Propinquity output documentation. The top-level docs are here.

The reversed_subproblems directory holds the 11442 subproblems with the phylogenetic inputs in reverse order relative to the collections.

These versions of the subproblem are produced as a robustness check; they let the user see if if the order of trees has an obvious effect on the topology of the solution. The synthetic tree is built based on the subproblems found in ../subproblems/index.html, not the order found in this directory. Note: the fact that a solution on the reversed order is the same as the tree on the original order should not be taken as a demonstration that every order of trees would yield the same solution.

Next step: Solving the reversed subproblems. See ../reversed_subproblem_solutions/index.html for details.

Results: The reversed subproblems can be found in: