Pachycerianthus genus ott622559 2
ott632176 Crustacea subphylum ott985906 2
ott972848 Serpula genus ott273530 2
ott518858 Leucopaxillus genus mrcaott117493ott229803 2
ott456083 Rytidosperma genus mrcaott21192ott51863 3
ott955420 Nostochopsis genus mrcaott42824ott52891 3
ott699231 Peloderinae subfamily mrcaott10063ott14298 3
ott566119 Hippolytidae family ott736331 4
ott3680350 Lucernariopsis genus ott3680341 2
ott5247667 Ministeriida order mrcaott3436ott375259 2
ott120967 Xenochrophis genus mrcaott68218ott127158 4
ott5232939 Anastaticeae tribe mrcaott378ott4073 4
ott663620 Chthamalidae family mrcaott6742ott43613 6
ott843526 Spirulina genus mrcaott355ott3169 3
ott940028 Davallodes genus ott864938 3
ott5679925 Grammitidoideae subfamily mrcaott9782ott123694 12
ott818439 Hackelia genus mrcaott399490ott468649 2
ott949345 Perissommatidae family mrcaott107ott460635 2
ott5920046 Suaedoideae subfamily mrcaott5200ott14522 2
ott1069988 Mycoplasma genus mrcaott3599ott7030 3
ott909265 Hylarana genus mrcaott6996ott66421 4
ott119450 Halichondria genus mrcaott8829ott25808 4
ott1072916 Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica subspecies mrcaott20190ott154155 3
ott386294 Parotomys genus mrcaott386285ott386287 2
ott1003858 Depastridae family mrcaott23368ott3680337 2
ott781796 Bathydraconidae family mrcaott163990ott185362 2
ott161567 Taeniophallus genus mrcaott58198ott425328 3
ott317791 Amaranthaceae family mrcaott5200ott16731 4
ott821050 Proscylliidae family mrcaott278939ott456205 2
ott41369 Bacteroidaceae family mrcaott13148ott19172 6
ott189298 Tenebrioninae subfamily mrcaott6437ott9848 2
ott348195 Solanum heterodoxum species mrcaott216746ott216748 3
ott580534 Alyssum genus mrcaott4073ott4671 5
ott338499 Pseudemoia genus mrcaott79152ott657818 2
ott10690 Myrsine genus mrcaott10685ott55198 3
ott348192 Delonix genus mrcaott39645ott39646 2
ott315011 Iochroma genus mrcaott3686ott155108 6
ott534128 Phormidium genus ott225495 21
ott817306 Valvatida order mrcaott2304ott4277 5
ott949502 Paracolletes genus mrcaott1392ott126627 3
ott267024 Aegilops genus ott693954 3
ott191376 Pseudomonadales order mrcaott89ott90 7
ott260033 Eunicidae family mrcaott42379ott113093 2
ott274816 Clytia genus mrcaott33385ott259585 2
ott579291 Hedeoma genus mrcaott23346ott105003 4
ott843905 Elaphocordyceps genus mrcaott6669ott635294 3
ott263741 Ptychohyla genus mrcaott110534ott173478 2
ott1009624 Myriophyllum genus mrcaott34013ott34014 2
ott557090 Omphalogramma genus mrcaott244239ott255087 2
ott798412 Boykinia genus mrcaott26027ott30965 4
ott43634 Vestia genus mrcaott43632ott43636 2
ott434311 Aconaemys genus mrcaott198654ott867368 2
ott458002 Pycnomma genus mrcaott65158ott427208 2
ott157731 Oedopinola subgenus mrcaott50761ott50766 2
ott640750 Callisia genus mrcaott129ott362981 2
ott5147146 Euphorbia sect. Anisophyllum species group ott864036 19
ott406006 Presbytis melalophos species mrcaott36154ott627775 3
ott831586 Brocchinia genus ott627035 3
ott11858 armatus group species group mrcaott51393ott68203 2
ott949539 Senna acuruensis species mrcaott335070ott949543 2
ott726987 Geobacteraceae family mrcaott5585ott55524 3
ott427255 Cytophagia class ott430079 2
ott486248 Otomys genus mrcaott125766ott125769 2
ott691709 Leonotis genus mrcaott9739ott505642 2
ott535633 Tineinae subfamily mrcaott1360ott1366 5
ott650964 Carebara genus ott618882 2
ott11857 inermis group species group ott11856 2
ott380847 Encelia farinosa species mrcaott111371ott169637 2
ott577799 Haplopteris genus mrcaott9730ott9732 4
ott131914 Pagurus genus mrcaott21959ott131911 4
ott9540 Pimenta genus mrcaott9542ott376685 3
ott5800480 Sylvirana genus mrcaott6996ott66421 3
ott260457 Conophis genus mrcaott1662ott4565 3
ott606421 Cynanthus genus mrcaott11001ott606420 3
ott417714 Pedostibes genus mrcaott1321ott317338 3
ott817631 Thraupis genus mrcaott9377ott142577 6
ott562813 Chroococcus genus mrcaott355ott1337 4
ott775740 Phytophthora genus ott555765 3
ott361170 Leptodeira genus mrcaott50147ott312315 2
ott620519 Saldinia genus mrcaott139292ott333547 2
ott521713 Blanfordimys genus mrcaott177476ott624829 2
ott249708 Cordia genus ott5728208 2
ott359501 Hypocrea genus ott184550 8
ott974224 Cerylonidae family mrcaott153857ott232419 3
ott1008296 rosids subclass ott5316182 3
ott999667 Physariida order ott1064655 8
ott656296 Mantidae family mrcaott12249ott15196 24
ott5557426 Simalia genus mrcaott16254ott170731 2
ott806087 Mascagnia genus mrcaott15752ott36000 5
ott539539 Vicia genus mrcaott4993ott12006 2
ott178212 Leporinus genus mrcaott45117ott45128 3
ott923206 Malcolmia genus mrcaott378ott4073 3
ott5533149 Glycine subgenus Glycine subgenus ott459704 2
ott904537 Pseudoxyrhophiinae subfamily mrcaott2991ott3208 2
ott400671 Stirtonanthus genus mrcaott33311ott400668 2
ott155653 Duboimantis subgenus mrcaott12012ott29294 4
ott155651 Phylacomantis subgenus ott65127 2
ott351749 Notropis genus mrcaott231ott19423 4
ott3621173 Sclerophrys genus mrcaott26621ott364563 4
ott934507 Laodiceidae family mrcaott442ott394796 3
ott399764 Ophisaurus genus mrcaott175124ott399758 3
ott506709 Xenopipo genus mrcaott25827ott49248 3
ott920943 Rhabditidae family mrcaott1429ott14315 4
ott84509 Narella genus mrcaott47363ott84504 2
ott492681 Bacillus anthracis species mrcaott24249ott59517 4
ott148671 Trachyspermum genus mrcaott1673ott14171 4
ott865667 Thesprotia genus mrcaott152386ott190375 3
ott47087 Meniscium genus mrcaott47056ott797162 2
ott805467 Lappula genus mrcaott114241ott193104 3
ott768012 Enterobacteriales order ott844192 11
ott506097 Dactylella genus ott293786 3
ott580065 Balanus genus mrcaott43613ott580631 4
ott986133 Biemna genus ott5653625 2
ott5147150 Euphorbia sect. Alectoroctonum species group mrcaott33275ott33278 3
ott1041543 Gallirallus genus mrcaott32317ott32337 2
ott21931 Neobythitinae subfamily ott224059 6
ott558082 Procellariinae subfamily mrcaott31011ott82196 2
ott558083 Hydrobatidae subfamily mrcaott18206ott18209 2
ott1041548 Cotingidae family mrcaott8441ott73040 4
ott5147159 Esula subgenus mrcaott14597ott14599 3
ott1091840 Euhyas subgenus ott889366 10
ott2838120 Inflatella genus mrcaott16797ott53792 3
ott339691 Percinae subfamily ott186478 3
ott343243 Chlorobaculum genus mrcaott10462ott58686 3
ott822830 Angophora genus mrcaott39207ott39211 2
ott5266588 Lamprophiidae family mrcaott2991ott187476 7
ott257079 Citharoides genus ott749769 3
ott739604 Eudorina genus ott391142 3
ott464862 Cracticidae family mrcaott31161ott72045 2
ott464863 Asthenes genus mrcaott3214ott23744 6
ott848948 Chlamydia muridarum species mrcaott730202ott889283 2
ott693626 Euphonia genus mrcaott88283ott178463 2
ott5998973 Pectobacteriaceae family mrcaott103ott1442 3
ott452552 Greenovia genus mrcaott31404ott316307 3
ott745916 Cyclodomorphus genus mrcaott19900ott57546 2
ott16509 Clostridium perfringens species mrcaott146843ott146850 2
ott728373 Gibberella genus ott184550 9
ott728371 Hypocreales order ott184550 25
ott728370 Hypocreaceae family ott184550 9
ott726483 Amphithalea genus mrcaott50116ott50118 2
ott975449 Phyllonorycter genus ott754826 2
ott1039521 Chlorostilbon genus mrcaott11001ott381837 3
ott190187 Pylochelidae family mrcaott12778ott32449 2
ott282101 Micrococcales order mrcaott73ott4529 4
ott19981 Rhodobacteraceae family mrcaott89ott721 8
ott705320 Glomerellales order ott184550 4
ott965738 Paguristes genus mrcaott79800ott205088 2
ott1030003 Asclepias vestita species mrcaott446747ott1029991 2
ott469176 Platylepas genus mrcaott206723ott845546 3
ott595806 Eurypon genus mrcaott50317ott74537 3
ott976352 Mustelus genus mrcaott47455ott144257 2
ott82411 Anas cyanoptera species mrcaott82415ott206533 2
ott856863 Frankiales order ott5246105 4
ott371456 Desulfobacterales order mrcaott50ott795 3
ott856867 Nocardioidaceae family mrcaott7026ott12648 2
ott190954 Colysis genus mrcaott23149ott98205 9
ott51651 Sclerotinia genus mrcaott3913ott43401 3
ott500604 Triakis genus mrcaott29729ott47455 3
ott936598 Mastomys genus mrcaott23039ott23041 3
ott550675 Fallicambarus genus mrcaott54564ott77970 4
ott527108 Mutisioideae subfamily ott46248 3
ott287772 Acinetobacter baumannii species mrcaott39251ott39252 4
ott264911 Hygrophoropsidaceae family mrcaott109ott1939 3
ott99242 Cycadaceae family ott614464 2
ott434959 Anthophorini tribe mrcaott470ott37226 2
ott105768 Balistoides genus mrcaott85761ott135908 2
ott127352 Suberites genus mrcaott63224ott303886 2
ott58200 Echinanthera genus mrcaott58198ott754308 2
ott33160 Chlamydomonas genus mrcaott1544ott1795 4
ott79618 Lycopersicon subgenus mrcaott98033ott200052 3
ott778684 Scophthalmus genus ott778687 2
ott64408 Cordyceps genus mrcaott48ott992 14
ott555245 Phosichthyidae family mrcaott595ott136306 2
ott931743 Coluber genus mrcaott10062ott82695 3
ott259478 Paenibacillus genus mrcaott609ott1059 3
ott269054 Synechococcus genus mrcaott355ott1337 19
ott228158 Eriosorus genus mrcaott74304ott74305 7
ott10103 Arcellina suborder mrcaott61627ott129986 2
ott376139 Marlierea genus mrcaott87267ott258936 3
ott442618 Copiula genus mrcaott56456ott196040 2
ott648890 Saxifragales order ott5316182 12
ott428978 Heterogonium genus mrcaott8526ott9790 4
ott11452 Sphaeropteris genus mrcaott114872ott114874 4
ott246420 Glossopsitta genus mrcaott7113ott224907 2
ott767007 Euroscaptor genus mrcaott201752ott201757 2
ott652021 Amblygobius genus mrcaott9211ott17381 3
ott956909 Phycopsis genus mrcaott50317ott74537 3
ott369559 Myxillidae family mrcaott16797ott16803 5
ott3992187 Maxillariella genus mrcaott32831ott324875 2
ott13684 Mycodrosophila genus mrcaott126931ott138596 2
ott767822 Ninox genus mrcaott144167ott546091 2
ott5248782 Peridiniphycidae no rank mrcaott4510ott5244 14
ott504010 Callosciurus genus mrcaott97818ott149980 3
ott203963 Chondrodactylus genus mrcaott203962ott287749 2
ott1048192 Gerbillus genus ott816256 4
ott184147 Corallistidae family mrcaott164227ott328740 3
ott778531 Sphingobacteriales order mrcaott1100ott4863 2
ott469308 Ozarka subgenus ott814725 3
ott883630 Catostylidae family mrcaott12510ott932609 3
ott960043 Scaptodrosophila genus ott127994 2
ott519224 Cycas media species mrcaott11394ott894049 2
ott1031352 Podabacia genus mrcaott298814ott298815 3
ott612079 Aequorea genus mrcaott192435ott311779 3
ott843179 Itea genus mrcaott266718ott300090 2
ott98520 Parathelypteris genus mrcaott33262ott33263 5
ott669314 Dryoathyrium genus mrcaott48708ott63777 2
ott683132 Rhizobium etli species mrcaott161119ott256373 4
ott937564 Elapinae subfamily mrcaott3192ott677289 5
ott440253 Pygaerinae subfamily ott675121 3
ott176428 Kareniaceae family mrcaott20754ott93910 4
ott937560 Podarcis genus mrcaott24281ott106043 2
ott937561 Acrochordidae family mrcaott1662ott106872 2
ott5268475 Archaeplastida kingdom mrcaott2ott142555 2
ott683680 Lytocarpia genus mrcaott6501ott439449 3
ott382351 Enyalius genus mrcaott382345ott382355 2
ott405426 Amblystegiaceae family mrcaott3217ott52670 10
ott382356 Urostrophus genus mrcaott382346ott382353 2
ott363761 Xanthomonas genus mrcaott1715ott3386 2
ott786432 Accipiter genus mrcaott1866ott11582 3
ott753883 Nynantheae suborder ott1084481 18
ott345763 Ascarididae family mrcaott230ott197556 3
ott556463 Cullumanobombus subgenus mrcaott29739ott556462 2
ott993027 Chiromyscus genus mrcaott106790ott109408 3
ott479847 Stereophyllaceae family mrcaott3217ott119318 5
ott244271 Alcyonium genus mrcaott3689ott88326 5
ott429811 Burkholderia multivorans species mrcaott152ott164 2
ott395661 Pseudophegopteris genus mrcaott84806ott355910 3
ott174866 Desmacellidae family mrcaott8829ott25808 3
ott240264 Ammotheidae family ott247585 2
ott341470 Pinicola genus mrcaott6366ott157599 3
ott52848 Apidae family mrcaott470ott37226 10
ott247248 Lophanthera genus mrcaott129614ott133004 2
ott142063 Rhipsalis baccifera species mrcaott149707ott428363 3
ott968646 Goniastrea genus mrcaott18935ott34489 4
ott5247654 Dermamoebida order ott1064655 3
ott5247655 Vannellida order mrcaott4514ott4515 2
ott5247656 Stygamoebida order ott1064655 2
ott719244 Crotonoideae subfamily ott914245 4
ott590452 Campanula genus mrcaott3504ott3803 5
ott5247653 Carpediomonas-like organisms no rank ott2927065 5
ott810988 Phyllangia genus mrcaott15231ott49072 3
ott190149 Gekko genus mrcaott7708ott73840 3
ott598874 Furnariidae family mrcaott3212ott44688 14
ott598877 Serinus genus mrcaott6366ott238137 7
ott32493 victoria group species group mrcaott204763ott338513 2
ott126776 Asterella genus ott985269 3
ott810981 Actinostolidae family mrcaott7012ott214124 6
ott817402 Prionopidae family mrcaott252044ott266384 3
ott348503 Pleonectria genus mrcaott41259ott348474 2
ott462985 Phlyctimantis genus mrcaott462982ott535807 2
ott817406 Monarchidae family mrcaott246ott4820 4
ott362360 Heliofungia genus mrcaott536757ott873901 2
ott140795 Butyrivibrio genus mrcaott3848ott69404 4
ott1055363 Eptesicus bottae species mrcaott68496ott626352 2
ott462988 Urocitellus genus mrcaott10477ott359117 2
ott899058 Coxiellaceae family mrcaott719ott8323 3
ott199311 Sciaroidea superfamily mrcaott6301ott18813 2
ott899055 Legionellales order mrcaott719ott2760 4
ott6019433 Tillandsioideae subfamily ott627035 4
ott268346 Cercopithecus genus mrcaott5512ott11135 3
ott41358 Chlamydia trachomatis species mrcaott4141ott32725 3
ott348187 Cambarinae subfamily ott79860 4
ott6019438 Vrieseeae tribe ott627035 4
ott6019439 Cipuropsidinae subtribe mrcaott23062ott29174 3
ott448042 Notholaena genus mrcaott60798ott60802 2
ott566401 Halopterididae family mrcaott6502ott135098 4
ott337155 Petropedetidae family mrcaott114ott391676 2
ott534131 Fischerella genus mrcaott42824ott52886 3
ott548592 Engaeus genus mrcaott12272ott27315 2
ott548263 Thecadinium genus mrcaott26865ott67592 2
ott714038 Bathyagonus genus ott880673 2
ott538149 Sclerotiniaceae family ott51652 6
ott915098 Thelypteris genus ott1092198 31
ott191367 Ectothiorhodospiraceae family mrcaott1562ott6385 3
ott365538 Figitidae family mrcaott4257ott22537 2
ott693337 Netta genus mrcaott693332ott693335 2
ott68422 Carnobacteriaceae family mrcaott975ott4059 2
ott291638 Megalaima genus mrcaott291637ott351694 2
ott190078 Dactylococcopsis genus mrcaott92828ott870378 2
ott5673066 Prayinae subfamily mrcaott15308ott110785 4
ott888359 Ornithidium genus mrcaott86751ott354123 3
ott515997 Spirastrellidae family mrcaott8829ott8831 2
ott5673063 Diphyinae subfamily mrcaott15308ott110785 5
ott774276 Trichomanes genus ott915107 7
ott539630 Cheiromeles genus ott238416 2
ott539140 Tauraco genus mrcaott331533ott3600773 2
ott968260 Kali genus ott968261 2
ott695271 Neoxylocopa subgenus mrcaott19646ott351522 3
ott818151 Seimatosporium genus mrcaott74925ott98579 2
ott695273 Alloxylocopa subgenus mrcaott88836ott525590 2
ott691713 Leucas genus mrcaott9739ott9741 6
ott601430 Astacidae family ott79861 2
ott1097511 Liturgusidae family mrcaott12249ott15196 5
ott695279 Koptortosoma subgenus mrcaott64054ott64058 6
ott67333 Bombus subgenus Bombus subgenus mrcaott470ott11707 9
ott816265 Akodon genus mrcaott68879ott91854 2
ott483020 Tontelea genus mrcaott156380ott572967 2
ott1053593 Durandea genus mrcaott48305ott1053595 2
ott1019665 Eremopyrum genus mrcaott11567ott11569 2
ott63878 Megachilinae subfamily mrcaott10141ott319111 7
ott962055 Inquilina genus mrcaott30251ott151117 2
ott131908 Paguridae family mrcaott21959ott79800 3
ott131909 Paguroidea superfamily mrcaott12778ott32449 8
ott63967 Loriidae family mrcaott7113ott58941 4
ott436804 Cryptocentrus genus mrcaott17380ott172072 2
ott2840900 Tethyopsis genus mrcaott353961ott662736 3
ott911396 Pristimantis genus mrcaott29309ott49793 2
ott862644 Campylobacterales order mrcaott8800ott197303 4
ott909559 Squatina genus ott78477 2
ott381078 Trigonotis genus mrcaott25419ott81615 3
ott840081 Epicrionops genus ott128153 2
ott977086 Forcipulatida order mrcaott2304ott17646 4
ott486189 Lacturidae family mrcaott81393ott167457 2
ott578153 Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. vincentii subspecies mrcaott20651ott20653 2
ott63877 Anthidiini tribe mrcaott10141ott10144 4
ott886773 Ovophis genus mrcaott6535ott95683 3
ott959344 Hexamitinae subfamily mrcaott23962ott75502 2
ott1026227 Galactia genus mrcaott579ott5457 11
ott619250 Thlaspi genus mrcaott4679ott4691 4
ott178204 Cobitidae family mrcaott13303ott55313 2
ott513100 Stenostiridae family mrcaott72472ott158197 2
ott743451 Callerya genus mrcaott579ott5723 3
ott743453 Millettia genus mrcaott5515ott44910 4
ott936623 Nannospalax genus ott816254 2
ott660094 Rhadinophis genus mrcaott335913ott756624 2
ott660091 Gobionellinae subfamily mrcaott7815ott9211 11
ott660090 Gobiinae subfamily mrcaott7815ott9211 18
ott197753 Dysideidae family mrcaott19317ott38431 6
ott197752 Dysidea genus mrcaott38431ott101109 5
ott205670 Agelasida order mrcaott50319ott98192 3
ott843669 Astropectinidae family ott658406 2
ott776830 Streptococcus mitis species mrcaott725ott336992 2
ott196336 Hymedesmiidae family mrcaott16797ott16803 11
ott474062 Chlamydomonadaceae family mrcaott1544ott1795 3
ott5760627 Hedyotis-Oldenlandia complex no rank mrcaott7870ott11116 3
ott676932 Lamellodysidea genus mrcaott38431ott102526 3
ott1037350 Atlapetes genus mrcaott408447ott410565 2
ott1037351 Buarremon genus mrcaott101225ott501790 5
ott2837436 Isodictya genus mrcaott16787ott71332 3
ott113240 Etroplinae subfamily ott811925 2
ott41618 Dryopteris genus mrcaott21809ott41615 8
ott68214 Atretium genus mrcaott68218ott4121076 2
ott231891 Sympagurus genus ott231895 3
ott286101 Neoromicia genus mrcaott11548ott136160 2
ott517387 Grammitis genus mrcaott9782ott123694 12
ott23164 Neocheiropteris genus mrcaott37513ott216865 3
ott690443 Vampyressa genus mrcaott132184ott269233 2
ott628758 Asclepias californica species mrcaott446747ott628760 2
ott113364 Hipposideros genus ott316928 2
ott470527 Mimosa acantholoba species mrcaott191895ott470522 2
ott5147147 Euphorbia subsect. Acutae species subgroup mrcaott504117ott720304 2
ott113367 Epomophorus genus mrcaott15293ott113368 2
ott5147149 Euphorbia subsect. Hypericifoliae species subgroup ott864036 17
ott441645 Chlorellales order mrcaott185ott599 5
ott441644 Chlorellaceae family mrcaott629ott10013 3
ott99665 Palavascia genus mrcaott332128ott381581 2
ott381329 Nemestrinoidea superfamily mrcaott13469ott61651 3
ott997633 Eirene genus mrcaott442ott33385 5
ott948794 Thinornis genus mrcaott129402ott827421 2
ott857129 Desulfurococcales order mrcaott19089ott41915 3
ott257667 Abronia genus mrcaott257654ott257655 3
ott544718 Leonurus genus mrcaott116381ott285418 2
ott645151 Gleicheniales order mrcaott48460ott93132 2
ott287679 Vibrissea genus ott51652 3
ott3679406 Aldersladum genus mrcaott437930ott3679418 2
ott231769 Nocardiaceae family mrcaott289ott292 2
ott978532 Myxobolus genus ott412085 2
ott520587 Bartramiales order mrcaott1066ott1769 4
ott484905 Jaboroseae tribe mrcaott3686ott5627 2
ott132000 Pycnonotidae family mrcaott1488ott62251 3
ott661795 Ameiva genus mrcaott41163ott661799 3
ott132002 Zosteropidae family mrcaott246ott1488 5
ott647192 Irenidae family mrcaott35042ott35053 2
ott484909 Datureae tribe ott473827 3
ott1035518 guarani group species group mrcaott35516ott126936 2
ott470744 Anabacerthia genus mrcaott457475ott476571 3
ott55097 Phlomoides genus mrcaott36796ott134850 2
ott1035515 funebris group species group mrcaott26987ott138598 3
ott731533 Kingella genus mrcaott139204ott247150 2
ott867213 Oxytelinae group no rank mrcaott3715ott46190 2
ott310155 Lumbrineridae family mrcaott42379ott140961 3
ott313601 Mussidae family mrcaott15231ott49072 3
ott1086067 Flacourtieae tribe ott530183 4
ott400241 Carcharhinus genus mrcaott19944ott133566 5
ott5781967 Arcoscalpellinae subfamily mrcaott313212ott413057 4
ott1028305 Cardioglossa genus mrcaott30187ott107622 2
ott946088 Sipaneeae tribe mrcaott76481ott102988 2
ott478018 Hexactinosida order ott1007158 2
ott745144 Gekkoninae subfamily ott190151 12
ott790918 Afroedura genus mrcaott24889ott199850 3
ott266856 Molossus genus mrcaott130215ott154846 2
ott856876 Cellulomonadaceae family mrcaott73ott138 3
ott1083832 Trianguloscalpellum genus mrcaott313212ott413057 2
ott702847 Allotinus genus mrcaott69794ott81237 2
ott2976711 Munidopsidae family mrcaott12778ott32449 3
ott5665228 Daktyliophorae suborder ott570654 4
ott621380 Dinophyceae class ott5246809 14
ott800412 Zschokkella genus mrcaott7706ott52980 2
ott775128 Etheostomatinae subfamily mrcaott12409ott26366 2
ott5665220 Macrocnemina suborder ott708619 3
ott772203 Cyanocompsa genus mrcaott75499ott772205 2
ott608250 Calcaxonia suborder mrcaott3692ott87416 6
ott811765 Phacaceae family ott5257402 2
ott672738 Pronephrium genus mrcaott33266ott47052 6
ott395056 Rhabditida order mrcaott230ott10161 8
ott33370 Fabroniaceae family mrcaott3217ott119318 5
ott922417 Myrmecozelinae subfamily mrcaott1360ott1366 4
ott672732 Sphaerostephanos genus mrcaott33266ott395671 3
ott4714807 Parascolymia genus mrcaott28681ott28684 2
ott34898 Tephritidae family mrcaott4859ott6576 2
ott726786 Loxigilla genus mrcaott4088ott90856 4
ott878838 Lyngbya genus mrcaott594ott6864 10
ott349669 Oryzoborus genus mrcaott20533ott99176 2
ott49918 Theonella genus mrcaott164227ott356160 2
ott831081 Dendromurinae subfamily mrcaott254740ott352211 2
ott287093 Palythoa genus ott563208 2
ott269069 Microcystis aeruginosa species mrcaott5016ott17974 5
ott269068 Microcystis genus mrcaott355ott4646 9
ott287090 Zoanthidae family mrcaott8306ott77465 3
ott1093295 Amietia genus mrcaott72654ott224448 2
ott5247949 FamilyI no rank ott225495 19
ott1024786 Atropoides genus mrcaott300077ott498993 2
ott607861 Choreutidae family mrcaott100ott9946 3
ott995608 Polycardia genus mrcaott472049ott472051 2
ott1012708 Eothenomys genus mrcaott42889ott155841 3
ott363022 Ciconiiformes order mrcaott246ott5021 7
ott849848 Bombinae subfamily mrcaott470ott16726 5
ott15286 Varzea genus mrcaott64691ott217827 2
ott12257 Campylorhamphus genus mrcaott12255ott25820 2
ott755476 Microdesmus genus mrcaott17381ott132265 2
ott12254 Oxypiloidea genus mrcaott12253ott15209 2
ott139479 Calandrella genus mrcaott110606ott580153 4
ott767766 Scaura genus mrcaott767755ott1077655 2
ott182275 Athalamia genus mrcaott182277ott258838 2
ott99658 Diglossopis genus mrcaott6566ott23956 2
ott6145169 Leontocebus genus mrcaott146657ott394176 2
ott697194 Iridopteryginae subfamily mrcaott12249ott12253 5
ott259862 Argyrolobium genus mrcaott8026ott8519 3
ott786206 Sphaeropleaceae family ott979501 2
ott717917 Canalipalpata infraclass ott155737 5
ott697195 Amelinae subfamily mrcaott12249ott12253 9
ott756666 Alvordius subgenus ott814720 4
ott370882 Keratoisis genus mrcaott3692ott18245 6
ott941243 Tachyphonus genus mrcaott20545ott599076 5
ott579134 Trogossitidae family ott765498 4
ott697192 Angelinae subfamily mrcaott20114ott374572 3
ott231089 Podoplea superorder ott754178 6
ott134762 Valvatacea superorder mrcaott2304ott4277 4
ott134761 Forcipulatacea superorder mrcaott2304ott17646 3
ott5689642 Huberantha genus mrcaott32445ott33649 3
ott126984 Lepidotheca genus mrcaott135164ott177746 5
ott687296 Geophaginae subfamily mrcaott6221ott8411 2
ott137141 Acanthops genus ott501106 3
ott734625 Scalpellomorpha suborder mrcaott6742ott413459 5
ott734626 Lepadomorpha suborder mrcaott160888ott313215 2
ott949638 Aquilegia oxysepala species mrcaott38573ott820133 2
ott4731693 Tenaxia genus mrcaott123269ott367898 2
ott101184 Polychrotinae subfamily mrcaott3089ott7982 5
ott292976 Pachygone genus mrcaott292975ott628584 3
ott101181 Agaminae subfamily mrcaott2417ott19772 3
ott889038 Sphoeroides genus mrcaott6406ott22046 2
ott193053 Oceanospirillales order mrcaott103ott1562 7
ott652328 Tilletia genus ott285463 2
ott350913 Paracalanus genus ott350914 3
ott425254 Pseudourostyla genus ott231099 3
ott329822 Obelia genus mrcaott33385ott57797 5
ott673092 Acaryochloris genus mrcaott355ott3169 3
ott1094348 Adenoclineae tribe mrcaott30303ott113316 2
ott125084 Alansmia genus mrcaott401230ott941512 2
ott36016 Janusia genus mrcaott24891ott406013 3
ott1036742 Hylemonella genus mrcaott90ott46073 3
ott563382 Neohemiptera no rank ott563395 2
ott1050577 Heliconius genus mrcaott27879ott62066 4
ott1027303 Pachycheles genus mrcaott60399ott60401 2
ott36011 Heteropterys genus mrcaott15752ott36006 2
ott437858 Dudleya genus mrcaott4115ott4135 2
ott975912 Diploglossus genus mrcaott130800ott362568 3
ott952859 Columnea genus ott5522087 2
ott941620 Annelida phylum ott155737 7
ott1014144 Pipile genus mrcaott75785ott157735 2
ott519523 Eupsophus genus mrcaott70124ott285023 2
ott789562 Yponomeutinae subfamily mrcaott22623ott59217 2
ott5286600 uncultured no rank mrcaott161789ott202326 2
ott1039515 Caprimulgus vociferus species mrcaott219282ott884250 2
ott1014438 Ichnotropis genus mrcaott20283ott137944 3
ott74735 Antechinus genus mrcaott74726ott303997 2
ott655794 Fusarium genus ott184550 17
ott1081305 Axinellidae family ott588758 12
ott52851 Apis genus mrcaott11707ott26937 2
ott190799 Aphanipathidae family mrcaott10566ott10567 4
ott240457 Sarcophaginae subfamily ott334379 4
ott623800 Bassiana genus mrcaott21770ott71370 3
ott908827 Epichloe genus mrcaott5992ott5993 9
ott5859938 Fringillaria genus mrcaott519729ott1097112 2
ott761777 Phyllostomus genus mrcaott78017ott459982 2
ott5859934 Spinus genus mrcaott6378ott6380 2
ott208448 Orthopyxis genus mrcaott144192ott144201 3
ott115491 Nomiinae subfamily mrcaott6354ott115498 3
ott5759321 Hordeinae subtribe ott693954 5
ott5845 Penaeus genus mrcaott5841ott16339 2
ott1099024 Ophiostomataceae family mrcaott992ott1737 7
ott1091894 Rhizobiales order mrcaott89ott74416 8
ott3599393 Myiothlypis genus mrcaott5620ott384904 3
ott1099020 Ophiostomatales order mrcaott992ott1737 7
ott68589 Hartmannella genus ott599085 3
ott492106 Himatismenida order mrcaott3973ott5765 2
ott639302 Ameiridae family mrcaott413252ott1011608 2
ott267623 Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni subspecies mrcaott29403ott29404 6
ott476588 Syndactyla genus mrcaott310952ott671298 4
ott374755 Euglypha genus mrcaott15830ott15841 2
ott97434 Cynoglossum genus mrcaott152574ott275519 2
ott1036345 Pantoea genus mrcaott103ott347 3
ott218055 Peltogastridae family ott363885 3
ott1063179 Thryothorus genus mrcaott18313ott45514 7
ott152130 Oneirodes genus mrcaott36648ott152131 2
ott1050592 Salpingidae family mrcaott387ott3369 4
ott935513 Sophora genus mrcaott579ott5457 5
ott1027097 Miomantinae subfamily mrcaott12253ott15215 3
ott363576 Tineoidea superfamily ott596629 8
ott560317 Mimosoideae subfamily mrcaott579ott2644 12
ott1027093 Variisporina suborder ott412089 7
ott1088100 Hylomantis genus mrcaott9483ott615903 2
ott858859 Catenariaceae family mrcaott235997ott263558 2
ott545963 Caupolicana genus ott1072162 2
ott1078611 basal Magnoliophyta no rank ott99252 2
ott463864 Ochagavia genus mrcaott392052ott442400 2
ott560316 Caesalpinioideae subfamily ott560323 14
ott963282 Asiloidea superfamily ott555807 4
ott941241 Thlypopsis genus mrcaott138768ott941242 3
ott187707 Teline stenopetala species mrcaott461287ott517602 2
ott337328 Lactobacillus reuteri species mrcaott20541ott530400 3
ott5846200 Anilios genus mrcaott372253ott516596 5
ott565281 fabids no rank mrcaott2ott2737 2
ott655907 Stichopathes genus mrcaott10566ott10567 3
ott556320 Plucheinae subtribe mrcaott8262ott20452 3
ott636138 Batrachyla genus mrcaott44382ott65695 3
ott765185 Anas genus mrcaott30845ott30850 4
ott591361 Henophidia superfamily mrcaott1662ott35603 3
ott27079 Bothrops genus mrcaott27081ott103781 2
ott5653642 Astrophorina suborder ott169343 6
ott649200 Tilopteridales order mrcaott287738ott649193 2
ott67327 Pyrobombus subgenus mrcaott1840ott1854 4
ott609231 Aspredinidae family ott5548749 3
ott240701 Eugongylinae subfamily mrcaott5156ott10840 12
ott24253 Panurgini tribe mrcaott103197ott447363 3
ott568571 Turdus genus mrcaott19467ott46396 4
ott24256 Protoandrenini tribe mrcaott103197ott268827 2
ott552310 Paradoxornis genus mrcaott11421ott174157 2
ott935135 Columbina genus mrcaott28925ott54405 2
ott5846365 Bernieridae family mrcaott177058ott353520 2
ott123057 Mantinae subfamily mrcaott38907ott152389 8
ott342588 Choristocarpaceae family ott48614 2
ott154652 Ribes oxyacanthoides species mrcaott104000ott154671 2
ott620613 Bryidae subclass mrcaott1066ott1769 9
ott628705 Corydoras genus mrcaott10528ott10529 2
ott1021492 Hebella genus mrcaott442ott6501 3
ott92700 Cephaloziineae suborder mrcaott2063ott6563 4
ott729597 Pteromalidae family mrcaott1216ott1225 4
ott910416 Uropeltis genus mrcaott44995ott44996 3
ott187411 Corvidae family mrcaott246ott4820 11
ott188642 Malacosteinae subfamily mrcaott190410ott273427 2
ott373179 Diplotropis racemosa species mrcaott48190ott373181 2
ott191359 Thiotrichales order mrcaott103ott29140 7
ott1040186 Dendrogastrida order ott1085215 2
ott312569 Temnopleuroida order ott669472 4
ott1040184 Thecostraca subclass ott985906 3
ott671413 Hookeriales order mrcaott1066ott3217 2
ott607264 Neotis genus mrcaott5026ott521837 2
ott5919832 Aervoideae subfamily mrcaott90128ott100288 2
ott55626 Mentha genus mrcaott23346ott60108 3
ott23373 Orobanchaceae family mrcaott1016ott25224 7
ott122478 Timeidae family mrcaott99621ott675484 2
ott843509 Cinclosomatidae family mrcaott246ott4820 4
ott206401 Myersiohyla genus ott678336 2
ott197743 Phoma genus mrcaott4380ott4381 2
ott746456 Halcampidae family mrcaott172195ott435730 2
ott9110 Caecilia genus ott118029 2
ott862741 Truncatoflabellum genus ott411991 3
ott740539 Centromochlus genus mrcaott90511ott3623486 3
ott5246121 Metamonada phylum ott2927065 5
ott5246120 Discoba no rank mrcaott276ott3357 2
ott5246125 Cavosteliida order mrcaott268409ott470549 2
ott5246127 Schizoplasmodiida order mrcaott5765ott94650 2
ott79118 Brachytheciaceae family mrcaott3217ott11158 9
ott474272 Aulactinia genus ott1084481 4
ott571844 Ixoreae tribe mrcaott2192ott558798 2
ott79111 Huperzia genus ott719013 5
ott571846 Gardenieae tribe mrcaott14871ott38353 5
ott4667688 Pisinae subfamily mrcaott13379ott212900 4
ott921787 Deferribacteres no rank mrcaott50ott1100 2
ott254363 Staphyliniformia infraorder mrcaott405ott1335 2
ott4333 Pinus caribaea species mrcaott104512ott166140 2
ott630491 Gerbilliscus genus mrcaott19510ott185333 2
ott178305 Hylophorbus genus mrcaott27653ott27655 3
ott223565 Niphatidae family mrcaott9622ott56952 7
ott414981 Polygala genus ott299382 9
ott621535 Microeuraphia genus mrcaott6742ott176864 3
ott35937 Arabis genus mrcaott378ott4073 6
ott726316 Eurostopodidae family mrcaott51270ott202981 2
ott726315 Eurostopodus genus mrcaott51270ott202981 2
ott5787610 Palaemoninae subfamily ott83264 5
ott206241 Encholirium genus mrcaott206238ott316023 2
ott525624 Boletellus genus ott1012685 6
ott680218 Aphelenchina suborder mrcaott1958ott2229 2
ott737448 Agaricus genus ott8360 4
ott917731 Cyrtodactylus genus mrcaott1771ott3067 2
ott356528 Cossidae family mrcaott3239ott5088 5
ott484919 Solandreae tribe mrcaott74560ott171399 2
ott5998990 Yersiniaceae family mrcaott103ott880 3
ott889789 Haleciidae family mrcaott6501ott185730 3
ott885962 Lactobacillus salivarius species mrcaott46443ott119860 2
ott484913 Anthocercideae tribe ott13859 4
ott889786 Aglaophenia genus mrcaott6501ott167498 2
ott889787 Antennella genus mrcaott145052ott719394 2
ott897902 Erycinae subfamily mrcaott58974ott340768 3
ott396608 Cycloseris genus mrcaott120337ott120343 2
ott3520078 Hemerotrecha genus mrcaott68954ott3520077 8
ott165929 Dactylospongia genus mrcaott38423ott165927 2
ott434947 Paralepas genus mrcaott231050ott413050 3
ott3520075 Eremochelis genus ott1041460 8
ott286204 Trichoceroidea superfamily mrcaott107ott6635 5
ott413313 Fungiidae family mrcaott120337ott120343 4
ott971431 Lineus genus ott971430 2
ott16701 Peptococcaceae family mrcaott2035ott5991 4
ott175436 Clupeidae family ott5541314 2
ott16707 Peptostreptococcaceae family mrcaott216ott26560 2
ott734628 Heteralepadomorpha suborder mrcaott6742ott413459 3
ott800359 Lophomyrtus genus mrcaott398837ott800351 2
ott558192 Yunganastes genus mrcaott29309ott80766 2
ott889474 Cerinomycetaceae family mrcaott357ott37080 3
ott6062850 Myosotideae tribe mrcaott25419ott81615 5
ott711854 Emberiza genus mrcaott28339ott145223 7
ott996515 Hierodula genus mrcaott109026ott190441 3
ott171545 Hexamitidae family ott171546 3
ott856856 Streptomycetales order mrcaott73ott266 2
ott781896 Eremalauda genus mrcaott110606ott156647 3
ott867401 Nyctophilus genus mrcaott11548ott1066074 3
ott964131 Filifera suborder ott444336 3
ott40995 Akentrogonida order mrcaott47716ott167281 5
ott670154 Luperosaurus genus mrcaott7708ott115205 4
ott775157 Pelusios genus ott507377 2
ott594429 Enterococcus faecium species mrcaott5987ott6017 5
ott608249 Alcyoniina suborder mrcaott3689ott3692 15
ott310836 Oryzomys genus mrcaott739ott24854 2
ott608245 Cyanothece genus mrcaott7054ott12204 9
ott232192 Vibrio genus mrcaott197ott198 6
ott978343 Myxidiidae family mrcaott7706ott12382 7
ott376118 Myrcia genus mrcaott9519ott9523 6
ott366302 Halobacteriales order ott921404 2
ott672727 Pseudocyclosorus genus mrcaott84810ott84814 2
ott1031977 Ploceidae family mrcaott11712ott276877 3
ott1031750 Callyspongia genus mrcaott90326ott123088 4
ott1006476 Acronema clade no rank mrcaott1673ott5166 6
ott1058618 Leucippus genus mrcaott5481ott62609 4
ott5486272 Phaeosphaeria genus ott466678 6
ott535802 Hyloidea superfamily ott535804 9
ott47742 Rhizogoniales order mrcaott1066ott147948 3
ott564250 Oecophorinae subfamily mrcaott3234ott4942 3
ott139329 Siderastreidae family mrcaott150ott15231 2
ott849856 Apinae subfamily mrcaott470ott15193 11
ott1065300 Hymenophyllum genus ott915107 4
ott246447 Flavobacteriaceae family mrcaott1100ott1457 3
ott88826 Isaria genus mrcaott6659ott79320 4
ott767067 Lepidopyga genus mrcaott5481ott73831 3
ott5144557 Pedicularideae tribe mrcaott8683ott33561 4
ott83265 Alpheoidea superfamily ott736331 6
ott343282 Chilocorinae subfamily mrcaott12180ott56872 2
ott980455 Coendou genus ott410914 2
ott661445 Pachylasmatidae family mrcaott6742ott413459 3
ott550940 Anabaenopsis abijatae species mrcaott570731ott570732 2
ott391164 Pseudophoxinus genus mrcaott86028ott345216 2
ott5144558 Castillejinae subtribe mrcaott8683ott8874 3
ott584118 Mollugo genus ott584120 5
ott5728210 Ehretiaceae family mrcaott59815ott67532 3
ott1093579 Pardalotidae family mrcaott6258ott196938 6
ott240846 Thaumastochelidae family mrcaott115856ott255982 2
ott1085250 Octolasmis genus mrcaott333800ott534439 2
ott810427 Cyphanthera genus mrcaott134184ott286584 5
ott846476 Flabellum genus mrcaott120341ott144960 4
ott30967 Xenia genus mrcaott178661ott178663 5
ott31984 Nitrospira class mrcaott6117ott104297 2
ott772892 Streptomyces genus mrcaott73ott266 4
ott191371 Alteromonadaceae family mrcaott103ott555 5
ott318148 Monoon genus mrcaott102376ott314868 2
ott476821 Parabacteroides genus mrcaott114870ott184600 3
ott659155 Nodularia harveyana species mrcaott104497ott157192 3
ott809944 Sacculinidae family mrcaott47716ott251974 3
ott592385 Trifolium nigrescens species mrcaott19401ott55714 3
ott592387 Trifolium montanum species mrcaott55718ott635225 2
ott419294 Actiniidae family ott1084481 12
ott265155 Rhagionidae family ott133925 3
ott419296 Hormathiidae family mrcaott7012ott58282 7
ott193062 Chromatiales order mrcaott103ott29140 7
ott419293 Aiptasiidae family ott1084481 4
ott14032 Scyllarus genus mrcaott14033ott299949 4
ott663788 Fossombroniales order mrcaott82773ott443123 2
ott289155 Artibeus genus mrcaott9379ott246706 5
ott328523 Sylviinae subfamily mrcaott11419ott101238 2
ott939513 Microsorum genus mrcaott23149ott98205 8
ott725249 Pratylenchidae family ott485390 2
ott939510 Lemmaphyllum genus mrcaott46681ott46683 3
ott5762542 Myrcia group no rank mrcaott9519ott9523 4
ott108735 Eurypterygia no rank ott108736 2
ott658622 Antipathes genus mrcaott80609ott194640 2
ott5669421 Mesomyaria superfamily mrcaott7012ott214124 5
ott89185 Myrmekioderma genus ott588758 3
ott5762545 ungrouped Myrteae 2 no rank mrcaott9519ott9523 2
ott5247636 SCM15C8 no rank mrcaott20754ott93910 2
ott126887 Hemigobius genus mrcaott126890ott3637121 2
ott67133 Eunicida order mrcaott24ott6914 7
ott230359 Pareques genus mrcaott7836ott230360 2
ott105948 Dioxys genus mrcaott10144ott1061516 2
ott958228 Pseudanabaena mucicola species mrcaott255546ott491523 2
ott441610 Eliurus genus mrcaott277053ott277057 2
ott442914 Merulinidae family mrcaott18935ott28681 5
ott704765 Halobacteriaceae family ott921404 2
ott408871 Tuberculina genus mrcaott408870ott408880 2
ott883633 Rhopalonematidae family mrcaott131638ott364580 2
ott5281536 Keratosa subclass mrcaott11576ott11579 19
ott540021 Madascincus polleni species complex no rank mrcaott101331ott135752 2
ott797620 Nalanthamala genus mrcaott48ott3264 4
ott472674 Calliphlox genus mrcaott11007ott164165 4
ott987104 Tiaris genus mrcaott4088ott227256 5
ott190168 Burkholderiaceae family mrcaott90ott17433 3
ott438691 Pleuronema genus mrcaott113449ott333207 3
ott5336089 Chamaedrys subgenus mrcaott142276ott317416 2
ott294550 Selliguea genus mrcaott8532ott214069 5
ott369884 Eulalia genus ott890240 3
ott5140104 Lobophylliidae family mrcaott28681ott28686 2
ott4924792 Thoracosphaeraceae family mrcaott6511ott32010 4
ott5140100 Astrea genus mrcaott18935ott34489 4
ott244029 Cetopsorhamdia genus mrcaott129838ott205351 2
ott383681 Schefflera genus mrcaott20071ott25837 2
ott443089 Centridini tribe mrcaott470ott54509 2
ott226610 Narcissus pseudonarcissus species mrcaott52001ott52012 4
ott55600 Labrisomidae family mrcaott21920ott75559 2
ott448062 Cheilanthes genus mrcaott5086ott17698 21
ott3572 Dasyphyllum genus mrcaott3569ott117580 2
ott530304 Maxillaria genus ott932539 12
ott181710 Megascops genus mrcaott4792ott178676 5
ott363582 Tineidae family ott596629 4
ott315826 Hemispingus genus mrcaott20532ott558078 6
ott5246933 SubsectionIII no rank ott225495 19
ott719575 Galium genus mrcaott26846ott59473 4
ott1039986 Phyllostominae subfamily ott289151 5
ott1018736 Polyalthia genus mrcaott32445ott33649 4
ott637323 Carangoides genus mrcaott45797ott45809 4
ott1039982 Artibeus planirostris species mrcaott62482ott62486 3
ott938409 Coraciiformes order mrcaott6895ott897867 2
ott875698 Etmopteridae family mrcaott11147ott12069 3
ott1028841 Procellariidae family mrcaott31011ott82196 2
ott364598 Caesio genus ott364596 2
ott338447 Alysseae tribe mrcaott4073ott4671 3
ott671394 Leucodontaceae family mrcaott3217ott119318 5
ott382798 Lebeckia genus mrcaott31857ott56005 4
ott41196 Didymiaceae family ott1064655 9
ott900561 Mochlus genus mrcaott243569ott337979 3
ott683809 Deprea genus mrcaott228732ott378376 2
ott125698 Erysipelotrichales order mrcaott4061ott167751 2
ott493501 Ceradenia genus mrcaott410450ott410558 2
ott956035 Epomophorini tribe mrcaott15293ott558417 2
ott546393 Lonchophylla genus mrcaott248893ott248895 2
ott956034 Epomophorini-Myonycterini lineage no rank mrcaott15293ott86855 3
ott853767 Altingiaceae family mrcaott51521ott62530 4
ott716979 Auchenomus genus mrcaott216492ott716976 2
ott125696 Erysipelotrichia class mrcaott4061ott167751 2
ott37734 Pteropodinae subfamily ott574742 8
ott989672 Orthocarpus genus mrcaott8683ott8874 2
ott973150 Hysterothylacium genus ott447113 2
ott997982 Upucerthia genus mrcaott3212ott29984 6
ott671713 Vulcanolepas genus ott5791817 3
ott667428 Lomariopsidaceae family mrcaott8526ott9790 3
ott906673 Acanthastrea genus mrcaott28681ott28686 3
ott814623 Klebsiella genus mrcaott1758ott1761 2
ott240712 Scincinae subfamily mrcaott5156ott10869 6
ott240713 Sphenomorphinae subfamily mrcaott5156ott10840 12
ott411764 Myotomys genus mrcaott386287ott647417 2
ott626916 Felinae subfamily mrcaott54737ott660452 3
ott626917 Pantherinae subfamily ott563159 2
ott437157 Meliponula genus mrcaott261969ott437159 3
ott376793 Aleuritopteris genus mrcaott5086ott10343 10
ott769556 Dactylopodida order mrcaott4514ott80357 2
ott23960 Diuca genus mrcaott4088ott9377 3
ott263662 Scouleriales order mrcaott1769ott454747 2
ott866983 Sciurus genus ott649553 5
ott5246201 Coriobacteriia class mrcaott47ott50 3
ott249759 Lactobacillus genus mrcaott4345ott4988 9
ott670567 Stagmatopterinae subfamily mrcaott50309ott571113 2
ott249753 Dendroceratida order mrcaott11576ott11579 4
ott249752 Darwinellidae family mrcaott19317ott140385 3
ott249751 Dictyoceratida order mrcaott11576ott11579 15
ott249750 Spongiidae family mrcaott38423ott50486 7
ott590136 Philothamnus genus mrcaott259046ott569158 2
ott620630 Funariidae subclass mrcaott1769ott7813 5
ott158949 Parmelina genus ott305904 2
ott44868 Rhinocryptidae family mrcaott3212ott27869 2
ott340559 Scarabaeidae family mrcaott2284ott2288 4
ott5281527 Axinellida order ott588758 21
ott312570 Toxopneustidae family ott669472 3
ott440288 Strophurus genus mrcaott7686ott256955 3
ott700213 Streptomycetaceae family mrcaott73ott266 3
ott518608 Cortaderia genus mrcaott655ott21192 2
ott675124 Noctuoidea superfamily mrcaott100ott146 8
ott518604 Drosophila serrata species complex no rank ott863010 2
ott354899 Myrospermum genus mrcaott57090ott359844 2
ott67829 Geodiidae family ott169343 7
ott465896 Natricinae subfamily mrcaott1662ott2991 6
ott465897 Colubrinae subfamily mrcaott1662ott2991 10
ott449759 Ophrestia genus mrcaott9395ott449757 2
ott67823 Geodia genus ott169343 6
ott1043506 Thermococcus genus ott517016 2
ott505805 Hesperoptenus genus mrcaott62950ott445742 2
ott528365 Brucella suis species mrcaott7339ott7340 2
ott241405 Microtus genus mrcaott42889ott48249 6
ott881043 Pipridae family mrcaott8441ott25827 6
ott694725 Physospermopsis clade no rank mrcaott1673ott62938 10
ott918756 Orobanche genus ott447802 2
ott4945800 Pygopoidea superfamily ott190153 4
ott1093466 Polioptilinae subfamily mrcaott246ott1488 2
ott953931 Lembophyllaceae family mrcaott56241ott113728 2
ott310003 Cyclidium genus ott310012 3
ott969418 Diplodia genus ott641496 4
ott6023358 Pentameris sect. Pentaschistis species group mrcaott52290ott53999 2
ott313751 Thuspeinanta genus mrcaott313749ott313755 2
ott604112 Mycobacterium tuberculosis species mrcaott8045ott32787 7
ott620032 Coryphopteris genus mrcaott33263ott620034 3
ott898896 Bordetella genus mrcaott287ott2432 2
ott163818 Geotrupidae family mrcaott25902ott36388 3
ott313598 Leptoria genus mrcaott18935ott34489 2
ott490529 Pfiesteria genus mrcaott32505ott213109 2
ott827405 Arthrospira platensis species ott231664 7
ott242571 Vangidae family mrcaott317248ott317255 3
ott846884 Taphozoinae subfamily ott581454 2
ott45937 Crematogastrini tribe mrcaott8038ott98883 2
ott45934 Meranoplini tribe mrcaott8038ott18414 2
ott45935 Dacetini tribe mrcaott8685ott628841 4
ott880964 Helotiaceae family ott51652 6
ott79061 Ulocentra subgenus ott814725 5
ott45939 Formicoxenini tribe mrcaott8038ott8685 10
ott501102 Dunalia genus mrcaott240240ott326498 3
ott168976 Ecitonini tribe ott912684 2
ott5924669 Pao genus mrcaott23432ott498451 3
ott361188 Lithospermum genus mrcaott42819ott83056 2
ott396634 Menidiinae subfamily mrcaott73302ott125729 2
ott501678 Selasphorus genus mrcaott164165ott164175 2
ott147029 Boraginaceae family ott5261925 3
ott183500 Hybocodon genus mrcaott183499ott304277 2
ott207740 Galerida genus mrcaott110606ott156647 3
ott183502 Corymorphidae family mrcaott76921ott89758 3
ott480060 Dentaliida order ott480061 2
ott800316 Balaenoptera genus ott800326 2
ott707240 Ceratinini tribe mrcaott470ott17851 2
ott167280 Thompsonia genus mrcaott167276ott741748 2
ott96286 Turdidae family mrcaott1566ott19467 10
ott780228 Canistrum genus mrcaott17928ott21890 3
ott41531 Lepisorus genus mrcaott37513ott345953 3
ott190905 Murina genus mrcaott76760ott76761 3
ott212711 Penaeidae family ott212710 3
ott650104 Moutabea genus mrcaott76286ott475112 2
ott537587 Epizoanthidae family ott708619 3
ott5246942 Pseudonocardiales order mrcaott10354ott11491 3
ott5665203 Plumularioidea superfamily mrcaott6501ott6502 4
ott1092343 Thripophaga genus mrcaott3214ott29992 3
ott137947 Meroles genus mrcaott137944ott996386 2
ott1092345 Meliphagidae family mrcaott246ott5929 3
ott461532 Calanidae family mrcaott6062ott17168 2
ott621032 Juliomys genus mrcaott35454ott247840 2
ott82506 Clavulariidae family mrcaott3689ott3692 10
ott5284557 Bacillus cereus species mrcaott24249ott56840 18
ott1031749 Callyspongiidae family mrcaott90326ott123088 5
ott109494 Euphorbia sect. Euphorbia species group mrcaott345ott38564 2
ott394079 Atya genus mrcaott138627ott394075 2
ott17608 Nephtheidae family mrcaott3689ott88326 5
ott390002 Pantherana subgenus mrcaott14703ott44581 2
ott847604 Pristiapogon genus mrcaott105997ott145766 2
ott608050 Caluromyinae subfamily ott16069 2
ott275132 Caprimulginae subfamily mrcaott51270ott80196 5
ott220197 Neopetrosia genus mrcaott9622ott56952 5
ott303882 Svenzea genus mrcaott328739ott718032 2
ott1030164 Meteoriaceae family mrcaott3217ott11313 3
ott5800478 Hydrophylax genus mrcaott130110ott310140 2
ott533062 Asyneuma genus mrcaott109718ott241935 2
ott5548746 Gymnotoidei suborder mrcaott444ott216168 2
ott563549 Kaloula genus mrcaott43274ott127428 2
ott5548745 Characoidei suborder ott701511 3
ott51754 Neonectria genus mrcaott48ott4399 3
ott827227 Chloromyxum genus mrcaott7706ott285443 2
ott712872 Schizochytrium genus mrcaott1539ott22714 2
ott647067 Tropidurus genus mrcaott9418ott711164 3
ott1068789 Bolomys genus mrcaott91853ott435931 2
ott275678 Aphelenchoidea superfamily mrcaott1958ott2229 3
ott282683 Eviota genus mrcaott9211ott172060 3
ott133730 Leurotrigona genus ott181536 3
ott184533 Rhinophoridae family mrcaott646ott52674 2
ott133465 Antiperyphus subgenus complex no rank mrcaott7103ott88789 4
ott126141 Pseudonocardiaceae family mrcaott10354ott11491 3
ott343949 Heleomyzidae family mrcaott8704ott133893 4
ott329733 Amorimia genus mrcaott380551ott588024 2
ott384490 Rhinophis genus mrcaott408639ott1092533 3
ott783191 Ecsenius genus ott867524 2
ott824279 Paraphymatoceros genus mrcaott201034ott639732 2
ott318151 Desmopsis genus mrcaott102372ott318155 2
ott5896190 Veillonellales order ott272720 3
ott283795 Salariinae subfamily ott867524 3
ott363178 Bythitinae subfamily mrcaott61951ott221336 5
ott363179 Cataetyx genus mrcaott221336ott363186 3
ott991904 Aphelinidae family mrcaott1216ott12355 3
ott683103 Tetrigona genus mrcaott211158ott683108 2
ott975497 Oceaniidae family mrcaott45501ott168723 3
ott891428 Coccyzus genus mrcaott75792ott229931 2
ott193070 Piscirickettsiaceae family mrcaott103ott29140 4
ott193073 Thiotrichaceae family mrcaott1562ott12573 3
ott5762540 Pimenta group no rank mrcaott9525ott283390 3
ott389507 Chirostylidae family mrcaott364350ott653787 3
ott389506 Eumunida genus mrcaott12778ott37561 3
ott811928 Perciformes order mrcaott497ott7815 7
ott643726 Echinops ritro species mrcaott54807ott54812 3
ott157600 Drepanidinae subfamily mrcaott6366ott157599 4
ott1008932 Ceratophryidae family mrcaott22583ott100573 2
ott1008933 Batrachylidae family mrcaott44382ott65695 3
ott1088900 Vittaria genus mrcaott9730ott9733 3
ott289145 Megaderma genus ott813048 2
ott5660462 Geodiinae subfamily ott169343 6
ott345757 Baylisascaris genus mrcaott197556ott276008 2
ott531311 Calocera genus mrcaott37508ott146690 2
ott327707 Galeus genus mrcaott264875ott296640 2
ott860948 Bibionomorpha infraorder mrcaott6301ott18815 3
ott184264 Entella genus mrcaott192335ott238522 3
ott511395 Typhonium genus ott708550 3
ott10736 Chaetophractus genus mrcaott180375ott627609 2
ott9821 Aristolochia genus mrcaott9796ott30458 2
ott287927 Euglenaceae family mrcaott4961ott4964 4
ott94671 Eucosmini tribe mrcaott8963ott20818 2
ott839319 Fringillidae family mrcaott4083ott35042 39
ott237806 immigrans subgroup species subgroup ott318957 2
ott677659 Sphaerosporidae family ott412089 3
ott540030 Aegotheles albertisi species mrcaott259045ott563580 2
ott619374 Verongiida order mrcaott11579ott114794 3
ott474506 Escherichia coli species mrcaott616ott617 24
ott180380 Arctocephalus genus mrcaott180381ott336159 2
ott753547 Rasbora genus mrcaott22098ott43729 6
ott718941 Cystopteris genus mrcaott479223ott482261 2
ott42699 Megachile genus ott63879 2
ott589411 Thermoanaerobacteraceae family mrcaott47ott2035 7
ott577837 Mezobromelia genus mrcaott23062ott29174 3
ott618881 Stenammini tribe mrcaott8038ott8685 11
ott618883 Solenopsidini tribe mrcaott8038ott8685 12
ott618885 Pheidolini tribe mrcaott8038ott8685 8
ott618887 Myrmecinini tribe mrcaott8038ott98883 2
ott336418 Amphora genus ott6388659 4
ott947281 Palaemon genus mrcaott1396ott28235 5
ott1023752 Asymblepharus genus mrcaott10840ott548156 3
ott874613 Liparia genus mrcaott33311ott66562 3
ott419422 Stagmomantis genus ott326685 2
ott436548 Heteronychia subgenus mrcaott34332ott244349 15
ott1044368 Thermotoga genus mrcaott3311ott69356 2
ott60043 Polyporaceae family ott633302 2
ott244382 Eugnathogobius genus mrcaott75333ott244398 3
ott1022595 Cheilopogon genus ott407171 3
ott1039974 Glossophaginae subfamily mrcaott50391ott130223 2
ott680468 Piliocalyx genus mrcaott680457ott680466 2
ott208229 Thrinchostoma genus ott498080 2
ott766654 Paramantini tribe mrcaott38907ott45951 4
ott983863 Balistes genus mrcaott135140ott431476 2
ott115216 Lepidodactylus genus mrcaott115205ott115206 4
ott3596569 Ptilinopus purpuratus species mrcaott5223321ott5223322 2
ott664821 Elminius genus mrcaott664816ott898719 2
ott734202 Hemiramphidae family mrcaott42503ott229723 2
ott717652 Morelia genus mrcaott36713ott170727 2
ott402451 Bubo genus mrcaott4797ott408411 2
ott392144 Physalis genus mrcaott3686ott3687 4
ott977395 Pipistrellus genus mrcaott10323ott10540 5
ott49916 Gorgoniidae family mrcaott3689ott83525 7
ott756422 Xiphotheca genus mrcaott50116ott756420 2
ott232500 Gymnosporia genus mrcaott35843ott86492 2
ott977399 Plecotus genus mrcaott17470ott76925 2
ott427298 Hylocomiaceae family mrcaott3217ott3668 9
ott340096 Phacotaceae family mrcaott20288ott226071 2
ott343803 Gobioides genus mrcaott273382ott910775 2
ott486206 Anagallis genus ott47346 2
ott13254 Thuidiaceae family mrcaott3217ott5049 5
ott146222 Ruminococcus genus mrcaott3848ott9817 5
ott705967 Xenops genus mrcaott3212ott733319 2
ott569471 Philgamia genus mrcaott410050ott569478 2
ott680604 Nodularia sphaerocarpa species mrcaott104497ott273926 4
ott5548734 Paracanthomorphacea no rank mrcaott5855ott42095 2
ott687487 Melonycteris fardoulisi species mrcaott201389ott201394 2
ott528154 Melanostomiinae subfamily mrcaott190410ott283973 2
ott362405 Tropidophorus genus mrcaott10840ott10841 2
ott150772 Acari subclass mrcaott343ott420 3
ott967608 Cleistocarpida suborder ott1003853 3
ott610874 Amblyopinae subfamily mrcaott18802ott47553 2
ott197589 Psilotris genus mrcaott65158ott609927 3
ott758115 Hydrozoanthidae family mrcaott152931ott383183 2
ott627388 Belophlox subgenus mrcaott138316ott322408 3
ott944257 Philodendreae tribe mrcaott3983ott80062 4
ott80312 Mussismilia genus ott992407 2
ott450133 Scyliorhinus genus mrcaott81363ott150264 2
ott730471 Smenospongia genus mrcaott11576ott11579 3
ott535964 Micromyrtus genus mrcaott258944ott535967 2
ott682308 Roseburia genus mrcaott3850ott5863 3
ott1066222 Ptychodacteae suborder mrcaott58282ott842104 2
ott590143 Xenodermatidae family mrcaott1662ott106872 3
ott634890 Campephagidae family mrcaott4820ott75981 2
ott828693 Carduelinae subfamily mrcaott6366ott221515 12
ott358894 Diphyidae family mrcaott15308ott110785 4
ott253624 Alsophila genus ott864943 11
ott1019275 Truncatella genus mrcaott12302ott22818 3
ott463028 Spizella genus mrcaott6023ott243614 3
ott337273 Lactobacillus gasseri species mrcaott244970ott244971 2
ott905086 Batagur genus mrcaott7583ott154908 2
ott670566 Chroicopterinae subfamily mrcaott192335ott238522 3
ott149636 Nemonychidae family mrcaott515ott149634 2
ott144202 Campanularia genus mrcaott144192ott144201 3
ott992901 Sabellida order ott155737 6
ott67836 Haplosclerida order mrcaott9622ott56952 4
ott822769 Firmicutes phylum mrcaott47ott3311 38
ott755192 Vibrio parahaemolyticus species mrcaott40073ott54570 2
ott91921 Heliangelus genus mrcaott11002ott91920 2
ott1005882 Austroboletus genus ott1012685 3
ott91924 Chalcostigma genus mrcaott11002ott91922 2
ott371733 Cossoidea superfamily mrcaott3239ott5088 6
ott898711 Litoscalpellum genus mrcaott313212ott413057 3
ott41644 Strongylopus genus mrcaott72654ott115352 3
ott1043516 Thermoproteales order ott820306 2
ott5302166 Icacinales order ott596112 2
ott1026470 Aphis genus ott434115 2
ott785725 Carangiformes order ott5553751 3
ott4922575 Ochromonadales order mrcaott15572ott88173 3
ott546761 Tribolium genus mrcaott52286ott52300 2
ott33903 Botryosphaeriaceae family ott641496 3
ott685643 Boletus genus ott1012685 10
ott811924 Percoidei suborder mrcaott497ott7815 6
ott410222 Mimidae family mrcaott246ott1488 4
ott254300 Callitropsis genus mrcaott52428ott421169 3
ott161621 Bostrichiformia infraorder ott684689 4
ott605365 Poospiza genus mrcaott20532ott83619 6
ott816251 Spalax genus ott816254 2
ott1080470 Borreliella burgdorferi species mrcaott21039ott240916 3
ott620021 Goniopteris genus mrcaott33266ott98519 2
ott876591 Cambarus genus ott79860 3
ott726990 Desulfuromonadaceae family mrcaott5585ott11138 3
ott620027 Glaphyropteridopsis genus mrcaott554191ott554204 2
ott487954 Apogon subgenus Apogon subgenus mrcaott38846ott165698 7
ott742352 Noctuidae family mrcaott100ott146 8
ott286869 Acarnidae family mrcaott16797ott16803 4
ott79399 Pseudoceratina genus mrcaott145753ott314620 2
ott4106317 Xerocomellus genus ott1012685 2
ott469426 Blastocladiaceae family mrcaott67172ott235997 3
ott469428 Blastocladiella genus mrcaott235997ott263373 2
ott892949 Asperula genus mrcaott26846ott26853 6
ott334619 Poyntonophrynus genus mrcaott10759ott53733 3
ott4120515 Parasuta genus mrcaott136565ott300287 2
ott272686 Elizabetha genus mrcaott82399ott230403 2
ott342546 Lygosoma genus mrcaott227421ott227422 4
ott370232 Hormoscilla spongeliae species mrcaott82513ott239669 5
ott193592 Aptychella genus mrcaott3217ott5049 3
ott905048 Chalinolobus genus mrcaott11548ott1066074 4
ott1096215 Gloiocephala genus ott1082072 2
ott737864 Limnodynastinae subfamily mrcaott7464ott21502 3
ott339090 Lotidae family mrcaott56885ott440414 2
ott1016104 Chlorobium genus mrcaott10462ott24882 4
ott290292 Cephalomanes genus mrcaott84681ott1060401 2
ott774155 Austrofossombronia genus ott54102 2